Legacy of The Artist


As it goes Legacy of The Assassin is in need of an artist. The assassin order decrees a champion, an artist to come forth to herald their legacy in the form of art. Come forth into the realm, and draw for a…umbraicly divine cause.


Can you give a few details on what you had in mind


There are a few things. Such as general scenes. Like…a city gate or even a marketplace, or someone walking down a dark path at night for the starting scenes. Something of the sort.

If you were looking for different sorts of details do let me know.


What kind of art style were you considering? Pop art? Dramatic? Chibis? Anime? Realistic?

Might give it a shot…hehe.


Lol that title tho! Sorry but I can’t draw. Wish you luck in finding a great artist!


That’s a good question. I’m still considering that one. Was going to take a look at a few things. Animated or realistic I can’t quite decide =p.


Glad you used my suggestion.


@Marethyu lol it was proper @Dark_Stalker < Idea. Well placed really.


I don’t know if I will have some free time to give sample sketches, but I will PM you if I did make any drawings :expressionless:


@Aera I would love some samples from you, but please make sure to do no more, you need to focus on getting Death Reapers Contract after all, can’t cut into your little free time worrying about the legacy artwork =p. Once the shadows pull you in…coming back out is near impossible.


Don’t worry @Arcania I’m already a member of the underworld *evil laughter* seriously if I ever can make a sketch for you I will PM you the samples.


Hehe and much appreciated :slight_smile: @Aera interesting how you posted that exactly at midnight =p


:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know that @Arcania must be the underworld calling me :smiley: