NaNoWriMo - 2016! (add your NaNo name on Post 69!)


is that so? then i’ll try to participate with a goal to finishing my Tokyo Wizard fanart and Totem Force fancomic (hopefully i can manage the schedule :grin:) unfortunately FAWR fancomic and CiAR fanarts should be place at ‘on hold/waiting list’ :neutral_face:


I reeeeeally want to beta test HHWT when it’s mostly done (currently doing a new playthrough where I’m trying to romance Sid).

So basically was sorta hoping you guys would join the thread. So…yay!


For some reason, @Lucid, I just assumed you were always ready to write! You’re a machine, dammit. :factory:

And @Sashira, with public goals comes the significant, nay inevitable, potential for public scorn/ridicule (I felt “contempt” was a bit too strong). Let’s each move forward with current projects so we can eventually devote time to “Community College Monsters”


Oh, I would love to start a new story and write like crazy. :slight_smile: No shortage of ideas. The problem is that someone might throw a brick through my window if I divert my time away from finishing LH3. :slight_smile:

I agree with the others. As long as you write, who cares if it’s a brand new project. Hitting the NaNoWriMo goals is amazing either way.


whistles innocently

Think my goal will be 35k words for the Battlemage in November. Luckily I’ve found inspiration for writing again and have been doing around 5-10ish k words each day. The exception being when I’m extremely busy or doing the dreaded thing known as “editing” oh and that thing called a job. It gets in the way far too much for my liking.


It’s kind of likely to be an unofficial thing and I don’t know if I’ll want to use any of the rest of October on writing it since all the planning and re-planning I’ve done since April of this year but… I really would love to write as much of Episode 1 of my Spider-Man Civil War Telltale style game over Nov as I can (ideally so I can release it on ChooseYourStory in Dec) now I have the total structure for Episode 1 sorted. I had the ending in my mind rather revamped and of course there’s plenty of possible distractions, but since this Nov is likely to be less busy for me than the previous two I guess I can have a run at it! :slight_smile:


Saw this and it felt appropriate. :joy:


Speaking of the dreaded “when” word, I think it’s important to plan HOW we’re going to hit 50k. Otherwise, it’s more like a dream or desire as opposed to an actionable plan.

I want to put my Nov. writing schedule on a little index card and paste it to my computer monitor for the month. (My situation: married with 2 school-age kiddos, work full-time, my weekdays are completely taken from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm M-Th) So my writing schedule may look something like…

Mon night 9-10:30
Wed night 9-10:30
Thur night 9-10:30
Sat morning 8:00-noon, Sat evening 9-10:30
Sunday morning 8:00-noon

That would be 14 hours per week. Assuming 1,000 words per hour, which is admittedly on the fast side estimate-wise, that’s 14,000 words per week, and 56,000 words for the month. But I probably can’t write consistently 1,000 words per hour, so I may have to create a 2-hour weekly Sunday afternoon writing block to get me closer to 16 hours per week. Then, even writing only 800 words per hour, I could hit my goal (barely).

I’d love to hear other peoples’ writing schedules.

Failing to plan is planning to fail!! That’s my original quote! Don’t google it or anything, just trust me.


My schedule is so mixed up I just have to commit - and that is the hardest thing for me. Right now I just procrastinate too much.

So I have to figure a way to commit to the writing and stick with it.


Lol I have always written by the seat of my pants for NaNo.


I think having a job which is a Relief role where you’re rarely certain if you’ll be in the following week doesn’t help, but if I manage myself effectively I suspect it’ll mostly be an evening thing where I try and see if I can average 1000-2000 words a day. Right now it’ll be finalizing planning and getting the stuff AROUND what I hope to write stuck up.


12 days to go!

Listen to JK on this one! Skip the meetings! Well uh actually I have a meeting in 10 minutes that I must attend, but you know what I mean.


My problem is this pesky thing called “a full time job”. :slight_smile:


I hear ya 12 to 14 hour days does make it hard to write. :frowning:


@Lucid, I hear ya man. :briefcase::necktie::chart_with_downwards_trend: (actually I don’t use those sorts of charts at work but I like how they look in movies and tv shows). I only work 45 hours a week but they are pretty busy hours.

@Lordirish, but you get LOADS of thinking time, right? :truck:


I think my danger will be any of the following…

  • Netflix (I have to finish watching Daredevil S2 before Luke Cage, nevermind seeing Stranger Things, Breaking Bad S4 and 5, Gotham, Designated Survivor…)
  • Current or impending shows off Netflix (Agents of SHIELD, Class, Apprentice UK etc)
  • Youtube (Just… Youtube.)
  • Far Cry: Primal
  • Life is Strange (though I suspect I’ll have finished it before Nov starts anyway…)
  • Transformers: Devastation
  • Resident Evil
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Telltale’s Batman
  • Telltale’s Walking Dead S3
  • Umpteen Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Misc Audiobooks

And that’s off my head. :anguished:


And my teacher said I’d never make a living staring out the window all day. LOL yes I do get to think all day, but that won’t make my word count grow. :smile:


I’m hoping to participate this year! It would be my first.

I’d like to write 50,000 words of Beastie Watch, and maybe even finish it, over the course of November…I’m not sure if it’ll be possible, due to my outside work and other responsibilities. I’m planning to give it a go, anyhow! I like unchancy challenges and unlikely goals.

@Eric_Moser Since you’d specifically asked us to share schedules…for me, I find I’m more productive if I have a start time and a word count goal, rather than having a set writing time with a clear end figure. (It worked in May, anyhow…) So I usually set a start time in the late afternoon or early evening, and have a word-count goal. I plan for six days per week of writing.

I have a tendency to dawdle, or get lost in research, if I’m only counting minutes. On the other hand, if I know I can stop once I’ve reached a satisfactory word count, I’m more likely to hustle it along and not distract myself. Productivity, hurrah.

And I shan’t be reading any fiction whatever, except on Saturdays (I don’t really watch the telly, so that’s not an issue). That’s also a general full-production rule for me, when I’m exceptionally busy with my regular job or volunteer work or writing. Then I end up wanting to read for three days straight after the deadline is up…


In past years I would keep a word count of all my school work for a month and that normally hit 50,000 in a week or two!

This year I will probably actually have to write outside of school work. I haven’t desided what I want to write about yet though.


Well I’ve created a NaNoWriMo profile, so clearly I’m going to be crazy enough to try this now… :smile: