Anyone thinking of NaNoWriMo?


You’ll nail it, no question. A slightly premature congrats! I don’t see me making a real crack at the full 50 until kids are older and/or I’m retired.


By the end of the day, I’ll only have written 37k for Nanowrimo. It certainly didn’t help that I worked overtime each week and I got a concussion halfway through. -_- Still, that’s a bit more than I usually would have written in a month.


NaNoWriMo is over :sunglasses: Good month for writing guys. Finished or not we all did good. Time to chill and wait for next year NaNoWriMo.


50k in the bag! Well done everyone!


I had a phenomenal writing day so far and hit 12K, which is as well as I could possibly expect, given: new job, health issues, family stuff, etc. I’m pretty pleased, especially since I made some decent progress on Turncoat, and had a breakthrough on my other major WIP.


Congrats everyone who gave it a go, particularly those who got to 50k :tada: I didn’t get there this year (managed 36k which I was happy with considering the 1st half of the month was a bit of a write off due to other commitments :stuck_out_tongue:) I like that nano’s still great for motivating work on our stories.


Started the month with exams and ended with an enormous move. I only got about 23,000 words.


Hey, that’s still that much more progress than you had before.


It’s true, any writing is good writing.


Ha ha ha now THAT is an untrue statement.


You have to write ten million bad words to get to the good ones. Every single word you write is part of that process. All of them are valuable. Nothing gets lost or wasted.


This is true. Think of it like how you always have the first pancake turn out worse than the others. Or the first kid. How you have to have some crappy romantic relationships to determine the type of person you really want. Failure is a learning experience, much more than success.


It’s kind of weird to try and guesstimate how many words I’ve written in a creative writing context. I’m easily more than a million. Scary to think about.


How is everyone going? I’ve been editing my NaNo game all this month, partly because editing is cool and stuff, and partly to avoid the horror at the hastily-written-just-get-me-to50K-for-grover’s-sake final chapter.

Trying to get up the courage to actually move on and face that ending.


Doing good. I was able to finish my first nano around November 12 then I just edit it till the end of the month. I hate editing stuff so the editing part was the most painful part of writing for me.

I did enter a second nano but it was just for the sake of trying to write along again with my fellow nano writer friends.

Next year I want to finish my nano for 10 days only. That is my nano goal next year :unicorn:


Well in two months I’ve far surpassed 50,000 words, so do I get a prize for a half nano?


I was hoping to do 10k this month and definitely did a lot less. I still have a hard time establishing a good workflow; it’s either go go go or super slow. But next month I am shooting for 25k again to keep from stagnating.