Nanowrimo support group

Today I wrote 0 words. This was the result of an intentional ‘day off,’ and while I do still feel a little bit guilty about it, overall I’m glad I took the break. Back to it tomorrow. :slight_smile:


413 words + 740 (today) = 1 153 words in total.


Day Twenty-Six

Today I wrote: 1,000
Progress to date: 48,500

And right back to it. Just a little further to go, and I’ll finally have a complete chapter draft. Should be doable by the end of the month with no problems, and I’ll certainly hit 50k words along the way there.


And here I’m clocking chapter lengths at 1.8k on average :sweat_smile: (well, playthrough-wise, it’ll naturally be more if you count branching, but I’m not writing alternative branches yet, I’m trying to get the main story down).

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Eh, well, my story is only going to have ten “chapters,” so they’re all fairly large by necessity. This one in particular may not even feel that long to play; there’s just a lot of variations in it!

Day Twenty-Seven

Today I wrote: 1,000
Progress to date: 49,500

Almost there!

Day Twenty-Eight

Today I wrote: 1,500
Progress to date: 51,000

And there’s my NaNo wordcount. I’ve got about another 500-1000 tomorrow, after which the chapter’s draft will finally be finished and I can move into the editing stage!


I’ve been terrible in activity here! But it’s wonderful to see the progress everyone has made! Go, go, go!:smiley:


Day eight:

Wrote: +3,766 words today

Progress-to-date: 5,011 words for CT:OS, 29,981 words for Merry Crisis (34,982 total)

Definitely not going to make nano goals, but I’m counting today’s words as a win! Managed to squeeze a last push in before the month is up!


That’s a good rythm, Nano or not. So you got my seal of approval.

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Trying to do a final spurt, wish me luck.

Also this line ended up funny.

“We’re where we were before.”


I am preparing to start writing with music as a cheering. In homage to Irene Cara, Fame with a lyric that serve for us writers as much as any other artist. Irene has reached her heaven as artist.

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+514 words.
And with that I can say I finished this part of the story (chapter, mini chapter, sequence… whatever).
Total 1.667 words in 3 and 1/4 ( or 1/3?) pages.
Unless I’ll write some personal notes update I can say my November writing it’s finished.


Good news is, I passed the halfway point of the draft. Bad news is, I passed the halfway point instead of the 3/4 point like I should have by now. Also I’m sleepy, so I guess I’m done for today.

Today's most amusing typo

It probably has something to do with the hat

…I’m having this strong urge to play Telltale’s Batman. Aeiouyäö.


Day Thirty

Today I wrote: 1,000
Progress to Date: 52,000

And there’s my NaNo month done. The chapter I was aiming to finish has been completed, so goals met on all counts. Now to do a bunch of editing before the public release.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the thread; it was really good to read about how you were all doing, both the ups and downs. I think sometimes that the value of having a community is underestimated. :slight_smile:


So, I emerge from this experience with 33k words (still lacking the faintest idea of an ending), a character with no story to put him in, and an irresistible urge to read Infamous Iron Man. That’s… something, I guess.

The last snippet

“I hate to be the bringer of bad news,” Commander Rosenkranz calls from the lab, “but it appears we’ve been… displaced.”

“Blast it all,” Commander Sol mutters, then says aloud: “All right, all right. Let’s all calm down now. Stay focused, everyone. Rosenkranz, temporal? Spatial?”

“I don’t have enough data,” Rosenkranz says. “But spatial seems more likely.”

“So now we’ve teleported elsewhere?” Captain Bertelsköld says in the comms. “Stellar.”


I am sad this month and this thread are about to die. It was a great experience and all of you have been a great support even if I am in a worse position than previously this event started.

Still, all of you have been a great deal on make this month easier.

Now, it is time to return my normal negative stat.


Since I had said that, I’m going to keep my words

my notes


I think there’s a monthly thread that works a lot like this one? If that’s right, I’ll probably check it out. If that’s wrong, then I definitely agree that this was a fun idea

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The writers support group it is amazing! I really recommend you check it out.

It includes each month really good articles to read about writing.

Can I post a thread requesting beta readers on COG forums? I would just do it but my project is not a COG. :astonished:


Yes, you can! but maybe it will be better you post it as well in the general writer’s support group that way you will have more ppublicity. and addvice is that you expecify a small snippet of the plot and trigger warnings. Then a small guide of what type of feedback do you need. High feedback, low key… bug fixing etc…

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