September 2023 Writer Support Thread

September is a new month, and hopefully the beginning of it cooling the hell down here in colorado. So I’m very much looking forward to fall weather. Can’t afford Starfield, although my husband is going nuts for it. XD So I’m focusing instead on getting his and my streaming channels up and running. That, and finishing the first chapter of Phoenix Rising properly. I don’t want to update Dashingdon without a properly finished chapter… It just feels cheap to update it right now.

  • Finish Chapter One of Phoenix Rising
  • Outline Chapter Two
  • Implement any feedback on Chapter One
  • Figure out how to stream some of my coding sessions (yes I’ll link to them)
  • Add another month of posts to the Nascent Souls Studios Tumblr
  • Get a full-time job (self explanatory)

You know, I could use something similar, but I’m not 100% sure about the team aspect. I need someone I can ramble to about the story and issues I’m having writing it. Someone I can Rubber Duck it with.

This is such a cool idea, holy shit. I love it.

You need a writer friend whom you can discuss things with. That’s how I manage the punchability of my writing’s face. XD (Yes, this is me volunteering, Dm me for my discord ID.)