NaNoWriMo - 2016! (add your NaNo name on Post 69!)


I didn’t see a NaNoWriMo thread for 2016! Please forgive me if my aged eyes :older_man: missed one.

Anyway, who’s in???

My goal for November is to write at least 50,000 (quality) words for Community College Hero Part 2. That could get me well past the 50% point, which would be a big deal for me. I plan to post one more update around Halloween, and then just chug chug chug through November and post the (hopefully 50,000-word update) on November 30th.

Things I will sacrifice in November to help make this happen: watching football, watching any TV other than probably Walking Dead, playing stupid games on my iPhone, sleeping in on weekends. :football::tv::iphone::sleeping:

I’d hope to keep this thread active through November. I might paste word counts (daily or weekly).

Does anyone else have plans to push your WiP massively forward, or perhaps to write an entire self-contained story (interactive or otherwise) in the month of November? Let’s hear your plans!


Hello, hello! I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year, which reminds me, I should really get off Tumblr and get back to outlining it…


Thank goodness work is heading to the holiday slowdown after this week for my department, I may actually be able to pull this off :smile: I’ll at least do my best to hit the goal


I’m probably not going to start a new project this year because I’m still getting used to my new job, so I’m probably going to continue Project Hairball. Maybe a few of you still remember that one.


I have taken part in this for something like eight years and completed the challenge six times. However, this year instead of starting yet anthor project, that will sit and collect dust, I plan on working on my current project. I have so many open projects that I want to start finishimg one a year, at last count I have twelve open projects. Will be excited to see how people will do this year ao lets see those numbers. :smile:


Geez, I hope so! Already given up on playing a lot of the video games or reading other books and stuff I might otherwise occupy my downtime with to devote to getting more writing done on our sequel. But I will probably only post word counts if I am not absolutely ashamed of our progress, lol!


I’m doing something a little different (please delete if not allowed to post this)
Basically I am working with a group of people on a story, and we have to start from scratch and work as well as we can as a team (HA!) And basically come up with a satisfying 30,000 words at LEAST. I’m gonna die…please can someone look into purchasing a coffin?


I really need to get the ball rolling for season two. Maybe nano is just what I need to motivate myself!


Just going to finish up CiaR and hope to finish Yugen by the end of November >www< gonna amp up my words to 10k per day :persevere: Good luck everyone in their projects as well~~~


I’m not ready!

I’m in the midst of proofreading and then beta testing. I’m not ready to write yet, but I want to! :slight_smile:


My goal is to learn how to tell a proper story. I have had such wonderful feedback from some very wounderous authors and the conclusion is I write very well - my story telling however is below par.

So I started a story in a genre that I normally wouldn’t touch and my goal is to use the tools like the CoG outline to make a first rate story and perhaps have a WiP worthy of all those wonderful people supporting me earlier.

lol. It was hard to write this.


I do NaNoWriMo every year, but it’s usually working on a novel. I’m intending this year to sit down and really work on my first ChoiceScript game that I posted about so long ago and have not yet found the time to finish a demo of up to this point. That’s the intent anyway.


I’ve been doing NaNo every year since I was 13…except for last year. My first sem of college was too hectic for NaNo. So I always write a novel , and any side projects I do don’t count in the word count. This year I’m gonna rebel. Still have a novel, but the side projects are now added in the word count.


I’ve never done NaNoWriMo, but considering I’ve been feeling like I’m slacking off with Icarus Sun (and it’s not a good feeling), plus I’ve always wanted to try it… well, maybe now’s the time.

Am I actually going to be able to write that much in that short a time?

Haha don’t count on it.

But, hey, well, maybe I’ll surprise myself and actually write the 50,000 words :joy:. Plus it’ll be extra inspiration for me to get back in the flow of writing as much as possible.


Have never heard of this before but like the ant and the jar of marmalade I am very much in. (British Dad Humor)


Oh jeez rick didja…didja hafta re-remind me ab-about nana-nanowrimo?


I’ve successfully completed nanowrimo every year since I was 14. That’s 7 completed nanos. I’d like to try again this year, but it’s the first time I’m not sure if I can.

Were I able to do so on my WiP, it would push me well past the 50% mark and give me a huge update (which is long overdue, since bills and sleep are more important lmao)…

Were I to do NaNo this year, I’d limit my video game time to an hour a week, studying to 2hrs a day only, and try to only work six shifts a week, instead of my current 8.

I do love being busy. We could make a nano group for cog forum members! C:

Having other people to complain about who understand my feels always seems to help me maintain focus lmao


Wait, you can work on an existing project for NaNoWriMo? Like a writer-based New Year’s Resolution? If that’s the case, I am going to finish Day 2 of Monsters of New Haven High by the end of November. I already planned on it, but it feels kinda good to have a public goal. :grinning:

I also have some work to do on a collaborative game (current title: Uncle Irwin’s Bookshop) because it’s in the production queue, but I have a little longer for that one.


I also didn’t know you could work on an existing project… if so, then I might tidy up my latest version of Highway Marshall, give myself a week or so to recover from the craziness of Tokyo Wizard, and then try to finish up HM (I have about 75,000 words now, so if I can get another 50,000 that should be HM finished!)


Well, officially you can’t, but that’s where the NaNo-rebels come in :wink: One person from the local NaNo group even drew comics for the competition, instead of writing.


Yep I don’t view there as being a “NaNoWriMo police” or anything, at least on this thread and for our purposes.

To me, 50,000 words is 50,000 words. I guess for the actual web site you might need to be starting with a new novel, but for many (most?) of us, that’s not our most pressing goal.

And I enjoy being a rebel. Sometimes I even brush my hair to the opposite side to mix things up. :person_with_blond_hair: