Nanowrimo 2017 Thread

Anyone signing up this year?
(BTW since when do titles have to be over 17 characters? Maybe I’ve just never noticed before.)

Usernames on NaNoWriMo
Ylva K.
Sam Kabell

  • Sure!
  • Maybe…
  • Not this year :frowning:

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Never done it before. It’s always been a busy school month. But I really want to! :smiley::disappointed_relieved: Not confident I could dive into something completely fresh (never sure if I like an idea until I’ve tried writing it), but I’d use it as motivation to make some solid progress on my WIP. Maybe I’ll cheat and say I’ve got to get the total to 50,000, so it’d be like, half the full challenge… :smirk: :thinking:


@Jacic But you didn’t vote. :O Leaving us with a mystery, eh…

I’m still trying to finish up for the Choice of Games contest, so I will probably end up participating! (Unless I finally give up in despair, heheh.)


I did it last year and then never did anything with my 50,000 words of sheer nonsense, so this year instead of writing new words, I’m going to spend the month trying to make the old words into something at least vaguely coherent. If not to the letter of the rules of Nano, at least somewhat in the spirit.


Oh yeah, whoops :grin:
I’m really hoping that I’ll have some extra time available in November to get at least one of my WIP’s back on track so I kind of figured why not and registered. Nooo… can’t give up in dispair, I want to know what happens!

@SirEdmund It’s not a competition against anyone else so really you can go into it with your own goals set. It’s designed to get people to finish things after all. Or I reckon so anyway :slight_smile: Maybe you could have 50,000 words of edited work as the goal?

@Alexandra I think you can continue WIP’s (That’s what I did last year, not that I got to the goal, but I tried!)


Well, I know no one’s stopping me just continuing a story… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m just a follow-the-rules sort of person and the concept is that you’re supposed to start fresh and do everything in a month, so I hadn’t put a lot of thought into doing something different with the challenge until recently. :woman_shrugging:t2: And I’m continuing to learn about how to make myself write, and what kind of planning is useful or a distraction. (I say this as someone who put ~60,000 words into world-building when someone casually mentioned I should put more thought into my fantasy kingdom’s history – still haven’t finished a short story in it but ended up with outlines for at least 7 novels!) :crazy_face:


The rules do permit continuing a pre-existing work, per here:

Traditionally, NaNoWriMo works best when you start a brand-new project. It may be an arbitrary distinction, but we’ve seen that novelists do better (and have more fun) when they’re free from the constraints of existing manuscripts. Give yourself the gift of a clean slate!
That said, we welcome all writers at any stage. Outlines, character sketches, and other planning steps are encouraged. Just be sure to only count words written during the month.

(I like following rules too.) So they do allow for continuing an older story—‘all writers at any stage’—and that’s reiterated on the forums as well. They just strongly encourage starting with a fresh manuscript.

I did complete Nano last year by continuing a current WiP; that’s my plan for this year too. (Heaven kens I have enough partially-finished manuscripts lying around…)


I guess I haven’t glanced at the guidelines in a while… Though my roommate this year convinced me to make an account, and I get the impression looking around that a lot of people aren’t doing the traditional, brand-new novel. So, long-overdue pieces seem to be coming together to make some sort of attempt. :thinking:

And evaluating my writing habits is a big part of it, too. I’ve discovered how easily writing comes when I already know and love my characters, and what I want my story to mean. Discovered circuitously by realizing I could write pages about my mmo characters – and that they had strong opinions about each other, their setting, and me :astonished: And I thought I was being silly making characters just for myself…

I’d love to see Beastie Watch continue. But that’s your call. :blush:


Im not “signing up” on the website and everything, but I will be trying to write a novel in a month.


Yeah, the real goal is just to get folks to write. It is nice signing up on their site if you’re the type of person who likes writing exercise, they sent out exercises and encouragement in the months leading up to Nano and during. It seems like a nice community.


Still not totally sure what I want to write, though I have two nice ideas. As with Sir Edmund what I wrote last year (51,000 words) never translated into anything. But I was thinking of FINALLY writing a good old fashioned Choose Your Own Adventure book with the X-Men (except you play as a one foot bad ass space dragon with little English).


I am treating it as more of a challenge to get me to be more consistent in scheduling times to write than I normally would. I think I will use November as the time to get some serious progress on my two ChoiceScript games.


I’m really bummed about this year! I don’t have a computer right now and I don’t see myself getting one in the foreseeable future… Maybe I’ll set a half goal and write at the library?

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Or you could try writing by hand? Set a goal to fill a notebook? Try filling a few pages and counting your words for an estimate of how much it will be. Sometimes writing by hand makes it easier for me to keep going without stopping to edit. You can edit as you type it up on the computer later. Granted, I have no idea how sore your hand would get handwriting that much…


That’s no good! I know what it’s like to have a computer die and be without one for months. No fun. Library is an option, also maybe handwrite like Alexandra said if you feel like it. Good luck :slight_smile:


That could be a great motivation! Though I’m currently trying to finish Highway Wars… could I finish it in 13 days and then go for Nanowrimo? Ah… the double challenge… but I feel this is already increasing my motivation!


@jacic, yep I am signing up again! I don’t have 50K words left to do on CCH2 (thank the :airplane::spaghetti::japanese_ogre:) but Nanowrimo should help me hit the finish line. I like seeing that little bar move up!

I encourage folks to sign up even if they are not starting a new novel. And I’ll post my Nano name when I get home tonight…I forget what it is.

EDITED TO ADD: My name is the wildly creative EricSMoser


So, just registered for Nanowrimo… my username is Adrao (just to keep things simple…)


I’ve changed the first post to a wiki (Which I think lets anyone edit it? If not let me know).
Anyone signing up that want’s their username over there known, can add to the list if you want. (I’ve put mine and adrao’s there for a start :slight_smile: )

For anyone who hasn’t used the site before, you can invite people to be writing “buddies” if you want to see how they’re going through the month. (Don’t have to, but the option’s there if you want). Maybe add your forum name in brackets beside the NaNoWriMo one in the list if it’s really different so we know who you are.