Spiritia: School of Spirits (WIP) Early Stages

Hey, everyone. I’ve been entertaining a story idea and have been fleshing it out whenever I have time.

It’ll be a game where people who have “powers” are ostracized, spirits are talked about but never seen, the “powers” and spirits are connected to the elements (fire,water,earth,air), and the school is nothing like Hogwarts. It’s pretty much just a normal school. The “powers” won’t be anything impressive since I tried to make them as realistic as I could. (This is so vague :sweat_smile:)

You can play as a boy or a girl, the game will differ a bit depending on which gender you pick. There are six main characters (excluding the PC) so far although only four are romanceable.

Questions and comments are appreciated although I may be purposely vague because I don’t want to spoil anything. I want to write the story with the narrator only knowing as much as the PC does. Keep in mind that this means things thought to be true may not actually be true.

Here’s the opening scene (subject to change) since you haven’t turned back yet:
“Hey, I’m hungry. Let’s ditch the next class and go eat at that new restaurant everyone’s talking about,” whispers a feminine voice.

“What?! No way!” The “Are you crazy?” remains unsaid. “I have class with Dangar next. Who knows what he’ll do to me if he finds out?” a more masculine voice whispers back.

You’re sitting in class, copying the notes down from the board. You overheard the quiet conversation happening behind you and were planning on ignoring it, but Dangar’s name caught your attention. Rogue Dangar is a math teacher at your school. You don’t have any classes with him but you’ve seen him in the hallways once, glowing red eyes never leaving the floor as he carried on his way, students hastily moving aside to not get in his path.

Everyone knows that glowing eyes are the sign of a connection. Humans who have formed a connection with the spirit that rests inside of them are abnormalities. Through this connection, they gain abilities, dangerous abilities. People who have formed connections are taken away and never seen again until they’ve become “normal”. At least, this is what everyone is told.

“Why are you so worried about that freak? What’s the worst he can do? Give you detention? Make you clean his room? You know they’re not allowed to hurt anyone. They’ll get locked up and killed,” the girl shoots back, annoyed.

“Hey,” the boy barks in indignation. “It’s not your life on the line here. I’m not taking any chances.”

“You two in the back,” a different voice, the teacher’s, interrupts them. “Quiet or you’ll be having detention with me and cleaning my room instead.”

After an angrily mumbled “This is all your fault”, it’s finally quiet. You continue taking notes in peace.


So realistic powers in a school setting. Sounds good, some nice slice-of-life scenes with occasional weirdness.

Yup. That’s what I’m aiming for, although you may just end up saving/destroying the world in the process. Who knows? Stories usually end like that.

The “Powers” part sounds awesome, and I like school settings. Also, low-level powers could be fun.

I’m okay with not godmoding through everything Choice of the Dragon-style as long as I’m not dropped into hard mode. Does that make sense? Anyway, I look forward to playing the game.

The “powers” are extremely low-level when compared to what they could have been. I hope I’m not getting your hopes up only to disappoint you when they’re revealed.

It makes sense. No worries. However, life is rarely fair and you may find yourself plunged into hard mode when you least expect it. If you can’t do it alone, you can always ask for help. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this in the future.

Interest piqued! Maybe I’ll try to get over my shyness and voice feedback >.<

This sounds quite interesting.
while keeping your vagueness could you explain what you mean “realistic powers”? would it be something like they have enhanced attributes e.g. stronger and/or faster then non-powered humans. Also is it all humans have a spirit inside of them and those with powers have abnormal spirits or is it those with spirits residing in them have powers.

There is more I want to ask but… I will wait for the story to answer them. :smile:

@RagEgnite @FoxalypticWorld Thanks! Progress is slow right now but it’ll be up some day.

@Sinj I should probably clarify that by realistic I meant realistic in the game. The gameworld is like ours except with the influence of spirits. You can’t create something from nothing and touching fire will still hurt, but you will be able to manipulate an element. There’s only three “powers” because it depends on something and the powers are the same for all the elements. It’s possible to have all three but the PC only gets two.

Every living thing has a spirit sleeping inside them. Humans who have connected with their spirit gain “powers”. It’ll be explained more in the story. In fact, there’ll be a class that teaches the history of the spirits.

So I have a question. How would you feel about the PC not being the one to save the world? Like you can still help but in the end it won’t be you. It’s just not your destiny. I’m kind of thinking about this idea.

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Elemental powers have always been a bit bland to me. You have so many cool abilities to choose from to put in your game, why not diversify?

@Nhia I actually would like that more than being “the guy” for once.

I really like don’t being the hero, I role-play evil characters. But please don’t make the character the errands boy girl. That is annoying as hell. Also why not let player choose I don’t care about heroes save humanity and whatever, I just want make money and get all power I could get and the rest I give a damn.
I love harry potter universe while I hate him with passion. But the universe is rich and complex, and have Slytherin in it house i love. Could Pc being a sort of slytherin style of character because if this would be about being the typical gryffindor errand girl helping like a sidekick, that would be terrible boring for me :wink:

Hmmm… I don’t mind not being the hero/heroine, but that creates the question of what the PC/Main character’s role would be then? Would he/she be more of a party member of the hero’s party as such then? The hero’s ‘sidekick’? A bystander who could choose to help ot not help the hero in his/her hour of need? Or simply a bystander watching the hero from a distance hoping to somehow stand to gain/profit from whatever the hero’s doing without stepping into the spotligt him/herself? The idea of letting us step into the shoes of someone who’s not the hero is fine, but the reason that stories so very, very often put you into the shoes of the hero/heroine is that he/she’s usually the one who has the most ‘interesting’ stuff happening to him/her and gets to reap the greatest rewards of it… So then, the challenge you’ll face is making things interesting somehow regardless, which is certainly doable and comes - from the PC/Main Character’s perspective with some possible perks (they may not be the hero, but that also means they don’t need to put up with all the crap the hero is often forced to deal with, for example).

@Doctor Elemental powers are a bit too overused but I needed something natural. The elements were the only thing I could think of. The “powers” aren’t anything outrageous though.

@foxalypticworld Thank you for your input!

@poison_mara Saving the world is just one of the paths the PC can take. Destroying the world is also another one. I have to admit I’m not that good at writing evil stuff so I hope you’ll let me know where I can improve once the story is up. :smile:

I just wanted to know how people would feel not being the hero/villain that ultimately changes the world. The PC’s actions are still important but those actions will mostly be support when you think about the big picture. For example, like in movies and games where the party is going to fight the main villian and other villians block the way, the PC would be one of the characters that would fight the villians while someone else will fight the main one.

Hmm…you’ve given me a lot to think about. Thanks. I’ll have to consider those before I decide.

Sounds superrrr cool man definitely be keeping my eye on this

it would be cool if we get a power that allows us to change events as we see fit.

@Boman19 Thank you! However, I would like to clarify that I’m a lady, not a man. :wink:

@adamthecowdog That is an interesting power but it’s not going to be in this story. The “powers” I have in mind for the story are not really impressive when compared to the ones people can think of.

@Nhia Oh i call everyone man no offense to anyone who’s a woman or a man. Actually it was probably my girl friends that got me to start doing it :joy: