Poll: Your Legacy

So I’d like to get your opinions on keeping the MC throughout the Legacy series. We plan on there being three installations in the Legacy series. So I was wondering,

  • should we keep the MC the same character throughout the series?
  • or should we switch characters when going from one game to the next?

The first game we’re making is Assassin’s Legacy if you didn’t know.

The first installmenet, the assassins legacy, then the sorcerors legacy, then the royal legacy. The first being the MC plays as an assassin in the realm, second the MC plays as a magi, and finally the player plays as a noble in the realm.

I’d like to get your opinion on what you think of switching characters between games vs keeping one MC throughout the entirety

I think you should switch but make references between the stories and MC’s.
But that’s just my idea

So you want whatever you did in game one to be noted in game two? Kinda like how the Dragon Age games did it by referencing your MC and what they did?

Yes like that, “Hey, I saw in the newspaper the other day that somebody did bla bla bla” and that is what the other MC did in the story before that

I do like that idea though I imagine that a lot of people either get attached to their MCs or don’t want to build a new one from scratch every time a new Legacy comes out.

How about this for a reference if you bought the second game but not the first game.
“Hey did you see what happened to that assassin everyone was talking about? I heard he tried to fight an army by himself. Poor guy thought he was the main character of this story.” =P

both sounds good too me, not sure i could pick one of the other

would kind of depend on what kind of story your trying too tell no.

is it a story more about the MC then do not change, if its about the world then sure.

if your going for 2 at least make the ending somewhat epic. with maybe a camio like showing in the other ones

Yeah it does depend on that. I’m not entirely certain what Arcania has in mind for the series other than a few short details. We’re still working out the basics since we only started about two weeks ago.

Though if we were to make different MCs that would most likely mean that any romance options that were in the first game probably won’t be seen in the second game. The same goes for most companions I’d imagine.

However that would mean we’d have to make another cadre of romance options and companions for future games.

If the PC is a different…I don’t know, “class” each game, it probably makes more sense to switch PCs. Otherwise it looks like they’re constantly pulling new powers out of their hat.

Well for the beginning of game one it’s not necessarily classes but more along the lines of how Sabers of Infinity did stats.

You’d pick something you’re great at, something you’re bad at and something you’re neutral at. Unless you count specializing in one stat as a class.

Or this is the plan at the moment at least. Things are still in development.

If we keep the same MC throughout the series making them OP by the end of game one is out of the question. They’d likely only be moderately powerful. Nothing that would move mountains but someone to respect or fear.

The way DA did things is quite a way to go, one way or another the plan was to introduce a couple of NPC and such in the other legacies, and also having the MC meet at times without even knowing it. ^)^

We should add a newspaper to the game 0.0

I prefer the one MC throughout the entire series.
I’m going to try to explain this, and hopefully it’ll make sense.
Let’s take the Dragon Age Series (Origins, 2, and Inquisition) versus the Mass Effect (1-3) series.
In both games, you get to customize the MC and, in my mind at least, that makes the MC ‘me’.
In DA, that makes 3 different MC and, therefore, 3 different versions of ‘me’. While it’s not hard to combine these 3 different versions in the mind to make one canon version, it feels kinda wrong to me because it feels like ‘I’m’ being spilt into 3 different people in 3 different timeline and events.
In Mass Effect, 1 MC and, therefore, 1 ‘me’ consistent throughout the entire game.

I hope that made sense…D:


@Razgriz dude, I can’t wait for your game =)

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It certainly did. I personally love to keep my MC the same person. Reason one is it helps you to get attached to your character.

Reason two is because like you said, this MC is me and I have to figure out how to survive and surpass the obstacles in my way.

However if there were multiple MCs I’d think, oh if I die I’ll just switch over to the next one in the next game anyway.

@Zanity oh my friend it isn’t my game. I am but a humble advisor to Arcania. It is she who owns this game.

From what I’ve heard of inquisitor (DA) all the MC’s from the series come together…and through the series the MC’s give mention of each other, that’s kinda the train of thought on different MC’s against the MC aging slowly and changing their roles in life. Heheh what an interesting choice, which path will it be…

So if you kept the same MC, would they end up as a noble trained in assassination and uses magic?

We are still deciding on two choices there. Assassin taking the helm as leader of a sanctuary, going through assassin politics…then there is the case of going full time nobility in the realm and rising to the throne.

Keep in mind that we are proposing that the MC would prob be in their middle ages by now, as it would be book 3…still under discussion. Assassins skills and the likes wouldn’t quite be much use, and limited magic use. Remember you would be ruling from your throne and sort.

Either way we plan on integrating/crossing over assassins legacy into the royal one.

Although we are still adapting things, nothing is written in stone :slight_smile:

I liked keeping the same hero in the Heroes Rise! trilogy, and am looking forward to being able to play the same character in CCH Part II. Other COGs that have kept the same character worked well.

I think that if it’s an epic, history-making kind of game, though - one that spans a decade or longer, or has a lot of emphasis on the lasting effects of your character’s actions - it would be cool to skip ahead to the next generation. Either literally (a descendant of the first MC) or someone in the next age cohort of (heroes/diplomats/detectives/whatever) who looks up to the first MC as their predecessor and role model.

That could preserve the legacy and have your save game affect the next installment while still being able to do something really different the next time. As far as precedents go, it would be kind of like if Assassin’s Creed gave you different options depending on how you played the earlier assassins.

@Sashira actually yes, that does make me take another viewpoints on that matter. Descendants huh…what of your hard earned and accumulated stats, gear, and equipment?

You could inherit wealth, weapons, anything else they had. Or could learn values and skills from them. (Reject values and skills of theirs? That might be moving too far away from the legacy feel, so maybe not.)

@Arcania keeping the same character throughout a whole series allows you to get attached to your character. in my opinion, having different characters defeats the object of a series.
each game in a series is supposed to follow on from one another smoothly and so having different characters will feel weird.
that’s just my opinion though.