November's Writer Support Thread

The more I blush the hot the scene can get? Or is it something entirely up to the reader imaginations?

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Inserting shameless Jam promotion.
Please Take time to read the awesome jam’s games and voting the poll. If possible reach the authors and give them feedback.


My goal for november is to draw a workflow that help me organize chapter 1. :blush:


Damn it’s November. Okay. I will take a step back from writing too much and work on improving my mental health. It has reached a new low not too long ago (not because of writing related stuff, but because of irl stuff I’d rather not go to right now), I’d still definitely write of course, but I’ll focus on making myself calmer.


My goal for November is to write a review for all Halloween Game Jam entries, and write about 20000 words for NaNoWriMo.


A quick summary of October brought to you by a spongebob gif;


Now for November, I already have about 2.5k words so far. My goal is to reach the 50k, but I’ll be fine with anything else if I don’t reach it. Considering how work is being extra demanding this month.


I want to focus on editing what I’ve written while slooowly writing ahead. No particular goal, so no pressure. Writing is what keeps me sane nowadays and I want to keep it this way :relaxed:


This month I want to try to finish chapter 6, which has 4 divergent branches that I’ve been chipping away for over 2 months or so… :sweat_smile: At an average rate of 2k words a week, that is including code… :sweat_drops: The upside was I figured out a bunch of stuff about Twine and SugarCube (while procrastinating on writing) that will help in future projects.

Best of luck, and take care. :four_leaf_clover: :tea:


Happy November everyone, I mean let’s hope it is a happy month… my goal for November, finish my game that I submitted for the Halloween Jam, thanks to @poison_mara I create a world that I have fun writing and would love to finish writing, next step will be editing then maybe by end of December getting it submitted.

Good luck with your November goals!


Thanks to you, I did nothing else than just open a door trying to encourage people to express themselves


I currently have about 2,221 words for my first chapter, and I have most of the choices, so far, written in a way I’m happy with. I have one choice, though, that I haven’t touched, so I want to finish it first before I move on ahead. Really don’t want to risk forgetting it.

My goals for this month is to just finish this first chapter. I also want to polish what I have on my second project (it’s gotten a bit messy…heh).


Right now, i want to focus on writing Act 3 and Act 4/Epilogue of my story since i have a clear image of the events there. It think it helps that they are few in chapters compared to Act 2, which i consider to be the most dificult act to write as of the moment.


Good luck with your brainstorming!

Congrats on everyone’s progress last October!

I don’t have a specific goal for November.

To be honest, I don’t have much of an overarching plot line for my story beyond “solve murders” like we commonly see in crime tv shows (read: Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Lucifer, etc.).

It’s a real simple story when you boil it down to what you do and I’m fine with that. I don’t want to write a particularly “grand” story where you’re a revolutionary of something. Not something I’m interested in.

Maybe as I go along I’ll think about an overarching narrative for the plot but I can’t think of one now which is fine because the focus is on solving murder cases.

As a progress update for my work? I’m working on the stats screen a lot, learning how to use gosub, and whatnot.

I’m confident in my decision to not include a Lore file that readers can access since it’s not really necessary to know the lore to understand the game. Maybe at a later point (read: if I get published) I’ll release it over Patreon and then release it at a later point to the general public.

Other decisions I’ve made? I’ve been strongly considering cutting out some of the side characters for now since they don’t really have a place in the story at the moment. They might make a reappearance later but not now.


I managed to write 200 words last night, even though I had a busy day (and played through the new BREACH demo 5+ times :sweat_smile:).

I want to get some more writing done, but there was also two different WIPs I wanted to provide feedback for + all the halloween jam games I haven’t read yet, because my concentration has been shit the last few days.

@OrginHunter - I suggest reading a romance scene with the same kinda mood you want, before starting writing one. It’s inspires, and makes you feel less embarassed about it all.


I have a question I am to write a battle or the aftermath of one. But I am only able to describe the pain and suffering of civilians trying to run from the attacks the acrid smell of Napalm and neurotoxins even through the oppressive constraints of a gas mask. The confusion and the slaughter.

I can’t describe wars as something glorious and thrilling. Would that be okay? Maybe I should just skip it


I think that depends on whether it fits the POV or not?


It is for the extended version of Stranded So I suppose that it fits


I kinda feel sad about November, I wrote and promised my first ever WIP on Interests Check thread, but here I am stuck on branching, looks like it will be delayed until 2021.

I have a plot, few characters for early chapters, and I think I’ve secured the first two chapters. Then I realize there is no branching in the story, choices are made to deal with problems, and when I try to give few branches through a battle, I’m lost.

It’s like a separate adventure from the main plot itself, the possibilities are boundless, and I have a hard time to bring the branches back to the main road, anyone ever feel something similar? how to deal with it?


I have the same problem. When I started, I branched waaaay out. Like, 30+ possible endings. I’ve now trimmed that down to 10-12. I’ve learned you simply can’t write every possible decision, you have to choose your battles (haha, ironic). Just keep it small is my advice. Good luck!


Skies are grey and days are short. Perfect writing time while having tea. Let’s see if this theory comes true.

Been thinking of other things I want to write and yeah I know… doing multiple projects is not the right way, so write ideas down. Anyway if anyone here is interested in spaceship combat. A realistic one, not 1000 years in the future where physics is like magic (yes I look at you - every medium on sci-fi xD) then this is a very interesting read:

By reading that one can understand why sci-fi is riddled with “magic” physics to make looks pleasing for watcher/player otherwise spaceship combat would be boring?