Burwick Destination: Book One (Supernatural WIP - UPDATE: 4/9/19 - Secret RO reveal post 90)


Oh, Fallen God? I guess I misread there. Whoops.


Just a tiny writing update for those who don’t follow the tumblr (or my other tumblr): I’ve been attempting to work on the crime scene, where you begin investigating the first murder. Had kind of A Day that stopped me from concentrating, and now I feel an impending sense of doom in this chili’s tonight because my mother caught a cold. Which means I might catch a cold. And even though I told her to stay the fuck away from me for now and she was like yes, yes, I understand

I still feel paranoid

If I get sick while trying to work on this game (again) and stop being able to work on this game for A While (again), I’m going to be super pissed, you don’t even know.

But anyway, the game is now 14k so far, which is not much progress at all, but it’s starting to go smoothly again and I’m hoping to make more progress today. I’m attempting to finish up the crime scene and will then work on a conversation with James, and then the next update will be out.

Also, my answer on the scar situation from before: Right now, it is being implemented as a choice, to have a scar or not, to believe what happened was real or not. I just started working on a part with a difference depending on if you have the scar or not and I am realizing having it as a choice might not be the best idea. I’m not going to change it for now, it’ll remain a choice and it might remain a choice the whole time. I’m just mentioning this early on in case this choice does end up being taken out by the time the game is finished. I’m thinking I might work better, and therefore the narrative will be better, if I enforce having the scar but right now, who knows? I might surprise myself in the end.


Oh I like this. Hoping for more!


So, I failed step one. Woke up very sick today. Don’t have the energy to be mad.

I did make some progress before that happened, but I might have to pause writing until I start feeling a little better. So the next update will take longer than anticipated.

Thanks, I’m glad!! :grin:


No actual update - just another writing update today.

I took a break for a couple days for personal reasons (played a ton of VTM: Bloodlines, a game I never played before but now love), but now I’m back to writing and I’m getting that much closer to the next update. Crime scene is basically finished, then all I gotta do is… a semi-complicated conversation with James, and then I’ll update the demo. Word count is currently up to about 17k. Maybe not a lot of increase there, but the story is moving along nicely at the pace it needs to.

Also, really wanted to link to this super cool fanedit already made for Burwick. Having woken up to that, I’m so happy right now :grin:


VTM: Bloodlines? Please tell me you installed the fan-patches or got the GOG version (it comes with the patches).

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Great game. 1st playthrough I did a Ventrue, then a Brujah, then Malkovian then… the sneaky ones that have to stay in the sewers. Mals were the most fun.

A few weeks ago I just finished another playthrough with the patch(es). I honestly don’t recall much difference in the game.


Look at the error reports in the files and you can see the difference. it also adds some music i believe.


@pandaboi doubt this…the right place…to ask…but didnt’ you have a wip about a dragon before ? what happen to taht one ?


Sneaky ones? Nosferatu?


Of course ^^ Plus patch, even. My first run is with a Malkavian and it’s been super fun, even if the voices have started to get extra grating lol.

Honey and Fire is on hiatus while I rewrite it. I’m also working on this one now and have been having an easier time doing so.

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omg no! just a bit off topic…but DO NOT PLAY MALK first . well…I played a female Malk…and I love the Malk so much…it kinda ruin every other clan…after that . It just…the other clans just seem…less…now that I love the Malk ya know . Also…it is said they are harder for a 1st time…but…I went for it anyway and it was a blast…I think they were supposed to be the main clan…cose they seem to have alot more dialogues then the others clans .


Yeah, I already got that warning lol. But I did anyway. I mean, I knew I wanted to play Malk because the only reason I wanted to try the game was from watching Diction play it on Youtube. I tried to do a different clan first, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. I’d rather have the fun I want my first playthrough, so I went Malk first. Even if it’s sometimes difficult for even me to decipher what I’m about to say to someone lmfao


they are ALOT of fun…and yes , it seem daunting at first with the dialogue…but once you get the hang of it…its easy peacy .

Just make sure…at some point ya move from that 1st town…when you get to the 2nd BIG map …

Make sure you talk to a Lampost :rofl:


@E_RedMark Oh, no, no worries, I’m already quite a ways through the game lol. I’ve already unlocked all 4, I guess, “main” locations… tho idk how much more of the game I have left. I think the main quest I still have to do (that im not doing yet cuz I realized how many other side stuff I missed like with the emails) was about going to… smth… about “Leopold”

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I like being a Gangrel for 2 reasons.

  1. The war form. If nothing else, it looks awesome.
  2. The funny elevator glitch that makes the male MC’s hair stick up when going down in an elevator.
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Oh, I forgot to say earlier for those who didn’t know… I posted two tiny previews from the crime scene over on tumblr (though that was less for giving people a preview and more for making fun of my own characters)


Enjoy what took me like half an hour right now:


I got read it was fun and dark my taste of story

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@Takashi_Shin thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

The update is coming along. I still have a couple sections to finish, hopefully wont take too long, but the total word count is currently about 22k.