Poll: Your Legacy

Hmmm you do have a point there @addicted, yet @Sashira you do also on that inheritance matter…

The key issue with carrying on the same mc is the idea of them being O.P. Not many challenges left for the mc if they practically gained everything…though…

Hmmm Immortallity? Hmm…Nah… What a predicament.

@Arcania It really depends on how many years each game spans. For instance, with the hero rise trilogy, each game doesn’t span over a long period which meanss that even by the last game in the series, the hero isn’t even that old .
And like you said, you could make the character immortal by making it one of his/her missions to find the alexia of life?

Or you can just up the difficulty. Heroes Rise had stats that sort of scaled with each installment. Like your Legend score not being able to pass 30-something, and not able to get to 100 til Part III - which was suitable since you went from minor leagues and minor threats, to a reality show with other national heroes and threats, to basically being one of the most powerful people on the planet.

A lot of players love being overpowered and almost godlike; as long as it takes them a whole trilogy to get there, I don’t see the problem with it.

Immortality of some kind would let you play around with changing society and history based on their actions, and still keep your first MC. You could skip ahead 10 or 20 or 100 years to see how it all turns out, then play as the same person in what’s essentially a changed world.

That’s an interesting way to see things.

What of reincarnation I wonder…hmm