April 2021's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for April 2021.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to April babies.

The emote icons have changed, so I don’t have an April’s Fool to add >< Guess they got me this year. :wink:

Many have worked hard and achieved important milestones this past month, thanks for sharing, everyone.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

I’d also like to suggest new writers visit @poison_mara’s Workshop Thread and Game Jam Thread.

Don’t forget – CHOMP 2021’s deadline is April 5th. Who’s names will be in the envelopes this year? :red_gift_envelope:


My goal this month is to get something ready to share with the community; a goal that I was unable to achieve last month.

I am closer this month than I was last month, so I am starting the month with a bit of optimism.



After months of depression someone was able to snap me out (thank you prof.)
April will be better by default.
The goal remains the same: just write anything


Goals for April

  • 15,000 wordcount (I realized I put too much pressure on myself with the 30,000 goal I had during February lol. While I did meet it, I think I should take a little step back and control my pace.)
  • Upload an update with enough content to play through. The last half of my WIP’s next chapter would be intense, so I would need a little more preparation for that, which means I can’t upload the whole chapter at once this month.
  • apply more improvements on the previous parts
  • get the hang of using Tumblr (goodness, everyone will think I’m old at this rate)
  • Took a rest for a week after the last update, so yeah, need to get back to the habit of writing everyday.
  • Find some way to increase exposure, I guess? (I’m ridiculously bad at it.)

It’s a shame I can’t enter the contest. I really wanted to, but I needed to prioritize my current WIP. Looking forward to the results, though! Good luck, everyone!


I did not meet my goal last month of completing the first chapter of my WIP. But I managed to get about 2000 words done. My goal this month is to continue working on my Wip as much as I can, and if(a big IF) possible, share my WIP with the community at the end of April.


Same as always. Try my best to complete a new chapter of my WIP… while also taking time to edit, rework, and generally just have some fun writing. :blush:


First goal Finishing the Contest entry in time. (so far I am on schedule)

Second and far more important. Keep my fight against my anxiety disorder and Present the entry. (Yes, as many of you who has impostor syndrome. The difficult is many times gathering the strength to share your work. )

Starting another small medium game with a villain protagonist around 20k. If possible end up this month

If I end up the first starting a Spanish language game for a jam that has as deadline all the spring.


I want to have a working demo or the start of a working demo or at least another full chapter finished by the end of April. I don’t know if it’ll happen, but I feel okay with the direction I’m heading in. My writing partner has more time lately too since she quit her horrible job last month and is doing something way less stressful now.


Goal the first: have something to submit for the contest.
Goal the second: finish the game I’m submitting for the contest.


I am sure yours will be the cutest mine is a thriller so is not cute at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am sure you will make it!


My goal remains the same! Two sentences per day!

Good luck to all in April!


I wrote a ten-chapter outline for a story and my goal is to write at least five chapters of it. It’ll just be a quick story so hopefully this won’t be too difficult. I probably shouldn’t even call them chapters because they’re not really long lol.

Goodluck to everyone on their goals. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve one of your goals, no matter how simple it is.


While I wasn’t able to post my first ever WIP last March, I was able to finish my other goals which is, well, writing.

This April, I want to continue writing. I’m currently writing a slice of life kind of story which I’m immensely enjoying. It’s currently in chapter 7 and I have yet to outline that chapter.

I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want to set a deadline or unrealistic goal for this month. I’ll just write.

To everyone, I hope you all succeed in whatever you choose to do this April. :purple_heart:


Unfortunately didn’t hit my stretch of finishing the prologue by the time this came out, but that’s why it’s called a stretch I guess! I’ve been steadily writing a few sentences a day so far but I’d really like to amp things up. I did 2k words that first day, maybe I can shoot for like 100 - 500 words per day going forward? We’ll see how this month starts going and I’ll adjust from there.

I’m going to shift my stretch goal to finishing the prologue by the end of this week. The regular goal will be to push out Chapter 1 by end of April. Should be easy to do that, but I have shown myself to be surprisingly proficient in not meeting my own expectations.

Good luck everyone!


Off to a good start this morning. Finally finished a 16,000 word chapter and uploaded it with suspiciously little Quicktesting needed. Got 700 or so words in, and since I am reducing my April goal to 5,000 (with 10,000 as a stretch goal) in order to take a little breather I am hopefully well on my way.


Same goal as last month, write something every day!

Its awesome seeing so many of you accomplish your goals, congratulations to everyone that did! If March was stellar or awful for you, here’s to having a better April!!! :clinking_glasses:


After a challenging March, my goal for April is to write at least one notebook page a day.

A stretch goal will be to

  • complete hand-writing up to the start of chapter 1, and
  • transferring half of that to CSIDE in preparation of a demo release

My goal for this month is to surpass last month, which were two writing sessions for the Halloween jam game and some fanfiction writing. With Easter on the doorstep there should be plenty of time for that.


And of course judge all the entries for CHOMP, but that’s not exactly a writing goal :woman_shrugging:


Alright, this month’s goal is to finish the draft of my WIP and ensure the stats work. I need to write 17 different endings, i’m at 3.5 completed right now. here we go!


I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but my goal for this month is both very simple and the most meaningful writing goal I ever had. I want to finish my WIP, The Golden Rose.

I’m currently editing and coding the final chapter, and then I have to write the Epilogue. So, that is it.

I wish everyone a great month! I don’t always participate on these threads, but I lurk hidden in the shadows, and I believe they are a great source of positivity in the forum. :heart:


New month, new slate! Here’s hoping it’s a productive one. My goals are similar to the last couple months, since that seems to be hitting the right spot of ‘doablility, but with required trying’ which is about where I want to be.

  • Put out Diaspora’s ninth interlude. This one is getting priority until it is done, which I estimate will take me about 5,000 words and then a lot of repetitive bugfixing.
  • Outline Asphodel’s third chapter as fully as possible.
  • 10,000 words on Asphodel. I’m letting myself count outline text in this because it usually ends up incorporated or elaborated on when I fill in later anyway.

:star: Good luck everyone! :star: