School of Exorcism [ WIP ]


Hello everyone! I’ve been lounging here for a year now and I decided to make my first COG game. I do not have the demo yet but this is the storyline so far.


599 years have passed since the First Total War.

599 years have also passed since your great-great-great-grandfather defeated the Earl of the dark realm

In this modern fantasy world, you play as a 16-year-old student newly enrolled into Hightower Academy School of Exorcism, ready to take on the world and continue the path your family has followed for hundreds of years. Master the art of exorcism by specializing as a Knight, Gunner, or Tamer. Learn how to handle werewolves, outrun manticores, battle giant lake monsters, and deal with grumpy old goblins that like to brew disgusting potions. Become class representative or the class delinquent. Be loved by friends or hated by enemies. Uncover a secret society planning on creating a Second Total War or die not even knowing what was coming.

Will you gain honor and prestige at the Academy for your diligence and hard work? Or will you flunk your
classes, be expelled, and fail to achieve the path set out for you by your ancestors?

Everything depends on you.

The idea of Gehenna and a school for exorcists actually came from the anime Blue Exorcist so I do not take credit. The plot that I have in mind does actually come from me, but just keep in mind that this universe is based loosely off the show.

Demo: TBA

Thank you for reading and tell me what you think!


Sounds fairly interesting. I would’ve guessed that you got loose inspiration from Hogwarts. I’ll look up the anime and see what to expect. Sounds promising, though! If you need a beta tester, feel free to PM me the link and I’ll go through it.


I love Blue Exorcist, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this. :3


Thank you! And I understand how you thought I received inspiration from Hogwarts. Actually, many of the pictures on the website are from Harry Potter.

I hope you will like it! I made some changes though. For the meister classes, I won’t be including Aria and Doctor, and I changed ‘Dragoon’ to ‘Gunner’.


Won’t be including me, eh?


Love it I plan to watch your progress and look forward to see this


sounds interesting


@Doctor: Oho, I see what you did there

@TheFallen and Azraeldrake9: Thank you! I hope it meets your expectations!


Please tell me we have our own version of Mephisto. That would be awesome.


@Malebranche: I’m not very sure about what to do about the headmaster. I mean I don’t want to copy the series by making a character by Mephisto. What do you think?


sounds awesome loved blue exorcist something to watch.


Simply because you’re employing a “Funny man” (character archetype) doesn’t mean your copying a shows character. You can take the same concept of a character, but add a little twist on it. For example, I have a character that was based off of Alucard’s (Hellsing Ultimate) character concept, but I added Sogo Okita’s (Gintama) humorous sadisticness, Mephisto’s peculiar blend of the “Funny man” character archetype, took some of Tauburn’s (Star Driver) outfit and colors and melded it with Alucards outfit. Now, after all that I have a character that does not resemble Alucard in the slightest (okay except for maybe the ridiculously OP powers he has) and is now his own character even though he was based off Alucard. For another example you can make different situations with similar characters, like who’s say that the school dosent have 2 headmasters? And one is the funny guy and one is the “Straight man” (Character archetype). And who’s to say (for humourous purposes) that the funny guy headmaster can’t be a bit of a skirt chaser? Or that he’s a vampire. And he throws up when he eats onions? See what I mean? You could do the same thing or base one character off another but add some twists to it.


@Choiceofgamer98: It was such a great show. I wish there was a second season .-.

@Malebranche: I see what you mean. Thank you for the helpful tip! I think I have an idea of what to do for the headmaster now!


Your welcome, NP. :smiley:


Hi guys! Here’s a link of the demo!

For now, I only have the stat screen. More will be coming up soon! Tell me what you guys think!


So far, just by the preview and stat screen, I’m getting an “awesome story waiting in the wings” sort of vibe. I like it already, go for it.


@Malebranche: I’m glad you like it! I’ll do my best to upload the introductory chapter as soon as I can. Thank you for your support!


Me too this looks like a really good story waiting to be told. I just really you don’t make this a short lived wip and you update often. And another tip don’t make the story to short, most people prefer a longer story (most)


This looks really good :slight_smile: I really like the concept of the game! Can’t wait to play it :smiley:


I love Blue Exorcist so I’ll definitely be watching this!