Norif Chronicles: Vol 1 daughter of Aine

RL has put a crimp into my writing time, but starting to settle into a pattern again. My Ghost game has stalled due to writers block so for a time reworking an older project now called Norif. Stripped out all the fancy features so as to work on the game its self. Have worked out a lot of the stat features and smoothed out the opening up to page 5. So any feedback, bug finds, and the like would be helpful thanks.

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I am at a loss as to why it is signaling you out. It may be a day or so but I will upload a copy to my server and give you a link. I need to first run it again through quicktest. Sorry that you are not able to pull this up.

Yeah, this is the only one I’ve come across where the links do that

“Begin the Journy” should be “Begin the Journey”

“…so lets add them up.” should be “…so let’s add them up.”

I don’t think the “pick to re-roll and then select re-roll” feature works. My fifth die was a 2 and stayed a 2 each time I tried to re-roll it.

“…what lays before you…” should be “…what lies before you…”

“…even thought…” should be “…even though…”

on the female thread got this error: line 120 nothing should appear after “else”

Will send in more later

I like the stats menu, but the beginning has a strange pacing and don’t flow like it should.

Thank you will correct those tonight.

Thanks the stats were a lot of work and still a lot of content to add to it.

The pacing is a bit odd for a reason, hopefully it will feel right when I finish the section. Of course it may need to be reworked, won’t know until I complete it. :slight_smile:

Line 120: nothing should appear on the line after ‘else’: (gender=“female”)

That was an interesting beginning. o.o

Is this the game you needed spells for on the RP fourm?

@Outrageous Thanks and have added the bug to my fix list.

@vampierkid Yes the list we were compiling there will be placed into this game.

I have fixed all the grammar errors list so far. Have also fixed the else error. Looking into the dice roller error. Once I have page 5 done will up load and update with the bug fixes. My job as a truck driver does not afford me a lot of time to write, hoping to have the update out in a few days. Thanks all for your wonderful help.

I have tried to recreate the bug on the stat rolls. I am not seeing a problem. It maybe one var that is not calculating. If you could let me know which stat you are rolling for and which die it is I maybe able to track it down. Thanks.

I have updated it with the current fixes. You will hit an error at page five. Currently building the battle system for the game, finally. I knew this was going to be a big bit of complex code. But it ties into page five so can go no further until I have the system up and working.

I spent the better part of 8 hours working on the battle system only to relize it is far to complex to be enjoyable as a reader. I was going for the old DnD table top feel. However, unlike a table top game it is far to complex to add in all the small details, it makes it far to cumbersome and not very tactical.

While I am not scraping the stat system, just simply reducing the amount of data required to play. I wish to stream line the battle scenes while increasing the deepth of the game. Of course I spent the better part of 20 years playing DnD and find it hard to think outside the box on a turn base battle system.

Hench, I am seek other views and ideas on how to approach this. The goal it to keep the rules simple yet flexable. Any and all ideas are welcome.

I’ve been (on and off) experimenting with various approaches to a battle system, and think that - in the right context - anything can work.

You just need something that fits in with the rest of the game, you don’t want people to be thinking Groan, not ANOTHER battle… Get back to the story already! - It should be fun and help enhance the gameplay, not hinder it - I think the only way to be sure is to publish it and get people’s first hand opinions :slight_smile:

As I don’t really know (from that small demo) what you’re aiming for, I’d be hesitant to suggest anything, though I would say “Think. Do you really WANT a battle system?”, or are you simply finding something complex to code so it feels like you’re accomplishing something without having to sit and write the story (which you perhaps can’t, because of writer’s block?).

I only say this because I know that I do it myself.
I’ll come up with all these really cool coding concepts, spend hours coding them and realize upon reflection that it doesn’t really add all that much to the game.
It might be a good and clever system, but it doesn’t usually tend to fit the style or flow.

As always thank for your thoughts on the matter. I should clarify in what I mean by complex. I am not trying to code anything ground shaking. It is more about the sheer number of var involved to fit the old style DnD, 2e for those that understand that, turn base battle system.

Yes battle is important to the game play, and yes I do not want to make the reader groan having to battle yet again. I am looking to reinvent the rules but keep the old feel. Of course there is no way to bring the complexity of a table top game into something like this. It was not uncommon for us to spend two or three session setting up pc sheets for a game. Of course there is a lot of banter and fun involved in live games that can never happen here.

The aim is to have simple rules that are versatile yet have the old table top feel.

Turn-Based Battle Tactics
Have fair bit of research into other systems and have been adapting rules and was looking for feedback on it. This is the basic system at the moment.

Square-base grid system 10x10. Battles shouldn’t be complex for the player as most of the var will run in the back ground only requiring one or two rolls. Outcomes randomness is greatly reduced. This give the player a certain cofidents in their actions.

  1. Be simple & easy to understand at first
  2. Leave room for combination of actions give a wide range of choices
  3. Add only a small chance of randomness.
  4. Be fun to play through each battle (tactical choices + challenge)
  5. Rewards for building stats up for you and others in your teams.

Average is one square per turn. Dex will have a movement mod
•Speed: Base is zero, Dex will give you a speed modifier. Start of each round *rand d10 is rolled for you and target. Mods will be added. Lower number will have first action. If target has first action payer will have choice of defend or counter attack. Same applies to target if player has first action.
•Health: base is 10 with con giving you a health mod. Each level you go up will increase your stat by 5 plus mod, also ny skills you may have learned will increase stat.
•Melee: Starting stat with weapon of choice is 1 every other lvl will increase stat by one.
•Range: Starting stat with weapon of choice is 1 every other lvl will increase stat by one
•Armor: Depends on equipment

Skills can be purchased in book form. It is considered training.
Each round:
You may move and attack
You may attack and dodge
You may defend or counter attack
You may flee
There will be some other actions as well as talk or spell’
If you acquire the skill then you maybe able to do double attack, but no other action will be able to be made that round

Melee weapons: Roll a d10
1 Fumble
2 -3 miss
4-9 hit
10 critical hit

If you hit then weapon dmg plus melee dmg plus melee slot will equal dmg. Subtrack the armour value of the target will leave dmg total. This will all be run by var so the play will only see the results. If a crit hit is made the armour value is cut in half then subtracted form the dmg total.
For range attacks the strength mod is not added

All equipment is of a certain type with basic rules governing it; within each type there are actual items of varying cost & power (eg of type sword: short sword, long sword, fine broadsword, etc)
Armour Types:

  1. None: +0 to armour; no penalties.
  2. Leather: +1-3 armour; no penalties.
  3. Chain: +4-6 armour; slight penalty to speed and medium penalty to agility
  4. Plate: +7-10 armour; medium penalty to speed and high penalty to agility
  5. Shield: +1-4 bonus to armour; bonus doubled vs 1st attack sustained each turn (shield block)
    Weapon Types:
  6. Knife: free for all units (eg ranged units), allows basic melee attack with +0 strength
  7. Sword: versatile melee weapon; +strength based on quality of sword (eg short sword: +1, long sword: +2, etc); allows ‘parry’ which adds strength to armour vs 1st attack sustained each turn (vs melee only)
  8. Axe: offensive melee weapon; +strength based on quality but higher than comparable swords (double?); bonus vs shields (bonus halved?)
  9. Spear: defensive melee weapon; +strength based on quality, similar power as comparable swords; bonus to +strength when counter-attacking; allows ‘first-strike’ when attacked which lets you deliver your counter-attack before the enemy makes their attack
  10. 2-handed sword/axe: same special rule as 1-handed version but higher strength (eg +4); can’t use shield
  11. Bow: Ranged attack (uses agility; can attack diagonally; melee units can’t counterattack); can’t use shield
  12. I will be be adding more to this basic list

I am still work on a magic system that ties into the battle system.

Sounds good and clear for me really similar old simple table rpg I have played all my life. The movement could be difficult to understand without maps or graphics if I were you I quit the movement for battles, could be really boring without visuals. Tinman games have an awesome dice system battle for his gamebooks i love it. I recommend checking any of them

most systems use class type which I really never liked as it limits you. I myself have a great many skills in life, so could I not have them in game? It seems skills would be the best way to approach this. This way you could be a jack of all trades or you could concentrate your training in one area.

magic is rarely used. While anybody can use magic there is a chance of madness and death. Most know one or two simple spells for starting a fire for instance. But few dare learn more. Magical items such as weapons, potions, and scrolls are very hard to come by.

There is a gland in the body that taps into the magical field of the world. Each time you use magic it drains the gland. If the gland is drained the madness will follow with a very painful death. There is no cure for the sickness. Those to choose to study magic can over a long time build up the strength of the gland, but still does not exclude them from the drainage sickness. The gland can recover after resting 8 hours.

Still working on the point system for the gland and how much you recover in 8 hours depends on the strength size of your gland.

Any thoughts?

Thank you. I was not sure how I was going to handle the movement system as of yet. I think it be more of a choice then hidden vars do the work giving a result. I will look into Tinman games, thanks.

They have the rights to adapt the originals fight fantasy gamebooks the choices have way less deep that Cog. Less custom too, but dice battle is awesome. The best is the Sci fi infinite universe, but almost all use same system

And about magic I hate typical magic like to throw fireballs, but I love rogues magic illusion, also please, please put poison for me