March 2021's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for March 2021.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to March babies

Many have worked hard and achieved important milestones this past month, thanks for sharing, everyone.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

I’d also like to suggest new writers visit @poison_mara’s Workshop Thread and Game Jam Thread.

There has been an uptick in off-topic posting lately – this month, let us all refocus on Writing and CS game making for the month.


My goal this month is to get something ready to share with the community; a goal that I was unable to achieve last month.


My goal is still the same. Two sentences per day, even if they’re not related to my story or anything creative.

Best of luck to everyone for the month ahead! Just remember that you are an amazing human being cause you’re you!


My goal is starting writing every day again.


Here we go beautiful people, it’s March and we’re all going to kick some bottom! One sentence, or one chapter - it doesn’t matter, it’s going to be mega!

Last month I did not get the WiP posted - something to do with not writing enough words. But hey, I did figure out just how much I did need to write in order for it to be ready.
We start this month with a new plan - a bit more story blocking to begin with, then go back and add narrative sentences. Then I can come back and write it into proper prose and do all the finagling required to make top quality literature.

It helps me not obsses over single word choices and the tone of specific sentences.

So the goal is the same, get this WiP out. There’s probably some 4-5,000 words required plus a whole host of tweaking and thinking and angsting.


My goals have been pretty large in the past, and sometimes I achieve them, sometimes I don’t . So this month I’m just making the goal to write every day. 10 words or 1,000 words, it doesn’t matter. Every day I’m going to write.

Good luck to everyone this month and great job to everyone last month!


We will achieve that together, Objective partners! Hope more people joing us for that objective!


My goals are going to be essentially the same as last month, with a couple stretch extras:

  • Write something every day. I tend to forgive myself for a day off here and there as long as I am being mostly consistent, heh.
  • 10k words on Asphodel
  • Stretch 1: Release Asphodel’s 2nd chapter
  • 10k on Diaspora
  • Stretch 2: Release Diaspora’s 9th Interlude

And that’s the long and short of it! Good luck to everyone this March, and ware the ides! :wink:


My goal is to finish and submit a game for that competition coming up.


Oof, I haven’t updated my WIP in forever. I realised something isn’t working, and luckily it’s only two chapters in. Having all NPCs follow the PC’s nationality didn’t allow me to ground those characters at all. So now they come from all over Europe, and maaan the amount of research. The writing has stalled while I rework everybody’s backstories, circumstances of why they’ve come to put themselves essentially in self-exile. And there’s over a dozen named characters…

I did not expect this much reading to be involved when I started this project. Wow, not sure if I’m regretting historical fiction or not, yet!


THIS month i’m finishing my WIP rough draft. whole darn thing.


After much hesitation, I have finally started writing my first game. My goal is to have the first chapter completed by the end of March.


February ended up being really tough, with a sick cat, an ant invasion, and a boyfriend who just started college while he’s still working almost fulltime, and then got really sick from his vaccine. (He’s fine now, and so is our cat.)

So I wrote absolutely nothing on any of my games.

My goal for March is simply to have a better month, and to work on at least one game.


@SpokesWriter @935 Good luck with your WiP drafts!

@The_Lady_Luck Sorry to hear Feb. was really rough. :hugs:


My goal is to surpass my goal from last month, which was to write something, anything, at least once.


My goals for March are quite simple:

  • Finish writing a chapter after I get a new keyboard. (Old one broke, so I’ve been stuck with my phone and I’m much slower on touchscreen.)

  • Try harder on my WIP that I might post this month.

  • Rewrite some old scenes.

  • Be happy and positive throughout the entire month.

Mind mind is buzzing with so much excitement. I don’t know why. That’s just how I am. And lastly, I wish you all success with your quests for this month!

Happy writing! :purple_heart:


Goal is to finish the next chapter of my CS game! And have a stretch goal of proofing and getting it on the forum, to get back into being active here.


March’s a month where I have very little leeway with holidays and the like, so I hope the smaller amount of distractions will allow me to concentrate more on my writing.

My goal for March is to upload Chapter 3 of A Tale of Heroes. I left my players with a pretty big cliffhanger, so the sooner I can get it out, the better. Chapter 3 should also be shorter than Chapter 2, if a lot wider due to some branching. Then again, it’s the chapter that will basically kickstart the whole plot, so… Who knows.

Anyway, Chapter 3 in March. That’s the objective.


I’ve been getting stuck in writing my WIP - an issue I’ve faced countless times. My goal will be a simple one… To just not give up on it, and to write at least 5000 more words.


I’ve been writing something in private that I hope I can turn into a comic, right now I’m animating a trailer to put on youtube. my goal is to finish it soon so I can go back to writing the first episode : )


This Present Wasteland??? Helllll yeah!