NaNoWriMo 2019

In anticipation of beginning the challenge in a couple of hours, I will make this post my update post.

Daily Wordcount

1st: 6,750
2nd: 2,000
3rd: 2,014
4th: 2,004
5th: 2,621
6th: 3,843
7th: 2,394
8th: 1,620
9th: 3,414
10th: 0
11th: 2,005
12th: 2,065
13th: 2,306
14th: 2,070
15th: 0
16th: 0
17th: 7,453
18th: 2,788
19th: 2,188
20th: 0
21st: 0
22nd: 0
23rd: 0
24th: 0
25th: 0
26th: 0
27th: 0
28th: 1,950
29th: TBD
30th: TBD
Total word count for the month: 49,485


This is where I will put my observations, thoughts and notations …

Note1: Started off strong – mostly because I have been planning and mapping this start out for over a week. I doubt I will be able to keep this pace up; although my goal of 1750 words a day seems more achievable now than it seemed just yesterday.

Note2: Potential issue cropped up today. Hopefully it resolves itself without causing problems; we’ll see what happens.

Note3: With a night’s sleep and review, I believe I’ve overcome the potential issue noted above. I actually look forward to a more productive day tomorrow.

Note4: Today was a slog that drained me, both mentally and physically.

Note5: Dialogue is the subject of my writing now – it is something I feel I need to work on as I write, so writing is a bit more challenging now … we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Note6: This narrative arc is a fun and engaging arc, but I am recognizing that it will need a few re-writes before it is ready for the final copy.

Note7: Still in the middle of expanding each branch. Hopefully one more day, then I can continue forward with the entire narrative arc.

Note8: Still slogging through expansion of the branches. Going slower than expected.

Note9: After pushing myself today, I am back on track, and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s session where I can advance the Pet the Dog narrative arc.

Note10: Migraine Day – waste of a writing day. Spent day outlining and planning, so the day was not a total waste.

Note11: Back on track - 2005 words written. If I continue to feel well, I’ll start making up words in the next writing session.

Note12: Dialogue, dialogue and more dialogue … today’s writing was all about the dialogue.

Note13: See post down-thread about the joy of dialogue.

Note14: ditto

Note15-16: Days Off - Migraine

Note17: Working on Dialogue still – made up my word count + almost 1600 words for next session.

Note18: Writing the first nexus point for Act Two’s narrative arcs – I’m ending the Pet the Dog arc and foreshadowing the Spoiler, Creator, Friendship and Romance arcs. I’ll be launching the Job/Every Day arc within the nexus point.

I’m working on a path with less dialogue. My brain misses the dialogue. I also almost got lost in an editing session today – I’ve been avoiding this by just writing and ignoring editing issues but I had to fix one today which led to another and another … luckily, I realized this and pulled out in time to write at least 2,000 words.

Note 28: Back to writing after a week delay. It feels good. I’ll make the 50,000 word goal of the contest, but not the 60,000 word goal I set for myself

Project Summary: “The Collaboration” is a project of three individuals combining our efforts together to form a game designed using concepts and principles that we believe in.

Project Setting: It is set in an alternative Victorian Age world consisting of twin cities – one with the working name of: “Upper City” and the other with the working name of “Under City” both of whom are connected by a vast underground water system named the Sea of Styx, the Rivers: Lethe, Acheron and Phlegethon.

Project Protagonist: The Main Character (MC) wakes up in a prison’s morgue. Once escaping the cold freezer they find themselves in, they discover that the morgue is the scene of a triple murder, a triple murder scene that the prison guards soon find the MC in the middle of. The MC has no memories of whom they are, but they discover the three murder victims identities and discover clues as to who murdered them.

The Opening Act: The MC must escape the prison and follow-up clues given as to both who they are and who murdered the people they stand accused of murdering.

The Second Act (WiP): Having escaped the prison, the MC has arrived at the docks of the Under City. It is at this point that the following narrative arcs are introduced:

  1. (Spoiler) - Main Arc
  2. Creator - Main Arc
  3. Pet the Dog - Transitional Arc
  4. Friendship - Relationship Arcs
  5. Romance - Relationship Arcs
  6. Job/Every Day - Exclusive Second Act Arcs

I am currently writing the “Pet the Dog” transitional arc – This serves as the beginning point of my NaNoWriMo efforts.

Last Updated: Nov 28th


Why not follow @KingMe 's lead and use the challenge to improve your English skills?

Use the 50,000 words to write a personal translational dictionary/thesaurus … words and phrases that translate from Spanish to English that you can then use in your writing.

Such a resource tool will become very valuable in the future as you can use it in whatever you do decide to work on next.


Welp, I guess I’m in. This year I’m planning on experimenting with a lot of different game ideas to see what sticks. Come December, I hope to have thoroughly separated the yeh from the bleh.


I don’t say that that won’t be useful… But if I have to copy-paste a dictionary, I prefer directly die. Being totally honest lol.

Even If that would be the fastest Nanowrimo Ever I can do the 50,000 in a Hour lol

I will be working on an Urban Fantasy/horror novel aims my entry but also intend to work on season two alongside it.

My name on there is my pen name Sam Kabell



So, I counted and I have about 17 drafts and 8 of those are series…Technically there are 28 but I wanted to focus on only these ones this month.

My plan is to first finish that series from 5 years ago and then move on to the short stories. This is gonna be fun :sweat_smile:

Good luck y’all!


Me: Yeah, right, as if I had time to write every day for the rest of the month…

Also me: Let’s totally do this three days in a row and then forget about it. :laughing:

So, the good news is that I got to the 1667-word goal. The bad news is that 90% of that is here:

What? It was so important for the plot that the character respond differently to each of those choices! :laughing:

Anyway, good luck :four_leaf_clover: to everyone who is, you know, really doing this. XD


I’m going to try and use NaNoWriMo to get into the habbit of writing something each day.
No finished project, and no word goals.
Just sitting down and writing, every single day. :upside_down_face:


Same here!

Good luck everyone!


I write 1400 words that are zero because I erase all. I don’t know how to write realistic so I think In a Month I will remain at zero.


I have the same problem. I am a perfectionist so if it wasn’t perfect then I would delete it. But I then read this:

Just write it. Write everything down. Keep it. And then polish it later.

You can do it!


That doesn’t work for me because I know is bad so that absolutely blocks me of keeping writing. I am not good in the language I am trying to write. It is not simple a thesaurus thing. And the mere idea let something like that and keeping going is not possible to me.

But I recognize for a native it is a great advice of your only objective is fill a world account no matter how you do that.

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Guess I’m in, because I definitely need to get motivated. Going to focus on whipping my big WIP into shape as it’s been neglected for far too long.

Really tempted to just start a new, traditional novella but I already have two half-written Choicescript projects floating around, not to mention the 10k word stub of an idea I still have lurking on my HDD, and it will help my morale far more to actually complete a project than to add another orphan to the pile.

Hopefully the muses will be kind to us all.


So it begins:

Project Title:
Hollywood Demonic

Story Blurb:
Abigail “Abby” Chance is the latest film star to take the world by storm. Abby is renown for her role as Alexa Black, Demon Hunter. The latest horror series tearing up the horror fandom. The problem is the demons she fights are not just on the silver screen…

Day One: 1,756 words written.
Day Two: 2,028 words written.
Day Three: 2,006 words written.
Day Four: 2,317 words written.
Day Five: 1,753 words written.
Day Six: 2,175 words written.
Day Seven: 1,872 words written.
Day Eight: 2,124 words written.
Day Nine: 1,685 words written.
Day Ten: 2,348 words written.
Day Eleven: 1,974 words written.
Day Twelve: 2,356 words written.
Day Thirteen: 2,226 words written.
Day Fourteen: 1,944 words written.
Day Fifteen: 2,361 words written.

Total Count: 31,025 words.


I saved 500 words that feel like acid in my soul and probably end erasing nonetheless. That makes my goal pretty much unrealistic. I can’t end the game in a month. Nor I believe that I would make a project from this

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Well, I updated my earlier post. What a start to the month’s writing.


You are a beast well done. I am proud of you that is really a great start


Mara, that’s nothing to sneeze at! 500 words is still 500 words that didn’t exist before, and you should be proud of that. And even of the words you deleted - firstly, the fact that you can speak and write in more than one language is already beyond impressive. That’s a skill in of itself. Secondly, maybe the words you wrote weren’t something you found personally fitting, but every single one goes into expanding your capabilities of a writer. (Think of an artist - every drawing they do from the time they’re little until the present only ever goes into building the talent they have today. Writing is like that, too! : ) ) Your progress is amazing, you’ve already written great things, and we’re cheering you on here too. :fist_right:


Well danggg Daniel, seeing all of y’all’s updates is so uplifting. It’s phenomenal to have a community of writers participate in such a wholesome event and see their words come to life.

The last time I was this excited about literature was the Scholastic book fairs in elementary school. :,)


I unofficially wanted to attempt this, and I have started today with 1,676 words, and I hope I can keep it up, this is a wonderful motivator. For the week I wrote nothing, but since today rolled around I have been writing non stop. So excited to continue!


I’m going to attempt this unofficially, though I feel it’s going to be more geared towards making myself write every day and the word count be damned (considering my word count for the first was definitely under five hundred words, yikes). But I can’t wait to see how far this will take me into my project, even if most of those words end up being little more than useless scraps.

Good luck everyone on your endeavors!