Nanowrimo proyect a month earlier. 15 kigdoms: Between two heavens WIP

Hello, well As Fallout it comes November 10th, I certainly wouldn’t be able to engage in the Nanowrimo. So I started NAOCWRIMO with a game request by forum, a realistic Spanish medieval simulation. I have already written down 2,000 words mostly code. But I want comments on some features I am adding and are totally different from other Cogs.

-You can’t select anything about your character previous you take control of him or her
The reasons are basically two. In the world at that time of history destination is provided by a rigid caste on what people called the 3 bodies. Noble warriors, priest hood, ground state commoners. You hardly could change a single minute in the cosmic shedule.

Second realism and make the experience unique. Each time you replay will be different in many ways. Once you will be a young girl Novice that is great in growing cabbages dreaming in a man that could come and make his bride. Other a commoner guy that believe that his neighbor is a witch … Other the cid squire just before he get exile.
In Spanish literature fate and destiny and if free will exist or not has been a major topic in a millenia, from Jorge Manrique to Federico Garcia lorca and some folks like Lope de Vega and Calderon de la Barca. So from a literature perspective has sense.
I promise that freedom will be good in the gameplay.

Second thing interlude between chapters would be the story of the a charismatic poisoner bard recording the story some centuries later a kind of Sherlock Holmes with a lute and daggers
So yeah, guys you will control her. so Any opinions in my little NAOCTWRIMO it will be a little story no more 50,000 words.


Just curious is the bard telling an actual story or making it up?

Telling an “actual” one (it’s fake in real but not for the game universe) Mara of course, sometimes will exaggerate merrily some stuff but player will notice it. Lot of sarcasm basically.

Sounds pretty cool. I’ll definitely make it a priority to comb through your playthrough when it comes out. :smiley:

Please check your grammar

If grammar, it’s your main concern, Then I hardly suggest you don’t read anything from me. I am not native and my English came from self learning through reading and mostly through internet interactions. I am proud of my improvement but I recognize that I am far away from a native prowess.


Just ignore him, Mara. Your English has already improved a lot since I first joined the forum over a year ago. Having said that,

that is a double negative, so you are basically saying that he/she/it should read things from you, which hardly seems to be your intention. (Sorry about me going full grammar-nazi there.)

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to whatever story our local charming yet pragmatic lute-playing poison mistress can cook up in one month. (Though I have to admit I know close to nothing about Spanish lore.) I take it that there are going to be some opportunities to do some backstabbing and/or poisoning in there?


Oh, thanks In Spanish we use double negatives to highlight and reinforce the meaning. I like when people correct me being nice. But blunt accusations with no feedback at all, it’s just annoying and depressing. And yes, poison. The game happens in two times. First the medieval and the other in the 1808 during Spanish fight against Napoleon, Mara is a guerrilla spy infiltrated in a French garrison So she entertaining them teling the story of her ancestry while try sabotage the garrison. The garrison is located in the castle their ancestry grew up.

This sounds really exciting! I love the two time periods idea especially, and the idea of a tale within a tale. And I’m really looking forward to some sound sarcasm, and learning more about the historical places and periods in question.

so this is the bards tale set in spain?

Yeah both are set in Spain. The taifas period and 1808

Please check your manners.

What happens if the person telling the story is captured? Does the other story end? And how will you keep two stat sheets working simultaneously? Unless the storyteller’s stats are already set?

Oh, from a coding perspective is really easy make several stats screens each in either phase, and like game is designed since beginning to be short it won’t be a pain track all variations. If character is captured in 1808 you get and ending for both stories, not a good one but an end. If XI character died you get and end in 1808 too. Past is the key to gather the intel in 1808.

I’m so happy! @poison_mara finally started her WIP! :smile: :smiley: :grinning:
The idea to have a two connected storylines is unusual and quite ambitious for a first game. The setting looks very intriguing, I can’t wait to play the demo! :smile: :thumbsup:

Proofreading and play testing are a good idea for anyone who wants their game to be fluent and without errors, especially if they’re coding/writing in a non-native language. However, in case people were about to continue this conversation, it’s getting to be off-topic.


Hey I know you want us to wait until this game comes out but could you make like a sneek peak demo preview so we can get an idea of the writing style and the mecanics that your implamenting you don’t have to do the whole game just take a part of it and make it like your fallout e3 trailer type thing.

Well, Update stuff I have only wrotte 6,000 words but bright side is some of most difficult code is sorted out.

I could never thought a proyect like this could be interesting for people. More, taking account this has nothing in common with rest of Wips or Cogs. Split points of view change of protagonist, multiple flashbacks a codex that includes real history archives, like the bando of Mostoles were a small farm village with less than 1,000 population decided by popular acclaim after the slaughter of the Madrid commoners 2 may declared the war in name of all Spanish people to the biggest army of that century. The Napoleon rage were legendary we make him lost a bet with his butler about We are too stupid and feble to defend us and we all will surrendered in a month" Take that Napoleon.
Castle in book will be based real one, real Napoleon letters etc…
And the fact y use a Fate feature and a P.O.I.S.O.N system. I think you have to play like more 20 times to get the same base character. and with the Fate feature even more (fate feature is a fancy way to say I am using a variety of hidden parameters and random dices like a real rpg) Dirty sugar and being wet could be fatal because no penicillin.

I would need later on a beta tester to try all the features, like changing stats etc. I normally wouldn’t worry to ask know nobody cares about my games, but this seems to be wanted enough to ask.

If people ask enough I could put here The moment Mara enter in scene for real.

I’d be down to test this. This game is amazing and I hope you worked hard enought to get it published.

Sorry if I came off as blunt I really didn’t mean to offend you