Anyone thinking of NaNoWriMo?

I started NaNo in 2015 and that was the only time I’ve won. This year will be the 4th time I’m working on the same story, so… yeah. :sweat_smile: Fun times.

I’m always hanging out in the Character forums in the off-season blabbering about my MCs.

Should I include code in my word count? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, due is part important of the story and sometimes 100 words of coding need more time and effort than 2,000 in writing. So that balance stuff


Against my better judgement I have decided I am going to do a CYOA crossing over Doctor Who, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Star Wars - basically my three great loves - with each other. Hopefully I can now map something basic out in the next week… :thinking:


So, who’s in? You can find me on the NaNo site under EricSMoser.

And my goal is to finish the first three episodes of StarStreakers!, at least getting them in semi-clean draft form. That will probably be about 25k words total, but when you factor in learning code, I just don’t know that a higher goal is realistic. So for November, I think that CCH3, Talon City, short stories, etc., will have to be put to the side.


* Deep inhale * Here goes nothing.

I’m in! You can find me on the Nano site as Cheion. My goal is to work on world building and complete a workable demo by Nov :crossed_fingers:


As here I’m on as Derek Metaltron.

500 words in already into my Doctor Who/Spider-Man/Star Wars CYOA, I was happy to find that I hit upon some great ideas for the story last night before I started, most importantly to have the three main POV characters all be at points in their lives where they are vulnerable and struggling with issues about their mortality, those they considered great and wise men turned corrupt, and question of dark lineage and responsibility as the last of your kind. And then mixing stuff up, which is always fun! Let’s just hope I’ll finish this one, lol!


Oh my goodness, same! I haven’t written a Hosted Game before, but I want to write 50k of one for NaNoWriMo. I’m @NMCannon on twitter. I just followed you. :smile: Best of luck to both of us! :partying_face::champagne::confetti_ball:


I am a confused poisoner in Nanowrimo Good luck to everyone


I don’t know if 50k is feasible for me, but maybe I can make the effort to do half that in progress on Parenting. I wanted to be more relaxed writing it than I was with NPT, but lately relaxed has given way to ‘comatose’. 25k would put likely me at or over the halfway mark and give me a chance to actually get TPS released by this time next year.


The site is having some issues… I mention this mainly because I thought I must be stupid because I couldn’t find the word count thingy. Turns out it wasn’t there (it is now).

Then I tried to find people to buddy up, and that didn’t work. Maybe it’s me, but probably it’s the site. However I know they’re working on it, and most things work very well… so I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.


I thought i was being clumsy lol So it is the site.

Also I hve already 2,000 words so for now I m on schedule

Only at 1k so far, write a book of poems about different kinds of love- we’ll see how far I get, but hopefully I’ll actually try to publish it when the month is through.


Is the site a big help when it works? If not, might skip it and just keep track of myself.

Site is working fine for me. (I’m on there as jacic) :slightly_smiling_face:

I usually feel a bit guilty with interactive fiction writing early on with Nano because you have the advantage of setting up the templates of your choice mechanics than actual writing to create a word count… :sweat_smile:


I’ve about 2000 words so far, so hopefully writer’s block will continue to stay far, far away.

Heh, I was thinking the same thing too. Then I rationalised that the setting up of choices is akin to building up on our story in a different way :sweat_smile:


Yeah, this was the problem the last two times I did Nano with interactive fiction for fandoms, I spent most of the time setting up the structure and then decided I want to include background material in case Joe Blogg didn’t know who Iceman was or what the Savage Land is… you’ll be surprised how easily you can hit 50,000+ that way. I’m more determined this time to do things properly.

I was planning to lowkey work on my WIP doing NaNoWriMo, but real life sems to be conspiring against me, so I doubt I’ll be able to… :sweat:

I’ve taken the plunge, hoping it’ll boost my momentum during this grey November! I’m miss.haitch on there, have added folks from this thread who have mentioned usernames.


Completed 10k word count for today… I’m starting to get lazy… I think i’m going to take a few days break to recharge my dying brain cells.