NANOWRIMO support group 2023

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Another year, Another November with a brand New Nanowrimo.

The goal is to reach 50k in a month. At least officially, nowadays each one can create their own goal, based on their particular time and situation.

Inspired by @Eiwynn monthly thread I drcided that a support group for all Nanowriters could be great, to support each other and have fun without derailing too much the general writer’s thread.

So say Hi and tell what is your Nanowrimo goal.


Hi all - happy to find this topic. I’m hoping to write a superhero / supervillain novel this year. Goal at least 50K, but we shall see how I do - last year I capped out around 30K, the year before I made it to around 65K. Pantsing is my lifestyle choice as a writer so not much more to say on it just yet.
Best lucky ink to everyone on their writing!


I don’t really mind how much I write wordcount-wise - I estimate 30000-35000 words but it doesn’t have to be that high - but am going to try to write Chapter 6 of Honor Bound this month.


I think I’m just going to try to have fun with my writing and see how that goes. I’ll definitely need that, and it’ll be way more achievable than setting a specific goal.


I think is a valid point. My goal is finish what it was supposed to be my jam entry but for health problems I couldn’t finish, so I will focus to that this month.

Still, even if I do not have a proper word account goal I will track my daily word account as an incentive to improve my productivity


Good luck Mera, hope you feel better!


My goal for Nano this year is use the month to write the first chapter of A Familiar Magic in prep to posting the first chapter of both AFM and Daemonglass at the beginning of December and then deciding which one will be my official next game to start in the new year


My Nano goal is definitely to finish Ch 2 of Stormwright. :slight_smile:


Good luck and have fun everyone! My goal is to finally get Chapter 3 of Broken Fable out.


My goal for the month is to finish the current pass of chapter 4 of Patchwerks and to move on to chapter 5. It will be the same for my November’s writer support thread.


According to my own estimates, I hit 63k words in October! I don’t think I can keep up with that, so I’m putting my goal at 40k instead. It’s enough to provide a challenge without making me feel like I have to throw all of my free time into writing. Good luck, everybody!


I will be so, so happy if I can just get the third route of my game’s chapter 9 done this month :joy: I’m burnt out and taking this week off, so I’ll be starting the second week of November, hopefully refreshed! My goal is more milestone oriented, but overall I’m hoping to write about 30k words. Good luck to everyone!


I’ve only done one other NaNoWriMo, but I decided to give it a shot again this year. If I hit the 50,000 mark (fairly difficult for me, I’m not great at writing in volume) and manage a non-rushed ending to the story, I’ll be happy. Hopefully it won’t be quite as intense this time - the last one felt like I was pouring all my free time into a black hole of words words words words words… :eyes:


My plan is to write the full 50k this month. I should be able to finally write the ending to Dawn of Heroes with this push and if lucky start the development of another career route.

Todays progress: 2035words/1667 average words to write a day.


That is a great job I am at 500 words so far. But lot of planning ahead so for now I am confident

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I have no idea what I’m doing. Other than I just want to actually attempt NanoWriMo this year. My IF in my head … I have no idea how long it will take. And I might be changing the plot just for the fact that I was told it could be very confusing. And my IF is going to be a rather big one … Someone said to start small but I really have no idea what to write…


First the fact you are trying to start is a very brave act. Be proud of that and smile.

Many of us fail the first times is like learn to walk or ride a bike. You will fall and then learn by it.

There are a lot of ways to plan and schedule. My recommendation is experiment be creative and ask for help to others.

Finally you will find what you find comfortable for you.

You should write a project you are passionate about. Even if it is too complex for you current knowledge it can be reused when you are more skilled. Many people has reused old stuff it is common.

So just have fun try to maintain a schedule and dont stress yourself when is your first Nano. Just focus on fill the vibes of the event for the first time.


Hey everyone! :wave:t2:
I’m working on my first IF project for NaNo this year. I usually do okay at NaNo with novels but I’m still nervous about trying to do it in a new format. We will see how it goes!


Well, now I remember one of things which drove me batty during my last NaNoWriMo. I’m terrible at eyeballing word count. I sat down this morning and wrote what seemed to me like a good chunk of text - maybe even half my goal! Word counter said… 350 words. :upside_down_face:

Spent several more hours adding lots more words. Was sure I had finally gotten well over 1000. Word counter said… 900 something. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I only got to 1,357 by the end of the day. Ah well, catching up is what weekends are for!


My end-of-the day result is a glorius 235 words (and a completed supervillain build) :sweat_smile: