The Legacy lives on

You know…I’m beginning to notice I keep starting my discussions with legacy in them…anyway I plan on taking a break from assassins legacy. I will continue to update it once in awhile, but won’t be coding it as forcibly as I have been. So to get to the point.

I can’t decide weather the game I work on should be based on the MC being a King/Queen/Emperor/Empress of a kingdom. Where war threatens your very doorsteps, your closest advisers plot against you, dark secrets from your pass begin to rise up. You must manage your people and your lands less they revolt or famine seizes the land or even worse foreigners invade and take control, taking your head in the process. Let the paranoia consume you as any servant with a simple slip of poison, may cause one meal to be your last. Legacy of the Majesties (names will be changed most likely)


You play as a newly titles lord/lady of your own lands. There are multiple sects or groups in the land to the side with each with their own benifits and downsides. All in all it is survival else rise to seize the throne and sit on the Grand Throne that now lays cold and empty. Twisted with plots, slavery, harlets, blasphemers, kidnappers, and traitors. Legacy of thrones.


Shaper Legacy. The elite magic sect of shapers. Given the power to shape life into being they have conquered the known lands. The shapers use their powers to create life in barren wastelands and hideous creations to destroy their enemies.The Shapers rule the known land with an iron fist. Humans live in both fear and awe. You are given the chance to become one of them will you use your powers to rise to become a grand shaper? Or will you listen to the beckoning whispers of a rebellion and aid in bringing the shaper empire to its knees.


And finally something away from the role of ruling is carrying on the legacy torch of Sorcerers Legacy, wield immense arcane power. Hunted down by the group known simply as the Paladin Order. Start a revolution, stay out of sight and simply try to survive, rise to become the Grand Arch Sorcerer. Walk the paths alone or in a group of adventurers. use forbidden magic or stay on the course of power.

Sadly at this time of day I can’t give much of a better description.

I vote for sorcerer 's legacy.

NUUUUUUUUUUUH! *weeps* well Arcania if its what you want *sobs*

For the record this is gonna sound so obvious but I vote for Sorcerers Legacy. Sorry but I avoid games where your a ruler of a Kingdom like the plague since I feel its all the same. I’m sure you could make it unique though :slight_smile:

Now if you excuse me I have to go comfort Asura in his time of need. He’s absolutely bawling xD

I like Shaper Legacy. Seems the most unique. Would there be like a “creating life” component?

Oooooh where’d you pull that idea out of? I like Shapers the best. If you decided to work on Sorcerers it might just feel like your still working on Assassin Legacy so I think Shapers Legacy is the best.

Well Shawn in a way yes. Wont be naturally occurring animals of course. Strange and different variety of creations the mc would be able to make. Amongst other things…Shaping it into being.

@Marethyu I’m kinda borrowing the idea from a childhood memory =p, Tell Asura I’ll be back to manhandle assassins legacy within a weeks time, mesa needs a break -.- Hmm I have the preview idea in my head…

@Dark_Stalker of course =p The legacy needs much tweaking and mental brainpower flooding, a fresh start on a game is just what’s needed.

Well i prefer no magic in this one so. I love the two first, but all stories sound good.

I’d say either Shapers or Sorcerors Legacy. They sound like they’d be more entertaining and indepth than just giving orders from a throne

Shaper Legacy for sure

Last two, but Sharper Legacy I prefer more

shaper legacy for me.

Personally I prefer kingdom/medieval related games so I’d go with the 1st or 2nd one, but that’s just my personal preference. ^.^

Finishing what you start is what separates professional writers from hobbyists.

Shapers legacy (where you inspired by genforge?)

@alexxo97 Ah you noticed ^•^. Of course I plan on putting my own storyline in, place, but I still don’t plan on selling these games, just for cog to enjoy,

@Redditz I don’t plan on leaving assassins legacy unfinished, simply need a break from that theme to sharpen my imagination of a killers mind. I don’t think that came out right…

@arcania I loved Geneforge!

@alexxo97 and here I was thinking no one had ever heard of it :slight_smile:

Sorcerers Legacy. I like the idea of playing the part of a powerful magic user. LoW was very good, but being on the run as a lone wolf or with a group of adventurers sounds like an interesting story in the works.

Legacy of majesty/Legacy of Thrones. it would be nice to see a courtly intrigue that isn’t focused on romance. What kind of factions did you have planned if you don’t mind me asking?

Shaper’s Legacy. You might have an issue with a Shaper MC being OP. Depending on how you went about the process of creating life forms, this could be a hit or miss.

In short, all quality ideas. Whichever one you feel the most inspiration towards should be the one you choose in my opinion. As a personal choice I find Sorcerer’s Legacy the most appealing idea of the four.

Legacy of thrones seem very interesting

I like Legacy of thrones too.