Magicians Power (Title IP) (Wip kinda)


Hello I’ve recently started to make a choice of game.
So here’s the plot it takes place in a fantasy land. The plot is that you are a mage. You family has been killed by a group of dark magicians. You strive for vengence and swear to kill the people that killed your family. As you progress you learn dark secrets about your family. In this land there are varrious types of acadamys. There are the acadamys that prefer swordcraft to magic and the other way around. There is a secret acadamy that teaches both(Will be very hard to find and then pass the entrance test. Then there is the cuit of dark magicans that killed your family. The first few chapters will be an intro to your MC his stats, equipment, magic, skills, ect…
This will be my first game may take awhile to code and put up a demo. Hope you will enjoy.


Sounds awesome, Can’t wait for the demo


Sounds good:) may I give a suggestion? We should have other alternatives besides killing them. Maybe we want to redeem them, or get justice instead of revenge.


@Samuel_H_Young *nods* *nods* That would be all and well and fitting. But still vengeance have a sweet taste to things.

@ShadowHunter truly this is fitting and I’ll be checking up on it. We could both do well to compare notes on type of magic and skills for both game and throw in a bit of a twist to spice things up.


ALRIGHT! Can’t wait!


@ShadowHunter I will be defiantly be checking this out cuz it has MAGIC!!!


@darstar2101 that’s my line-I thought you were with team explosives -.-


It does, but only for the readers who want it. It’s better to customize


@Arcania if you condense a magic sphere pack it full of flame energy and chuck it at a building what happens??
(Guess and I’ll tell you)


@Arcania, there are teams now?

Match One!
Magic vs… Explosives
Ready… FIGHT!


this sounds awesome.


@darkstar2101 well let’s see…I’ll take a guess and say the creation of chocolate came out of it.


@Doctor hmp Fatality 0.0 Chocolate always wins <):), but ah we’ll have to put that to the test. And I have just the thing…*gets back to coding*


@Arcania yes it’s chocolate. But it’s a chocolate laced with nitroglycerin and cyanide
I’ll kill people but that doesn’t mean I won’t make them happy with chocolate




I win


Psh taking my line again. Choco nukes it is then.


Sounds more than great, I’ll keep tabs on this.


Looking forward to this game :)>-


Thanks for all the support guys!! Will try to have a demo up soon but have to balance
between school work and social life and game.
P.S i do have a life outside of this game.
@Samuel_H_Young SHHHHHH Shup!!!