Dark Transition (WIP)

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been a choice games fan for a long time now and couldn’t help but think, we desperately need more vampires and more romance! I’ve been writing for a long time and recently found myself inspired to write a novel. Instead of writing a standard novel, I decided I’d try my hand at a choice game!

For what I have in mind, I feel like I would need to write this in two parts. The first part is titled ‘Dark Transition’. You wake up after a one-night stand to discover that you’re a vampire and you’re forced to learn how to survive in this new, unknown world. You will also be on a mission to find the person who turned your life upside down.

What I have in mind for a vampire isn’t ‘typical’. Vampires will have a disease that is passed only through blood.

The following will apply to the story:

  • You have to drink human blood to survive.
  • Your senses will be heightened.
  • You’ll heal at a faster rate but can still die from severe wounds.
  • You’ll be slightly stronger and more agile.
  • You will be able to go out into the sun, but direct sunlight to your skin will eventually cause burns.

The following will not apply to the story:

  • Repelled by garlic.
  • Stake through the heart is the only way to kill you.
  • No reflection in the mirror
  • Repelled by crucifix/holy water.
  • Mind control.
  • Turning into bats.

I’m probably missing something in these lists, but I can edit later if I need to.

Other things to note:

  • Your gender will be undefined. You are whatever you imagine yourself to be.
  • You’ll be able to choose your own name and your brother or sister’s name.
  • You can romance men, women, or both.
  • You can be a compassionate or ruthless vampire but beware the consequences of being too ruthless.
  • There will be a thirst stat. Overtime, it will drop, so you will have to drink from humans. If your thirst drops to 0%, you will become feral and may potentially harm those you care about.

I think that’s it for now. If you have any questions/thoughts/suggestions, please let me know! I hope to have updates every two weeks.

Demo Link:


No sparkling. That’s enough reason to like it. The story sounds great. Will we meet our creator again or maybe other vampires?


A very enjoyable read. Would love to play more! One thing I particularly liked is that we have a sibling here (and that their boyfriend already saw us naked, talk about awkward. :sweat_smile:).

Silly stray thoughts (not meant to be criticism):

  • I must admit that I was thinking “Aw, why does it have to be boxer-briefs? Why didn’t the guy wear a sexy thong, too?” Mainly because it would have been unexpected. :wink:
  • Hoping that the musician/author/artist choice will make a bit of a difference down the road.
  • I was actually expecting that our sister would also be in a same-sex relationship since our brother is in one. (But I do see why it makes sense for them to have the same partner!)

I also find the disease angle intriguing. Is that something you plan to focus on? Say, the effort to search for a cure maybe?


Hmm seeing how the original vamp was capable of controlling the weather, morphing into pretty much anything (and thus not just bats) and being able to basically spiderman his way on walls sounds like we’re in for a good time. I wonder if the stake bit is a jab at it also needing a beheading to work :thinking:

Really cool stuff so far. Quite like vampires though they’re rarely done well or right sadly.


Sounds fascinating. Do you think we will ever run into our “sire” again?

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I can’t wait see more from this demo


I took a male MC and yes why have we a plain boxer ? At least it should be satin boxer :grin:

The demo was fun but maybe the moment with our “sire” a little too short.

I definitely hope that the “sire” will be an RO. Come on they began with a bar and a sexy night ~.

I’m just wondering if the MC is musician/author/artist what sort of job interview did the sibling get for the MC ?


When choosing the male vampire it said mysterious mann

It seems interesting, I did enjoy it looking forward to reading more. I am also curious if the sire of the MC will be an RO. I hope so, anyway I will be looking forward to see how it developes

It’s not mc’s it’s a choice for your sire’s gender


Oh, I like the looks of this!

I really like this so far! Can’t wait to see what happened next.


I chose a man, not a woman.

Definitely no sparkling vampires, lol. You will meet your creator as well as other vampires, yes.

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Thanks! I will fix tomorrow!

Instead of trying to reply back to everyone, I thought I’d throw out one reply to answer some questions. But first, thank you all for your comments! And thank you for pointing out errors. I will fix them tomorrow.

Okay. You will be meeting your creator again. And you just might have the option for him/her to be your RO. :wink: You will also meet other vampires.

Your character will be searching for information on the disease and a possible cure, but I can’t promise you’ll get one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be expanding on the MC’s aspiration at some point. You are all welcome to give suggestions. I also have not decided on what kind of job interview the MC would be going on because, well, the MC won’t be going to it, lol.

Again, thank you all! I’ll have an update soon!


Hey, I really enjoyed the demo! And it looks like all the pronoun fixes I noted while playing have already been pointed out. One question (or complaint?) though, the MC takes their sire home and they sleep together… and then they wake up the next morning to their sibling being like “Why are you naked?” instead of judging them hardcore for bringing home some stranger for a drunk one night stand the night before a big job interview. Like, did they and their boyfriend not hear MC having sex on the couch? Are they just incredibly deep sleepers? I know this isn’t important but still!


Will the vampires in your storyline be able to have children?

:astonished: How did I miss that ? What was I thinking ? I’m gonna redo the demo :face_with_monocle:

Ps : but still we could have a funny option but I like the demo.

I would be interested in an option for an alternative opening to the one night stand. I’m personally not a fan of casual sex so it really takes me out of character, and I imagine any asexuals reading would be bothered by it too. It wouldn’t be particularly difficult, off the top of my head I can think of several ways you could get infected without the need for sex. Like maybe you got jumped in an alley near the bar and staggered home before passing out, you could still keep everything mostly the same including meeting the vampire at the bar, just change a few details.

Other than that it looks cool. I know you can be ruthless, but I hope you give us properly evil choices as well. Too often games allow you to be an asshole, but you’re still shoehorned into playing the good guy role. Especially in a vampire game, you can’t not give us the ability to be the villain.


Aww, no mind control? That’s sad :upside_down_face: Then isn’t the vampires in this story are basically just some sort of enhanced human that requires blood? Hmmm, well, I guess you can’t really start a massacre in this story, but I guess a good romance is equally as good. :clown_face:

Also, sorry for being annoying, but, rather than undefined gender, why can’t we just choose our own gender like all the other COG games