March 2022's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for March 2022!


:spiral_calendar: :


:birthday: Happy Birthday to March babies.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.


Yesterday I saw a person asking for gender neutral terms for friends and family.

Here is a pretty extensive resource I use to help me when writing.

It is awesome to share everyone’s journey during the month; both highs and lows help each one of us realize that we are not alone in our journey.

If anyone has something special going on in March, let us know!


My March goal is to work on my Patchworks Project.

I am going to focus on this project for the month.

Once I get to the point where I can share this with the community, I will be happy.


Woooo! Early poster!

So I do have a goal that I hope to achieve this month: I would like to finish the editing process on Monsters and begin progressively writing on it again. : ) I’m happy with the progress I’ve had this February, with as many plates as I’ve spun, I call the month a success story.


I have a very important meeting coming up this month, that will have a big impact on my future, so my already anxiety-filled brain is not doing well.

If I’m lucky, I will be able to distract myself with creativity, but I might also just get nothing done at all.
I did get a little written in February, and I started like five new paintings, so that’s something…


I am hoping March will be much less eventful in February. I’m going through one of those phases where writing feels like a slog, so I’m just going to rely on my habits and keep on going as usual.

My goals for this month are:

  • The standard 30k on Asphodel
  • Something daily on Diaspora

Just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other sometimes. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:


I’ve had the idea of a new IF for a couple of months now and I got into writing it a few days ago and I’m really enjoying it. I do often get worries of wondering whether I should write two IFs at the same time, but because they’re different then I’m able to get more creative ideas for each.

Goals for the month:

  • Get the first demo of this new IF wip out there.

  • Release a Patreon for extra content for both Golden and this new wip


As much as the prospect of slower Blaire saddens me (this me: :frowning_face: ), two different creative works, as you pointed out, generally go faster worked on simultaneously than sequentially, so this should result in about 150% of the milaswriting content I’d otherwise get, so yay (this me: :grin:).


Things are starting to get a bit hectic for me irl, so I’m gonna slow progress on my WIP.

I hope to get at most half of ch.4 done by the end of March.


Happy new month, guys. Hope you all reach your goal this March. I started working on my sci-fi will this February and wrote a few thousand words on it. Also, my efforts since the beginning of the year to revive The Order of Valour yielded about 30k words, but, I deleted every single word because of this reason


Also, thank you, @Eiwynn for that link. I’ve learnt something useful.


Happy March! This month, I’m writing a story starring my neopets, which I hope to eventually submit to the Neopian Times. The last time I tried to submit something I’ve written was 2015.


Gonna push to get Chapter 4 of my WIP out this month, although I have a game release imminent and I might get sidetracked by corrections to that when the copy-editor’s comments come in, so I’ll be prepared to forgive myself if I don’t hit that target!



I have a feeling that March is going to be a good month.

  • Book 2 demo is ready and will be publicly released next week.
  • I scored 11 Patreons!
  • Just finished writing a good 15,000 words smutty side stories for two of the ROs (Ashley & Mack.)
  • I just got a mention on “What’s that game thread”

Next Steps:

  • Fix grammar and typos from book 2.
  • Finish chapter two and add chapter three on my hobby project
  • Write two more side stories (K&L.)

Happy writing everyone. Stay safe :two_hearts:


Between world-events-malaise, work being very busy, exciting but admin-and-brain-heavy personal life business, and my back finally giving up and saying “nope, no evening writing for you”, February was very chaotic for me. Even more so than January, which started off well and then lost steam - so I’m still charging through Chapter 8 of Royal Affairs.

In March I have a new chair which is far better for me than the old one; after this week my day job will be less busy; much of the personal-life stuff is now at a stage of waiting for the next bit rather than more admin. So I’m very much hoping that this will be the last Writer Support Thread that I’m on Chapter 8. (It’s a fun chapter with a lot in it! but it’s taken much longer than I would have liked)


Soooooo… I see a lot of people saying that they get discouraged and “oh no my writing sucks”, and I’m currently binging a YouTube channel right now, and in that channel there’s this video and Red here says something that those people might find relevant, so here it is, at the appropriate timestamp (I think, this is the first time I’m linking a video at a specific time). Right before this, Blue says what his writing method is, so if you want, you can check out that too. I mean, not that you need my permission, this whole thing is public?


First time posting on one of these, so hopefully I don’t put my foot in my mouth, here.

On the IF front, first project is currently in beta testing, so doing those sorts of fixes t get it ship-shape.

I’m also part of a multi-author political sci-fi project, so I’m getting that whipped together where I have time.

Primary writing work right now is on the first of a new M/M romance series about Norse demigods. Son of Odin, son of Var, that kind of thing.

Plus I have some short story commitments that also need to be met, so those are in the mix…somewhere, when I find the time to focus on them.


Hey everybody.

This month I am going to write four thousand words. Bit by little bit.

Good luck to you all. :white_flower:


This month, my plan is all edits on the fiction side, and all new text on the academic side. It would be a very good thing indeed if I could get the first chapter of my dissertation finished while also having my game done with playtest edits by the end of the month, so, well… Good luck to everyone else, as I know I sure need some.


Yo, I’ve got a page where I put various code snippets I often reuse across my scenes. Thought it may be useful to yall, so I’ve shared it here:

Rn it only contains a separator and various dice roll scripts. Plan to update it as I go along, though, and keep learning the program.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been unsure about how to handle profanity in my game. I feel it’d fit its tone to have a bit of it, and nothing that wild - your F and S and whatnot. Still, I do feel a kind of impulse to keep it clean, but I also don’t really like censoring it with **** and similar, or just writing around where curse words would be. How do yall think about it?


Fallen Hero has made the MC’s curse word of choice a variable. Maybe you could use that system? That way it can range from plain silly to pretty heavy curse words.

And when other characters do it, you could ask at the start if the reader wants curse words enabled or not, and change the words themselves accordingly.


That’s a fun idea! Thank you, I may go for that.