The pixie hunt (WIP)


All right, great news every one! I saw a lot of support for my pixie slaughtering game! The bad news is my previous forum got taken down. I am willing to begin official development, but I will lay down some strict rules right now. No pointless banter like the last forum. I am making this page so you can talk about the game. No comments about pixie love or the moral issues. Any unhelpful comments will be flagged. Only questions and specific conversation about the game. Sorry to be so strict, but someone has to lay down the rules. On the positive side of the news, I’m still looking for assistant writers because Light in the Darkness is taking up the majority of my attention. Just PM if you’re interested.


What types of magic i can use?


Probably destruction, illusion, and basic summoning. The kingdom is kinda paranoid about demon summoning right now.


Destruction like energy blast? And i like to use magic for torture, will be something like agony beam?


The kingdom supplies weapons to people who lack their own, but blacksmiths are in short supply and as such most of the kingdom weapons are of poor quality. You will get a choice of one weapon at the beginning, and the rest can be purchased from independent smiths.


About ways to earn money: I remember in that old Destroy All Humans game (the one where you played as an alien invading Earth), human brains were used as the currency to buy upgrades and weapons. Obviously, you earned them by killing humans. Maybe the pixies can be looted for pixie dust or something and that can be used to buy weapons?


@Mirabella: Best game ever!


I hope this time the thread stay on track.
Anyway, will the MC be able to begin in different backgrounds such as,

Blacksmith’s son (+Weapon -Diplomacy)
Farmer’s son (+Agriculture -Weapon, -Fighting)
Or will we be forced to start with some unappealing background (Just Kidding)


Dragon age origins was a huge inspiration for me when making this game (though, admittedly, this game is much sillier), so you will get a choice of origins along with race.


@Zane_Hiam Not to bring your hopes up, but I love dragons. Just make them smart. And instead of the traditional ‘knight in shining armour’ background, make a choice to start off as one of those 'under-the-bridge trolls.


Here are the backgrounds I have so far:

Noble (+Diplomacy)

Blacksmith (+Smithing)

Town guard (+Combat)

Farmer (+Strength)

What else should I make?


Perhaps alchemist or sage/mage?


Two new ones!

Town shaman (+Magic)

Thief (+Stealth)


Sure! Or sneak up on pixies and shank them (requires more skill. Keep in mind your feet are as big as they are).


Scholar (+ Intellect)
And if you have + all these stuff then you need more coding, so try not to include too many characters.


Exactly. No more origins. We have the final options. Which will you guys choose?


Probably town guard or thief


Town shaman, but probably for the +magic


Omg definitley noble or town shaman


Slips in without introduction Pixie hunting aye? Though I have issues with eradication, I can see the game blossoming and turning a lot of different more…unique turns, we’ll see how it develops.

In the meantime Farmers and towns guard stats of combat and strength are quite similar don’t cha think? Yet I can agree the idea of a theif is quite suitable in the world. Perhaps farmers would be unnecessary. And replaced with the shaken.

Though be careful on how your going about stats, too many and the hunts gonna be a very quick one.