Anyone thinking of NaNoWriMo?


Yeah I have going up 10,000 today and somehow I am feeling like the game doesn’t advance lol. Is a weird feeling. Like I wasn’t writing anything but somehow plot advances. I guess I did ended a chapter.


I am not officially part of the NaNoWriMo, I am trying to set up a writing routine.

This. Happens all the time, especially while working on several variations of one scene.

Writers are hard-workers and I admire y’all.


Tell me lol I have written 1,652 words today and all have been using in describing and setting clothing player could choose for a ball from a full description of a Victorian corset gown to a roman toga and tunic to black tie tuxedos …I am tired of describing clothing I swear.


Welp, I’m kicking Nanowrimo’s ass so far. I wrote 3k words today, and 8.5k so far. Here’s my Nanowrimo page:

TBH, the site seems kinda buggy, because it’s not displaying some stats and incorrectly displaying my total word-count. But maybe it will fix itself by tomorrow morning.


Question could I account as words the planning for the plotting and code bits.
I mean I have to prepare a choice jobs and more sand box part of game That’s a lot to planning and not very efficient quantitatively, I don’t know if that is fair to including as word count or not because no is really story.


Personally, I would just count the narrative and code that would be submitted in the final project.


Yeah I feel totally the same. I don’t think is fair adding planning or notes even if is technically writing. So I have decided doesn’t count that.


On my good days of writing this November. Finished at 34,574 word count for today. Think I’ll finish my NaNoWriMo goal on or before November 13. Happy writing people!


Me on 14k so far:



That’s okay :slight_smile: I believe everyone will finish their NaNoWriMo in time :star_struck:


Doing better than me. I’m on about 5,000 and most of that is for a game I was supposed to have finished :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, You are my hero. I am still happy that I over the mark and about ending two or three days before deadline. I am a constant stubbornness fueled writer but not a fast one. Moreover, when I have to looking my dictionary and that. But damn How I wish could be as faster like you :sob:


I haven’t even started counting yet. I’m basing my NaNo on “one chapter completed” rather than on wordcount and … I’m not doing so great but it’ll get there.


9,420 words according to CSIDE (so probably a bit more than that by how CoG/HG counts words). Not bad since my goal was about 1,000 words a day from when I started on the 2nd to the end of the month to hit my ubergoal of 25,000 for November. If I maintain this pace, I should hopefully clear the bar with a couple thousand to go. Huzzah!


How much does it count if you rewrite the stuff you’ve already rewritten again :sob:?


Unfortunately, I would personally just count the total amount. So 1k scrapped and then rewritten would be 1k rather than 2k.


Yeah I don’t count rewriting either.


Yeah that’s what I figured :disappointed_relieved:


I’m officially done with my NaNoWriMo this year! :fireworks:

I felt more like a zombie :zombie: for a few days. But I’m freaking done with a total word count of 51,007. Not bad for my yearly torture goals.

Now I’m going to be cheering everyone to keep on writing and reach your personal goals for this year’s NaNoWriMo :hugs:

Happy writing and remember people to keep calm and write 50k words lols :rofl:


Congrats! @honeymichie!

I’ll try, it depends how many times I rewrite sections though. Otherwise I might just end up with the best edited 7000 words I’ve ever written by the end of November lol.