October's Writer Support Thread

Same as Mara and others, my aim for this month is to try and finish my Halloween Jam project. I’m way behind due to work and personal commitments…as in I’m still on chapter 1 levels of behind. I had the realisation last week I have no idea how to code this so I’ll also be teaching myself how to use Twine. I want to learn Choice Script, so I’ve decided once the project is done I can try converting it into CS as a means of learning the ropes.

It’ll be a busy month but if I don’t finish in time, at least I’ve learned new things!


I really, really should have more done but can’t stop myself from procrastinating, or starting over from scratch, so I’ve made little progress on my Halloween Jam story. But I’m setting myself a goal now, I swear I’m going to have something at least semi presentable done by the end of the month. :grin:


September was a weird month for me, with second quarantine now in effect and a chain of holidays. Writing progressed a lot but didn’t feel like it was progressing, which is always hard. It also opened on one of the hottest weeks on record, ever, which is not great for productivity even in my chilly sub-ground apartment. I weirdly got back into Skyrim for a bit which has nothing to do with writing but was a fun discovery for me.

Goals for October:

  • Finish chapter 2 of FoF.
  • Contingent on the above happening in the first half of the month: post FoF demo.
  • Post a progress report for Turncoat Chronicle to the forums, Tumblr and Patreon.
  • Complete TC’s beta version 0.9 (mostly code cleanup, at this point).
  • Finish pre-writing my project for NaNoWriMo, using steps 1-7 of the 10-step snowflake system.
  • Take some time off writing at the end of the month, to recharge before NaNoWriMo.

November goals:

  • NaNoWriMo.

With September being a month consisting of me hunkered down in bed and celebrating my birthday dosed with cough medicine and lemon tea with honey. I hope that I will actually be able to do something productive this month, starting with setting realistic goals I’ll actually be able to reach.


Congratulations, @HannahPS! That’s a seriously impressive accolade, and well-deserved!

September was a bit stop and go for me. I just wound up accomplishing somewhat less than I wanted to over every interval of time. That said, in that time I also managed to:

  • Get a Patreon up and running.
  • Complete several writing commissions
  • Write the code skeleton for my new chapter, along with at least some text
  • Code-test that stuff, which is something I usually don’t do until the very end of a chapter
  • Finally finish a chapter of the main project, formatting and code-testing still in progress
  • Wrote something on the side project (the one I talk about here) about 27/30 days.

So I’m trying to keep things in perspective, as this is a lot of additional work that doesn’t get reflected in Asphodel’s word count.

This month, in addition to progress on the main project, I am shooting for:

  • Writing something every day.
  • Base goal: 20k words
  • Stretch goal: finishing chapter two

Here’s hoping!


I’d really like to get my chapter drafted this month! I’m not sure if I’ll get there but that’s the goal.


I’d love to at the very least finish the skeleton for chapter 6 this month. The little voice in my head’s complaining that I should be aiming for more, but I’m intimidated enough as it is! :sweat_smile:


My goal is simply to end my hiatus from writing. I haven’t found time to even pick up a pen (metaphorically, I actually type my work :rofl:) in ages. It’s a little frustrating, but I’m trying not to let that get me down too much. I’ll get there when I get there!


This is a reminder for the Jam participants and those in doubts, You have an entire month. YOU CAN DO IT!


This means you too Ms. Mara.


Writing a game in a month lol…no pressure :slight_smile:


I got a fair amount of momentum going in September, so I’m hoping to carry that forward into this month and finish the first draft of my game’s fourth chapter.

…also, while I’m dreaming, I’d like a pony.


Reminds me that the last costume option added is a pirate costume…

It’s unfortunately kinda vying for the top spot on my mental priority list with finding a job, so… probably not going to complete it.


You can present anyway it like a wip, after all, you have worked on it


These last few weeks have been rough. Issues of the physical, mental, and metaphysical persuasion have stifled my creativity and prevented any opportunity to write. My entry for the Halloween Jam will be significantly pared down from my original vision. But that’s okay.


Yes, this is not a real challenge or contest. It is a jam. The main goal is simply to WRITE. Have fun and practice.


Last month I didn’t accomplish my goal. I did get a lot of writing done, but I guess I couldn’t handle the pressure or something. Still, progress is progress, no mater how small or how far from my goal I was, I’m still getting something done.

My goals for the month:

  • Get to the midpoint of the chapter or write 20k words.
  • Indulge in some freewriting set in the world of my traditional novels.
  • Less self-pity and more writing.

Good luck to everyone this month!


Still planning my October game. Writing it in Twine. Here are my notes on arrays in Twine:

(a: "gold", "frankincense", "myrrh") or alternatively, more readable:
You can also set it to randomly determine the order using shuffle.
(set: $a to (a: 1,2,3,4,5,6))
(print: (shuffled: ...$a))
You can also set it to rotate through the set.
(rotated: 1, 'A','B','C','D') is equal to (a: 'D','A','B','C').
You can adjust the number: (rotated: -2, etc etc etc)
You can pull values out of an array so that they can't be used again by using this structure:
(move: $a's 1st into $variable)
More info: https://twine2.neocities.org/1.html#type_array and https://twine2.neocities.org/1.html#type_dataset 

And here’s my notes on how I’m using them:

Main room. Boolean for whether a task is complete, four total. Visually represent it by selecting the correct image and displaying that for the player. Select a task that has yet to be completed. Takes you to the task screen/image, and after ten repetitions, back to main room with the task now blue instead of red. When all tasks are completed, sleep.
Sleep. Randomly generated story beat. Replenish sets and reshuffle. Advance day tracker. Each new day has a new set of arrays to be added to the set.
Conversation: New conversation for each day.
Each task. Zoom in on the photos and the tasks escalate from 1st repetition to 10th repetition. Array of images to select from. Shuffle the set. Pull values out so they can’t be reused.


not me making a tumblr w/o a demo !!!

on the other hand - i figured out choicescript !!! thank you to everyone who offered help, i’m glad to not be as lost as i was a day ago; it means the world x


Looking to complete the second part of Dinosaur Island Escape and put it up for testing while I start part 3. Hoping to submit the game in its entirety to Hosted Games be the end of the year. Looking forward to the Halloween game jam as well.