Time again: NaNowrimo 2015


Have been very busy with RL but time to gear up for NaNowrimo. :slight_smile: As per norm doing it here and over at NaNowrimo.org. Would like to see whom might be join in this year.


I’m trying to get stuff wrapped up before the end of October (which is a bit of a struggle to be honest) and I will be participating again since last year was so much fun. Like last year it’ll be very non-interactive fiction though, so it’s probably not that relevant here… Looking forward to what the other, actually interactive fiction writing, participants will come up with though.


I may actually join this year as really want to get back into writing with a short project


I plan on writing The Silent Scream. It will be a psychological horror / science fiction. It will be not so much about you surviving, but more of how you face death. :slight_smile:


My timing looks pretty close. If Lost Heir 2 beta is done in time, perhaps I can write my next through NaNoWriMo. But, should I write Lost Heir 3, or a new Life Of title? :smile: Hmmmmmm…


Well I started a month before so yeah, I am in. But like in my country no one knows what the hell this is I don’t feel any pressure. I really thing Anglo-Saxon culture is so obsessed to measure things, number of words, words per day etc… For me coming from the marvelous chaotic south culture where we only measuring word rates for news adds or grave phrases. This has nothing to do with a magical number you HAVE TO reach or if not you are a failure. It’s about say each day I will write something I would feel proud of it. And I would keep doing it each day . That’s why I feel this thing so alien our literature culture.


I’m a huge NaNo addict. Sounds like a wonderfully stupid thing for me to do so… that probably means I’ll do it. Heck, I still have ten days to think up a plot. Easy! The timing would work nicely for Spring Thing, I think - leaving several months for editing, improving, and betas.


5 days to go, I am excited and nauseated in the same instant at the thought. lol


Life of the Movie Star? :wink:


Hmm, does it have to be 50,000 words, also can you write a novel in first person? (I checked the site and it didn’t mention the second one)


Life of a Pirate?! Make it happen!!


Huh I liked life of a wizard and I didn’t really get into mobster, but write life of a … Normal person (no, wait) life of an explorer (could be space or just on earth)


I have started all three of these designs (and about 15 others). :smile:

If I only had the time!


Well, you could always write more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s a bit of a steep goal, especially if you do this for the first time, but it is doable. As for the novel itself, you can write it however you want, and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a novel (though the site does assume it is one) since no-one actually checks your work.


I’m in with you guys this year, using it to start up another Hosted Game so we’ll see how that works out.

Only finished my last novel about four days ago though, so I’m cutting it very fine for planning. I’m sure it’ll all work out ;).




So am I


I’m gonna be busy writing my bachelor thesis, so no NaNoWriMo for me, I’m afraid. :frowning:
But good luck to everyone who participates!


Also ready


Ugh I so want to join you guys in this but I’ve already written 10K words of CCH Part 2. Maybe I could just aim to write 50K more words in Nov.