November 2022's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for November 2022.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to November babies.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.


One important aspect of all of our writing journeys is to look for ways to improve.

I had a rough week, so this month’s links are a repeat of last year’s helpful links:

Remember, NaNo is upcoming.

There is a support thread made for this: Nanowrimo support group

It is awesome to share everyone’s journey during the month; both highs and lows help each one of us realize that we are not alone in our journey.

If anyone has something special going on in November, let us know!

My personal goals for November are: 1. Complete my Patchworks project chapter I am on, 2. Unofficially participate in the Nanowrimo event, and 3. stretch goal – tear down and restructure the next chapter in my Patchworks project.


This is my Nanowrimo post for November 2022:

|Nov 01: 1,922 |Nov 02: 1,835 |Nov 03: 1,636

|Nov 04: 1,118 |Nov 05: 2,363 |Nov 06: 1,953

|Nov 07: 1,917 |Nov 08: 1,885 |Nov 09: 1,983

|Nov 10: 1,725 |Nov 11: 2,546 |Nov 12: 0,000

|Nov 13: 700 |Nov 14: 3,493 |Nov 15: TBD

|Nov 16: TBD |Nov 17: TBD |Nov 18: TBD

|Nov 19: TBD |Nov 20: TBD |Nov 21: TBD

|Nov 22: TBD |Nov 23: TBD |Nov 24: TBD

|Nov 25: TBD |Nov 26: TBD |Nov 27: TBD

|Nov 28: TBD |Nov 29: TBD |Nov 30: TBD

Total for Month: 25,076


Without going into detail, October contained some life changing events that I’m still adjusting to.

I still got a prologue to finish. Wrote most already but didn’t like it. My only goal now is to try to find time amidst everything.


Maybe I’ll get back to proofreading this month. Writing? Eh. Life’s a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. Nano? Definitely not.


You always can chill and put your week or day objectives in the Nano group if you feel that can encourage you to do stuff.

Everyone is welcome


I’m trying to get back to a regular writing habit and complete a draft for the story idea I’ve been pondering for a good while now. We’ll see how it goes.

(Also do some illustrations, but that is beside the point.)


It’s NaChaFiMo for me – Naggingly late Chapter Finishing Month. Ch 1 tested, tweaked, and posted, after which I’ll be updating my outline and framework for the rest of the game before jumping into Ch 2.


My plans for November is to get more testers for continuity testing as I would like to submit it for publishing next month.

Might take part in nano too. [edit - good start so far can’t even settle on an idea :rofl:]


Thank you, Eiwynn for continuing this thread. It’s been a while since I pop my head in them. :grin:

My plan for November! Finish and submit Insert Rich Family Name. Let’s see how that goes.

Happy writing everyone.:two_hearts:


Hi everyone!

With moving into a new apartment and starting back up the old cycle of two jobs and being a full-time student, I think I completely forgot to participate in the October Support Thread.

Feeling less like a chicken with its head cut off, I’m incredibly excited to be going into the month of November feeling great! Given the transitions going on in September and October, I really struggled to push through my writing, and just felt stuck on one of my chapters. I really underestimated how difficult writing this particular part of the story would’ve been, and I’m truly just happy that I’ve kept with the project without giving up on it.

My main takeaways from these past two months are to just keep chipping away towards your goals. Even just glancing over my story and editing a few words was enough to make me feel productive while my brain worked through writer’s block.

For context, this chapter I’ve been stuck on involves four entirely different storylines that the player can choose from. Each of the options so far has been around 20k words each and has involved a ton of research. This month, I’m hoping to finally finish the last of the four options so that next month I can finish up this Chapter and get to the parts of the story that I’m much more excited about.

Happy writing to everyone, and I hope you all meet and exceed your goals for this month!



I’ve been coding the final chapter of Royal Affairs recently and I’m nearing the end of it now. Today I finished planning and coding the final two romantic scenes of the chapter and tomorrow (health and childcare-commitments willing; both have been dicey today) I’ll hopefully get the final-final (very branchy) scenes coded. Then I’ll be spending the rest of November writing it - and, if all goes well, getting on some of the wider-scale feedback that I’ve been holding off from while getting the text down.

Good luck for November, everyone! I’m not sure if I’ll do NaNo in any official way but I’ll be waving pompoms on the sidelines.


Wishing everyone good luck with their November goals! I’m continuing to chug along with Leas. The current chapter is so much longer than I expected it to be :sweat_smile: But I’m getting close and continuing to enjoy writing it, which is what matters :smile:


I hope to get through at least two of the four cases I have planned for Wonderland Noir. Also thinking of changing the title to something a bit more fitting and evocative. Things have been slow recently. I have the ideas, but committing them to paper in a coherent manner has been difficult.

Good luck to everyone involved! See you on the other side.


Hannah’s next game being about cheerleader romance confirmed.


New month, same goals, really.

November’s aims:

  • A nice NaNo-style 50k on Asphodel
  • Daily progress of some sort on Diaspora

I will probably be annoying everyone else in the NaNo thread with daily updates, but here I’ll just keep it to the usual twice-monthly endcaps heh. Good luck whatever your goals, everyone. :slight_smile:


NaNoWriMo? More like Nah, No Writing for me, Mom!

Looking forward to taking things easy this month and not pushing myself too hard! I’ll write if I feel up to it and I’ll rest when I need it.


My writing goal for this month is—to get back into writing.


lol. lmao. I knew I shouldn’t have tempted fate! Anyway, I slept like a baby last night (ie waking up every hour and a half) due to an ear infection. So I’ve been to the doctor this morning, picked up some meds, and now have taken to my bed and will hopefully recover soon.


Get well soon!


Speedy recovery!