NANOWRIMO support group 2023

I’m extremely busy this month with other commitments, so my goal is just to work on My First ChoiceScript Game every day. I also want to finish writing synopsis for the six game ideas I have and put them up for a vote, so I have my next project lined up. My First ChoiceScript Game should be very short (famous last words) so it shouldn’t take the whole month, I’m hoping.

So far I’ve laid down the code and structure for my project. I’m a bit bummed you cannot use capital letters in scene names.

I’ve also written 285 words of synopsis. 1.5 down, 4.5 to go.


If many people are working on portions of their main project, then I can try aiming for a “small” goal too, maybe one complete route of chapter 14 (too many extensive branches! :joy: ) as I jump around them. :crazy_face:

Thanks mara, and good luck to everyone participating! :four_leaf_clover: :writing_hand:


@brushmen I think that is a great idea. I recommend you trying and experiment certain planning ways on branches and how be more effective with all that probably someone like @HannahPS knows more about all that

And about giving me thanks I didn’t nothing to deserve them but are appreciated

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My goal is to actually write something. Every year for the past 8 plus years I made plans to do NanoWriMo. But for one reason or another I never actually wrote anything.

Was going to write the fantasy story I’ve been wanting to write for a decade.

Have quite a bit of world creation written out but never did start writing the actual story.

This year I’m sticking with Fan-Fiction. I have a couple Gilligan’s Island, Annie (The Movie) and Harry Potter/Addams Family ideas that I want to flesh out.

So I’ll be spending November bouncing around 3 different stories which suits my ADHD brain fairly well.

If I lose interest in one story, I have 2 others I can work on.

If I reach 50k great, if not then I would have still would have done something I’ve been meaning to do for years. Which is to participate in Nano.


Today: 1286/1667
MTD: 3337/3333

I fell a little behind today, but still averaging out.


Hello, Nanowrimo folks! Excited to join this support group. My goal is to hit 50k words in November. Let’s motivate each other on this writing journey!


I was not going to join NaNo this year. Looks like I failed :sweat_smile: Still not setting any wordcount goals because real life™ is busy and the added stress is no fun, but I’ve started drafting an outline based on an idea I had a few days ago.


Another thing I’d forgotten since my last NaNoWriMo: how intimidating a blank notepad can be. Well, it’s not blank, it’s crammed with -1667 words. :grimacing:


We are in same situation. But I have already beated the Nano dragon several years. So the thrills of reaching 50k in a month aren’t there for me.

I see Nano now as a way to share and have a motivation to do something everyday and even better sharing it with people here.

I also hope that helps me to reach out the confidence in me to go finally for the publishing queue.

Maybe this year. I doubt that, but I am working hard for being able to reach that level.


Today: 1375/1667
MTD: 5839/6667

I’ve been falling behind for a few days. The days I think I’m going to catch up, I have just been falling more behind.


Today: 2674/1667
MTD: 9643/10000

Making up for missed writing, but still not at the average that I should be at. I’m assuming getting a good night rest help get me moving again. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive.

Oh, hey, a topic I’m actually interested in posting in that I can actually post in.

Ahead of NaNo schedule. Gonna hit 15 straight years of victories this… year.


That is impressive! the consistency alone is an achievement

While 50.000 words is a way too ambitious a goal for me, I am trying to use NaNoWriMo as motivation to just get any writing done on some of my WIPs.
So far, I’d only managed a few lines, here and there, but today I’ve written 1200 words on one project!
It might not be much, by most people’s standards, but for me that’s pretty great.


So funny story, I started Nano this year (50,000 to 60,000 word goal) and came to the realization that you make a lot more progress in 2,000 words than I initially thought. I honestly assumed I wouldn’t get past a certain section of my WIP so I didn’t really plot much past it… Now I’m scrambling to make a rough outline for the whole thing before I blow past the section.

It’s probably due to the fact that I’m skipping all the MC’s dialogue for now, makes the whole project go much faster. I’ve also sort of gotten the hang of letting myself write terrible prose and dialogue to go back and edit into cohesion later. I cringe every time I write it, but it lets me move fast and meet my goal for the day.


Today: 2067/1667
MTD: 11710/11667

Caught back up. Lets hope I can keep the momentum moving.


Last November, I wrote 49,984 words. :slight_smile: I suspect this year I’ve got about 60K to write before I’m done. Let’s see…


This would be my first NanoWriMo ever! My goal is to finish my WIP demo by the end of the month… hopefully :smile:


Keep going/good luck everyone!

One week is in the books, but no matter how much you write, even if it’s only a little, you’re still participating and it’s still more than you had at the beginning of the month.

If you haven’t started yet, you still have three weeks ahead :slight_smile:


Today: 2187/1667
MTD: 13897/13333