School of Necromancy (WIP, Demo)

Last year for National Novel Writing Month, I decided to kill two birds with one stone: Write 50,000 words, and in so doing create a CS game!

If I might offer some advice: Never do this. This is a terrible idea.

Somehow… somehow, I pulled it off. What you’ll get to play here is the original 50,000 words I wrote that cold November (well,it was actually kinda mild, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic) plus additional work as I add to it.

My game is called School of Necromancy, and you as the main character will discover that you’re a wizard. Great! You’re also a necromancer. Not so great, what with how it’s forbidden magic and all.

But hey, there’s a difference between ‘forbidden’ and ‘FORBIDDEN’, right? Only you can decide what kind of death-mage you’ll be!

First, of course, you’ll have to go through school. There will be classmates, classes, projects, secret tunnels, plots, mysteries, and weekend classes with someone who wears a snake mask and speaks with the voices of four people simultaneously. So, you know, the usual.

Demo is up at

Currently (November 30) it’s about 50,000 words and goes right up until the end of the first week at school I’m looking for general feedback about how much fun it is, if I’m using way too many words and wall-of-texting it up, and how you feel about stats and the fact that I now have so many they don’t all fit on one page.


2018-05-13: 60,000 words, and another round of Enchanting!

2018-03-25: Finally, more stuff! 56,000 words, and a Dawnsday to do with as you choose.

2017-11-30: 50,000 words!!! Also Necromancy.

2017-11-23: +9000 words, fourth and fifth days (conjuration and alchemy)

2017-11-20: +8000 words, second and third days (intro to enchantment and illusion, respectively).

2017-11-16: +5000 words, finished up the first day at school.

2017-11-07: Initial release.


I don’t known why, but I always loved this Necromancy topic, looking forward to reading it.

nice. I am liking it.

It seems interesting that authors have been really embracing the villain and anti hero based plots lately. Especially this case in which necromancy is finally being applied to its good and practical applications despite being taboo. Although it does feel more like the Class of Necromancy as opposed to School since they don’t actually specialize in teaching necromancy.


I really like this idea. The fact your basically committing sacrilege with your powers!
One question can we turn into a lich at some point?


Oooh, I really like this so far. I can’t wait to use Necromancy! So, who exactly is the “bad guy” in this?




time get out school or prison becouse i will live my on life // good story ///

That. Was. Awesome.

I’ll be looking forward to this one.

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I do not offer great insight or revelation, but I do have a suggestion for the introduction:

I really like the premise and everything else about the story, but I found that the introduction didn’t really draw me in. The writing leads me to believe there is a chance of me still not having any magic powers, but I know that this cannot be the case, as the narrative relies on me to have them.

Could I be so bold as to suggest rethinking this part - maybe instead of being hopeful that magic powers just, ahem, magically appear, we - the protagonist - could be led to believe that in the past few months we’ve shown an inkling of inclination to the arcane arts. This could be an interesting way to engage the reader from the get-go:

  • Perhaps a false choice or two that let us make decisions about the validity of our powers (Remember when that thing happened? How did that go? - It was fluke, I did it by accident/ - I really wanted it to happen/ - I hadn’t even noticed.)
  • Maybe a few choices that let us determine our character from the start, as opposed to only after we discover our power (I want to be world-renowned wizard / I want to help people / I want knowledge / I really think it’s just super pretty) (What would you do if you failed? - I’d try again/ -I’d give up/ -I’d start a chicken ranch.)

This just applies to the introduction, though. It really picked up for me when I could tell my parents I was a magician. From there, I felt like the story really involved me and I was very interested in seeing what would happen next. Choices are well spaced out, and balance with the narrative. I feel like I’m taking an active part in forming my character and the journey he takes. I’m super into it. Yay!


I love these types of game will there be any demonic dogs or animals and romances

Hopefully not the same thing. :slight_smile:


it does feel more like the Class of Necromancy as opposed to School since they don’t actually specialize in teaching necromancy.

The ‘school’ part is more of a play on the “schools of magic” thing, e.g. School of Illusion. That and you’re at a school :slight_smile:

One question can we turn into a lich at some point?

It’s a bit early in your career to do that. Also one of the reasons Necromancy is forbidden is that a fellow by the name of Emperor Lich made a play for the continent a hundred years ago, so making yourself a lich is already forbidden.

But really, you’re already raising the dead, what’s one more bit of forbidden magic :slight_smile:


I thought much the same thing, actually having your magic appear before the testing, but my thinking was that that part goes on long enough as it is without adding more prelude. But I agree, I’d really like more buildup. I may steal some of these ideas :slight_smile:

You know I’ve been thinking about familiars. I was leaning toward ‘ghost’ but there’s no reason I couldn’t also have a devil-dog

That’s a solid maybe on the romances. I’ve got at least four characters I want to develop in depth, and romance would definitely help that, but I’ve never written a romance in my life and so have even less an idea what I’m doing as normal :slight_smile:


I like this story. I am a fan of necromancy and dark arts in general and this has a slight comedic value as well.


Can we romance that Dana women

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I regard necromancy not as a dark art but as a weapon. Compare it to a gun. You can either do good or bad with it. I think the same should be with necromancy. So many games have it so that when you begin to dabble, your evil increases and you become bad. It’s annoying so it’s nice to see a game without so much of that.


I am liking what I am reading!!


Just capitalize this “i”.


Fascinating so far! I’m liking it!

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I like what’s here so far, and I love the premise, looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

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