Anyone thinking of NaNoWriMo?


You could write part of my Nanowrimo if you want lol. :wink: :champagne: congrats


Holy shit. May as well leisurely add a bit more for the rest of the month. :slight_smile:


I set myself a series of fairly lenient progressing goals. Hit the most pessimistic one last Friday. 5K words across all my WIPs. Next goal: write every Friday of the month.


@honeymichie congrats! Meanwhile I’m rejoicing at hitting 9k :rofl: nonetheless I’m glad my story is slowly taking shape. Hopefully I’ll meet my goal of pushing out a demo by the end of Nov!


@Jacic Thanks It was a stressful journey to make my goal to finish my NaNoWriMo. Bah, I know you can do well :grin: Don’t worry about editing your work. Just keep writing while your creative mind is still going, once you hit your leisure pace in writing then do that time to edit. That was what I did which lessened my writers block and laziness this year lols. I trust you’ll reach your goal this year too.

@poison_mara Is that even possible? :astonished: Lols. I still think you’ll make an excellent NaNoWriMo this year :grin: so don’t give up and keep on writing.

@Samuel_H_Young I didn’t think about that :astonished: Thanks for bringing that up :grin:

@Cheion Thanks. That is still good progress and you’ll get to your goal.

Write your NaNoWriMo on a computer that is disconnected from the ­internet. Less distractions and it will force you to write and nothing else lols. 18 more days till the end of November. You all can do it :muscle:


I got more than 20,000 so I suppose I am doing well… But lol You are a machine!!! Still I am very proud of my score. I am writing in another language so Going with slightly over the mark is something be happy about.


I’ve just passed into the 13th here in Australia and I’m only at 6500.

Then again, 6000 of that was done this evening. I think I’ll be alright.


That’s really good if you’re a fast writer you will end in no time. I am slow so I have to go slow and constant. Both will reaching our goal for sure!


I’m like a slightly fast and uber steady writer, haha. So I’ll probably hit 50k right at the deadline.


I am in 3,800 words today. My maximum I know is not much but for me is like climbing the Everest So I think I will try to reaching 4,000 or more later . For now i will have a ice tea and chocolate because I deserve it ! lol


Holy cannoli, @honeymichie is a friggin’ machine. Congrats!

Even if I locked myself in my house for a month, with no job, no kids, no distractions, I’m still not sure I could write 50,000 decent words. I’m just not that fast.

I’ve written 5,000 words of StarStreakers! since November 1st and I’m actually pretty happy with that.


By tonight, I should be at 16k or so, which means at the very least, Nanowrimo has pushed me to move a bit faster. Normally I’d have more like 12k so far this month.


I am a fast writer, but I admire people who can stay consistent day to day. I tend to rely on bursts and I really should just sit down at the same time each day and build a routine. I think your style of slow but steady produces better work in the long run for most people.


Thanks. I am not so confident about it still I continue working and trying to improving slow and steady.


Definitely haven’t reached my daily goal for the last week or so, A+ to all of you who have kept up the great work!!


DONE I HAVE DONE IT Nanowrimo Well not exactly i am at 49500. But lol I think I could be confident of writing 500 words before month ends…
Now The hardest working of make code and all mumbling incoherent text edition.


Hit my goal of 25,000 this morning with 25,309. Felt good. Gonna feel even better when I don’t write diddly poop tomorrow morning and watch Bojack instead.


Well done. Using my kindergarten-level math skills, I think you doubled my word count of around 12,500.

Wait let me check…yes okay that’s right.

Was it all on your parenting story or did you spread it around?


Parenting. Went from just under 33,000 to 58,000 and change. I’m hoping to finish by the end of March (which means I may do this one or even two more times if needed, but with a month in between to chill out and do a reduced count) with a target around 100,000-125,000. Trying to find a good in-between from the frenetic and draining pace that birthed Nuclear Powered Toaster and the snail’s pace that saw Parenting only get 20,000 or so new words total in the three months after I first released the demo. If I can get into some kind of routine, I can better extrapolate how much I can write per year and start determining how best to spread it after Parenting’s done (since it is my exclusive focus until then, beyond a tiny sojourn into a sub-Q entry in the next couple weeks).

Where’d your 12,500 go primarily, StarStreakers?


Mine’s been a combo of Creme de la Creme and another project, mostly Creme de la Creme. I’m nearly there! About 800 words to go, the end is in sight. If I manage it, it’ll be the first time I’ve reached 50K for NaNo since the very first time I did it, ten years ago!