NaNoWriMo 2019

It’s almost that time of the year again! From the beginning until the end of November is National Novel Writing month - a great opportunity for people who have been looking for that motivation, or purpose, to get words to pages. While it does start in a few days, at the creation of this thread, I thought now would be a good time to get the discussion going as you can start sifting through and blocking out your ideas for preparation.

So, what it is? To quote straight from the official website itself;

"NaNoWriMo is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that provides tools, structure, community, and encouragement to help people find their voices, achieve creative goals, and build new worlds — on and off the page.

NaNoWriMo believes in the transformational power of creativity. We provide the structure, community, and encouragement to help people find their voices, achieve creative goals, and build new worlds—on and off the page."

More directly;

“National Novel Writing Month began in 1999 as a daunting but straightforward challenge: to write 50,000 words of a novel during the thirty days of November.”

Essentially, Nano is a self-driven challenge to write 50,000 words within the timeframe of November 1st ‘till November 30th at midnight. The official website has many outlets to editing and publishing completed novels that met this goal, but outside of that Nano is used by authors and writers everywhere to encourage and support one another into progressing their writing.

For the writers here;

While NaNoWriMo is traditionally for starting a brand-new novel, it also works as motivation for the writing we do here. You can use it to develop a game you’re currently working on, to work on creating a shorter game as a practice tool, or even for developing your traditional writing and giving yourself a break from branching. Whatever you think you would enjoy, it’s a wonderful project full of people and tools to support you.

More tools;

The website is completely free to sign up for and has a plethora of tools at your disposal once you do. Outside of those wonderful resources, I’ve compiled a few below in case they are something you might be interested in.

  • FocusWriter - A tool to help keep you focused if your mind wanders a lot when concentrating.
  • FreeMind - To help you map out/brainstorm ideas and the sequences of events.
  • ProWritingAid - A great editor that offers suggestions in style and grammar. However, for Nano, I would recommend putting a backseat to editing until later stages/the completion.

More tools for the week before Nano/to help you get started;

Quoted from Eadeverell:

  1. No time to plot? HERE’S A READY-MADE OUTLINE!
  4. You might like these TIPS ON HOW TO WRITE FAST.
  5. Brainstorm some ideas with a GENRE MINDMAP.
  7. Still need a CHARACTER NAME?
  8. Thinking of writing your novel in GOOGLE DOCS?
  9. Need to (urgently) CALL UPON YOUR MUSE?

Purpose of this thread;

My favorite part of Nano is the outpour of support that comes from writers lamenting and celebrating together their progress, struggles, inspiration, and ideas. You can use this thread to do any of those things, have a discussion, get support when you need it, and offer support to others. Even if you don’t hit the word-count, any amount of writing is good writing and is progress towards either a project or to improving.

The only thing I ask is - be kind to others. People can complain about their progress, people can rave about their own, but please keep this a friendly place! : )


Hello! I can’t believe I’m the first commenter on this thread, haha. I know a lot of people enjoyed/despaired NaNoWriMo last year. :smile::joy:

Anyway, I’m Natalie and I wrote that queer femme werewolf game Moonrise on Hosted Games. My project this year is a straightforward historical fiction novel. I’ve been working on it for awhile: this will be its 10th draft and third major re-write.

Old query letter under the cut.

Angsty, queer monks travel around Anglo-Saxon Britain

Monks Dubslaine, Maclinmun, and Macbeth are each others’ whole world, despite the monastic structure that guides their lives. But when circumstances and a psychopath force them to leave their communal life of faith and embrace exile in Anglo-Saxon Britain, their world is under siege.

For it is outside the monastery’s known–if not safe–walls that the monks face the final consequences of their choices. Britain is a land studded with a terrifying mix of beauty and horror, home to a wise King, ruthless Vikings, and casual decapitations. Maclinmun finds himself increasingly drawn to the secular life of family; Macbeth grapples with what it means to love in a kingdom that only understands violence; Dubslaine, plagued with psychic visions since birth, struggles to keep the trio together and sane.

Meticulously researched, The Bound Chronicles: The Christening is a 75,000 word emotionally complex historical fiction set in 891 A.D., with a touch of the psychic supernatural. It could be set as a stand alone, or continued as far as six books.

I’m excited to go on this journey with everyone. :partying_face::star_struck:


Best of luck writers!

Considering I can’t even motivate myself to participate in Inktober, it’s probably for the best to bow out of NaNoWriMo. :wink:


Firstly, welcome! :smile_cat: The turnout last year was lovely, I hope this year we continue to see that growth and all the amazing works that are produced from this one. (Though I completely forgot Nano was just around the corner until my friend mentioned it - hopefully y’all are more prepared than I haha.)

Oh my, I thoroughly loved your project, and the premise of The Bound Chronicles sound phenomenal. Historical backdrops with emotionally tangled protagonists? Sign me right the heck up.

It seems that you’ve put a lot into getting the details together with your research, that you have a strong base and clear passion for it, and I can’t wait to see what you with it during Nano. Good luck, I look forward to your updates.

Haha, aw - you for sure don’t have to hit the word count if you want to participate - any motivation gleamed from it is aces. But regardless if you do or don’t, you’re very welcome here (and your support is wonderful.) :relaxed:

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Heh, I’m not going to use it to write a novel. I’m just going to use it for my shitty fanfiction! Hehehehehe.
Maybe I’ll finally be able to finish some series. I’ve got one from five years ago with people still asking for updates… help me, I’m the worst
Too bad that I have a whole week of tests coming up, so that’s going to cut in my writing time :expressionless:

I signed up for it five years ago and I never participated. Really. I never typed a single word in that month. However, this year that’s going to change! I’m never going to hit the goal and it is not going to be great but if I can get atleast some decent sentences out of me, then I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you very much for that list of useful sites! I’m definitely going to use them~

Good luck to everyone! And please do try to have fun!


You know, it never occurred to me I use this exercise to write fan fiction. lol

Thanks for the reminder!


Is there a theme or is this a contest of some kind? It’s not totally clear.

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I’ll edit it the first post to elaborate a bit more. It’s mainly a challenge for/against yourself. The goal is to write a novel that is at least 50,000 words starting on November 1st and going no past midnight on the 30th. Completed novels done through the website by signing up have a lot of free resources that go towards getting it published and edited. (There’s many volunteers who operate off of the donations they receive to aid in this.)

Outside of the official challenge, authors and aspiring writers use it as a month to encourage one another while providing feedback, support, and motivation. : )

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I’ll unofficially challenge myself to write the 50,000 new words this upcoming month – although I will be working on my already started project.

So, here is another step forward in trying to help myself take a step forward in my writing :slight_smile:


My goal is not a number, It makes an entire game in the month. Based on the London calling song


My goal is to actually get started writing and get over my blank page syndrome.

50.000 words would be nice, but I want to be realisitc.


Just to inspire people who maybe want to participate in this but have not a definite idea, everything can be an idea. A song, a poem or even a colour.

My challenge is to write a game based on the lyrics of London Calling by the Clash.
Maybe someone else wants to use same theme and we can share our day to day.
This is the song


I would love to challenge myself to write 50k words on XoR 2 in November. Unfortunately, I’ll be traveling for most of the month and have to spend a solid week in the middle reporting to the Board and representatives from a couple of dozen international partners of the charity I lead…so 50k is not going to happen. But I’ll see how many thousand I can write, and post the results here. :slight_smile:


Awww, @KingMe, you are too kind! Thank you for your encouraging words. Makes my heart glad :purple_heart:

@poison_mara omg I love “London Calling” and learning about the whole punk scene. That sounds like a fun project!


I intend to work on a brand new novella for a story I’ve started to plan called Hollywood Demonic.

Also try to keep up work on season two of UnNatural. Still hoping to get episode 3 finished by Thursday then can use my nano to write episode 4 and maybe start 5.


Does anybody else find writing both the most stressful and the most therapeutic thing you do? :sweat_smile: Trying to translate the worlds and characters and emotions I see in my head the same way to words, and capturing all they are to me, ages me like 50 years I swear.

That’s why I really like and am excited for Nano! Because it can take the pressure off of writing for anybody else if you use it as a challenge for just yourself. Personally I want to take next month to work on improving my writing, but not necessarily into something I share. I think I’m going to pour those 50,000 words towards my “lore index” and outlining for my upcoming project, or just some fun fluff for it, and pivot the experience into a learning one.

(I have learned the lesson of not sharing ideas too early, but it’s about Fae. And Fae courts. And political intrigue. And curses and magic and romance that’s a really bad idea but you do it anyways. I’ve been developing iterations of this idea on and off for so many years and it takes up 90% of my waking thoughts, I’m in love haha. Putting more of the backbone into it is going to do wonders for my sanity.)

I’ve loved hearing the little snippets for what y’all are going to be working on, and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the weeks to come! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧


It’s time!

It’s time!

It’s NaNo time!

My user name is EricSMoser. For some reason my buddy list from prior year’s is empty. Not sure why, so I’m starting all over. Feel free to buddy me. Anyone else want to share your user names on the NaNo site?


I have elected to take a year off Nano this year. Will be trying to do my various fandom WWYFF/CYOAs over a few months or years instead of sweating over making something concrete in a month and cheat by copying background material. :sweat_smile:


I am thinking not doing my plan due I find I haven’t the English language skills to make my idea credible. So now I am without a plan. So pretty much means fail without even started.

*When NaNo rolls around and you realised you haven’t finished the project you were working on last year :confounded:

I’ll put a project up this year, hopefully will get some writing time. Will probably work on more than one TBH. Need to get some WIP’s finished rather than start something new.

Edit- My buddies list is empty too! Must have happened when they did the site update.