Anyone thinking of NaNoWriMo?

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a project during the month of November, which happens to be National Novel Writing Month, wherein the goal is to pledge, and commit to writing 50,000 words by the end of the month. (Or 1,666 words per day)

Is anyone planning on writing a novel during this time, or writing a COG game instead?


Yup, I’ll be participating again. Well, I won’t be able to do the official “write a novel in a month” approach, but I do hope to write 50,000 words in November, between StarStreakers!, Community College Hero 3, and Talon City (novel).

I credit NaNo last year in helping me get over the hump with CCH2. It forced me to write the big long scenes that were holding me back from finishing it.

Edited to add: @Uniqueth, would you want to add an invitation for people to leave their NaNo names?


Torn because my first two years doing it never led to anything and honestly I am still uncertain what to write about since I have a dozen writing ideas and not much time to plan any. :pensive:


I set one up the other day. May have a slow start due to uni work that’s due in the first part November but it’s worth a go and doesn’t matter if you don’t get there :slight_smile: . (Some years I do, some I don’t but it’s still more words than you started with.) Will probably work on Lands of the dead +/- Abym’s Veil depending on time factors.

@derekmetaltron just pick one and start writing and see what happens. Even just aim for a short story that you can get finished and doesn’t need major planning to start with :).


You ninjaz me lol, I was a made a post asking pals for NaNowrimo. I BELIEVE THIS YEAR I COULD MADE IT first time. For all of you couldbe easy but for me with my bad English was really difficult write faster enough everyday and that. I think finally I am good enough.


I think I might do it for my wip.

I haven’t touched NaNoWriMo since middle school tho, so this will be interesting


Thanks, I have considered just doing a set of short stories where I pick three characters from across the multiverse and stick them in a bar or waiting room so they can chat and compare notes, but then I get more complex ideas like doing Star Wars as a Westworld or Madame Vastra and her allies from Doctor Who trapped across the multiverse and you choose their paths… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh the fun of being a dyslexic aspiring fanfic writer… :unamused:


Me talking to myself about this;


Ooh! I just realised it’s LATE OCTOBER and I have a SHINY SHINY new novel idea! NANOWRIMO MY OLD FRIEND HERE I COME!!!

ahem I’m slightly excited.

If you like wild ramblings at odd hours, I expect my twitter will have plenty. @FBanksBooks

It’ll be a Hosted Game. Here’s my current blurb:

You are one of the lucky writers given a room at the Gundagai Anglican Rectory along with five others.

It’s a beautiful 140 year-old house and the other writers seem… well, odd. But nice.

Until the stories start to take on a life of their own.

And then one of the other writers is killed, and you’re all suspects in the murder. And none of you are allowed to leave town.

Something is happening. To your story. To the house. To you.

Can you stop it before the story takes you over? Do you want to? Or will you be the next victim of the murderer?

See, my mum is the rector (for realsies) at Gundagai Anglican church. Every time I go there I think what a brilliant writing retreat it would be. it really is 140 years old (the church right next to it is 150) and has a lot of cool quirks, like the handles one uses to wind to summon servants via a system of bells.

add murder and magic, and I have a story!! EEEEEE!!


I’m going to be participating again this year. Need some creative thinking with my small projects and NaNoWrimo pushes me to actually do some writing than be a lazy person for once lols.


Then at the end of the story you all find out that the victim actually died 50 years ago? :smiley:

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I think one of them will be a vampire (due to writing gothic fiction and ‘catching’ vampirism from it), but the death will be recent. When it comes to murder, I think the fresher the better. smiles a little too cheerfully


I probably will, it’ll be a great extra motivator to finish some of these stories up.


I didn’t know about this, maybe I should use it as motivation to finish some fanfics about Wilder haha.


I’ll give it a shot, though I’m not necessarily optimistic about my chances of success as it were. Still it’s a good excercise, and I already have at least two ideas in mind.


I will participate, though I’m not certain if I can meet that goal…but hopefully this will squeeze those creative juices out of my brain.


Heckin yes. I finally want to get a demo up after a thousand years of lurking and having a specific target to reach each day is just the kick I need.

Even if it’s not linear, skipping around and substantiating scenes into exsistence will be a grand ol time. Very excited!


Raises hand

I have a bare-bones outline and… that’s it so far. I’m trying to treat this year as a learning experience, so nothing I’d be upset about if the idea doesn’t work out.


I literally had a NaNo novel accepted for publication* last night.

I wrote the whole thing after having a weird dream (in November!) about a person talking to inanimate objects while hiding from someone with the same ability.

*by the world’s tiniest and newest publisher. Still. Fast, rubbish first drafts are definitely not a waste of time.


Looking at all my past NaNoWriMo attempts, I think I am going to sit out this month. I’ll just set up my own challenge; finishing one of my multiple ongoing series :sweat_smile:

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