September 2022's Writer Support Thread

Alright alright alright! I didn’t know you had been working on it recently.


September goal:

Getting something on paper for the Halloween jam. Intentions to participate don’t mean a thing without that.


Happy September and first month of Autumn! :maple_leaf:

Classes started on 9/1 for me, but I am feeling the fire to write, write, write. Hopefully I will feel the same about coding one day too :face_holding_back_tears:

Goals -

  1. Finish writing Chapter 2.
  2. Try to code at least 3/6 scenes within.
    (Estimated 20 - 30k word workload)

Good luck, everyone! Stay safe and breezy!


Yesterday I did my Chapter 9 revisions, and a nice hefty chunk of Chapter 10 writing. It feels so strange, but very nice, to be so close to the end!


Nice to see. I love reading your stuff.


I have this game I wanna make, but Idk, I think it’s too specific for some tastes xd

I’m still thinking if I should make it gender locked or not. On the one hand, I feel that there are not enough games aimed specifically at a female audience, but on the other hand, no gender lock = more interest. But given other things that I want to do (1-3 ROs MAX, all of them male, no blank slate MC), maybe there’s no real difference if I gender lock it or not.

Then again, I want to write this game for myself. If other people like it, welcome to the ride, if not… there are many, many more games out there lmao


It sounds like it’s going so well for plenty of you - congratulations! And for you who may struggle, good luck, I’m rooting for you.

As for myself, I’m getting forward in some projects… I think… at least I feel more alert and inspired, and recovered from corona, too.

@Dannie If you mainly write the game for yourself, I think gender locked might be a good idea, since it sounds like it’s the vision you have for it. Sure, it wouldn’t be for me, since I’m not interested in games where you can play as heterosexual only (which is not the fault of the writer, of course, just personal preferences for my part), and I’m sure you would find an audience even so.


This is my birthday month. I turn 39 which feels crazy to me.

My goal for September is to finish Lucien’s romance just two scenes to write. Then to send the files to COG as Jason wants to run a beta test on their servers so they can test for continuity issues.


Dude, you’re so old. Like, downright decrepit.

Now me, on the other hand, I don’t turn 39 until February. Regular spring chicken here.


You’re all children. I wasn’t aware the “C” in “CoG” stood for “creche”.


Well obviously when I say I turn 39 I mean level 39 :sunglasses:



@JBento Greyhairs of CoG unite!


To be fair, I started having grey hairs when I was in my mid-twenties.


Same thing here. But is cool see we thirty something united.


Thirty-something here, too. I’m actually envious - I would love some grey hair of my own, but due to my genes, it will probably take at least twenty years until that will come to be…


Bah, you thirty-somethings aren’t allowed to start having intimations of your own mortality yet. Plenty of time for that in your forties.

(My birthday month wasn’t too long ago, and every year I share your disbelief at the number.)


Holy cow it’s September already.

I haven’t counted but this month marks approximately quite a bit of days of work into the People’s House! These past few weeks have been quite hectic between moving myself into my apartment and classes starting up soon, but at least the moving part has been sorted out with by now.

My main goal for this month: keep chugging away on the chapter I’m working on. I’m also hoping to not miss another one of my Writer’s Diaries, so here’s to hoping that’s a possibility! All in all, I’ve been very happy with progress made into TPH. I finally got character profiles added, started talking to an illustrator for when I eventually need graphics, and made a lot of progress into writing and planning out more of the story.

Best of luck to all of you, and I look forward to the month to come!




I’ve got the green light to go ahead with my new project with HC, which is extremely exciting, and my goal is to try to submit the first chapter draft by September 15th!

This is the first time I’m writing (rather than beta editing) since getting my ADHD diagnosed and properly medicated and BOY HOWDY it’s a whole different experience. Actually being able to concentrate! Not having to wait to be in the mood to write 5k words in one night, but instead making steady progress each day. Sounds fake tbh.


Yay you!

Best of luck with your new project under new management medication!