Curios, curoisity and cats (working title)

The premise of the storyline is that you’re an average person who happens upon a magic shop, and ends up discovering their own magic powers and the what not. There’s 7 superpowers and 7 aspects that can be gotten in any combination so there’s 49 possible endings. Wooo!

If anybody finds typos or has suggestions I’m always looking for advice! (:




I have the appearance selection process set up! I’m pretty sure it’s typo free, but if anybody sees anything let me know! There’s not anything beyond that, but, I figure it’s progress and posting about on the forums will encourage me to keep going!

What you choose appearance wise influences your results (slightly) so there is a reason for the extensive process – there’s also a skip option for people who aren’t interested in fooling around with appearance.

It should go fairly fast after this since now I have a good grasp of choice script!


So… on a scole of 1 to 10 how mcuh will cas be involved in it

It depends. There are a lot of cat jokes made no matter what route you take.

I was wondering why the dropbox link wasn’t working. And can we own cats

in one of the endings yes.

How long are all the routes?

You had me at ‘cats’

You had me at Curios. Then lost me at the first bracket. Then found me again at the second bracket.

Your game sounds pretty cool. Good luck with it.

There’s 7 branches, each offering ~20 choices. I have no idea what the actual word count is going to be yet.

Three of those branches are planned to involve talking felines. There’s also a cat in the main arc, so, you will see cats no matter what.

This game sounds awesome but it seems like a lot of work. I hope you don’t over work yourself but other than that I think its cool. What type of powers do we get? I thought this game was about being a cat.

WIP sounds great, IM A FANTASY FAN 100% :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t care about cats but magic shops and powers interest me!


I’m really interested in this it’s a cool concept

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I’ve been fiddling around with dropbox; and getting things to share with out a public folder and I thought I had it working but apparently not. I’m looking for another alternate solution! I will have the demo up soon though!