(Planning help) wanted Heretics spell (mech/science religion war against magic users "the heretics")


Hy guys i am planning a game

Bacically society is a mech/science based religion (battle armor advanced weapons ect) waging war aginst a fairly large society of magic uses ,fire,water, light (bending light not creating),darkness (control of shadows) are the abilities so far.

Anyway the church (loginesia/cognia) ?? Good names for the church
Waes war to try to suppess the society they see as heretics.

Mages will be trained in weapons well as magic swords (dual, long sword, knives, throwing knives) they are not antagornict toward the curch only want to live, but church is determined to wipe them out.

Church soldiers will have advanced weapons (no gun as cannot maintain balence of skills then) e.g. Eletrified swords, plasma/heat edges

Also maybe armour suggestions welcome

Idea so far with regards to game is that you will be able to be member of church as part of the warrior preist order or as a war mage in the the “heretic order” you can choose two magical affifanys and two of the weapon choices. Same with the preist exept choose two body enhancements e.g. Strength,intelligence, speed, stealth boosts.

The game will start as you lie badly injured in the middle of a battlefield most are dead around you and you cannot move you dont know who you are, the plan ive got so farcis the game will be a relive of your lifeas you remeber with flashes back to the present e.g at some point you are recovered by either you people amd cared for or by the opposite side and attempted to be convered (if mage) or live as captive (if preist)

Any suggestions wanted with respect to game plan ideas for the story and changes and additons to the idea in general
Will not tale offense to any suggestions want as comprehensive feedback from many different opinions so i can make the best game possible

Thanks guys
Lookingforward to your responsees



@FairyGodfeather do you think this os a good idea or could be developed into something that might get hosted?


I don’t know about fairy, but I think it’s… Interesting? I don’t know, I would actually have to see it in action before ultimately being able to judge.

Can I just say, whilst asking for one specific persons opinion is fine, don’t be disheartened and give up if they don’t like it. Everyone has a style they like, and a style they don’t, just as you may not like some games on here that others love.

CoG accept most things into the hosted games label, just so long as it follows basic rules (I.e. gender inclusiveness), otherwise their pretty easy about the content (from what I’ve read in other posts). Naturally there are exceptions to things (I.e. sabres of infinity) but that’s life.


Hosted games don’t have to be gender inclusive. CoG’s very easy on the content for Hosted stuff. The main criterion that people don’t attain is that it has to be a completed game…


Thanks @WolfieGrey

Its just in the planning stage atm but any suggestions on the idea and the characters/equipment is welcome

Need some help expanding the idea into enough for a game of some length


you Has to be a warrior or a religious mage? :(( Hmm why not some sort of spy, rogue; infiltration charismatic character?.

The game idea remembered Warhanmer 40,000. So a good story is coming but sadly for me no clearly my type of characters. I have to diversify my type of characters.but each time i see a pure warrior and pure magic characters i star yawn and end sleepy.

Add a infiltration shadows suit, and a sniper futuristic crossbow firing plasma and criogenic bolts for “teachies”

And maybe a battle mage with dual daggers and shadow powers maybe with a shadow cloak allows go throw not electrified or magically protected structures. Im sorry don’t be more imaginative, Im not used to think like a warrior but if you need help with poison and assassin rogue sort of things,i’m your girl.


I like the idea. It would be fun to play, it’s just setting out a good story to go with the raw idea.

You need to set the mind set for each side in detail, and from that stem a history for both sides so you can write a story from that. Rather then aimlessly putting words on the screen hoping it will bloom into brilliance.


@MaraJade thanks for the suggestions the mages do get weapons and thatvis just a base plan as you say I need to diversify my characters
Your suggestions are good
If you have any more please give them im open to everything as Im not so good at expanding the idea to a in depth world that will get people into the game

This os a planning disscusion so anyone post you thoughts, critisisms and suggestions for expanding/modifying the idea

If anyone wants to try and think of possible stats for either characters or say a list od a few more weapons i would greatly appresoate the help and input


@dannyjohnr so you would suggest putting a history prelude to the game before the player can start developing thcharacter and proceed in the game so they know a basic idea about what either side is like before they choose?


@MaraJade religious preist warrior
Or a war mage whith physical weapons as well
The preist have no magic only advamced thechnology and tech armour


@MaraJade if you could help with how I would intergrate an assasint/rouge sect to both sid that would be great the mage darkness (control of shadows) ability would come in handy “credit Brent Weeks and his night angel trilogy for the shadow ability influence”


@Ausar hmm, i would try. i love create stats, call to the game mistress inside me: The funniest think in establish a rp set to play is stats and make him balanced. Sadly, Im going more to infiltration sabotage political plots than a pure warfare fight.

Well Im great creating full destruction devices so i could create tons of heavy machinery for you. Oh sorry, it’s your game but i love create stats and this sort of geek stuff.


I was thinking less on the side of like massive heavy guns and tanks as i dont think i can balence the mage side to that
Leaning more toward advamce blades e.g. Plasma edged or heathed, maybe charged as well so they taze aswell as cut

If you could post up just a base idea of some attributes maybe both skills e…g intelligence, strength, awaremess as well as the specialties which would be the magic or physical/mental enhancements


This will probavly tuen out to be a collaborative game of a few people as I have absalutly 0% choicescript experience but am a long time lurker and cog fanatic have all their games :slight_smile:

So if anyone has an opinion good bad or otherwise
Post if up amd ill consider it

Thanks guys


Oh,you are wrong magical heavy is my strong .you never see Schollars doing a entropy causality trap do you? or the suicide mages bombs; they use their own life and vital force ,to make a energy vortex that compress and catapult all near atom in metres, imagine hundred of them exploding same time… My problem is balance techies and limit magic.

Stats i would think varies possibilities, you are free to consider or not.


Ok religious guy :

1-Karma meditation : name and minimum changes in function why god choose. Is willpower or endurance. If you fulfill actions your god consider holy or great.the stat up if not down. if reach zero, your god abandon you.

You are unholy, so no special powers except you do a special quest ,for your good or cheat him from other, of corse , new could ask some proof or your new faith.

2-Good/ sinner breath: Dexterity and stealth. If you serve a light good you improve more speed and counter strike in battles.
Shadow gods add more stealth and critical strikes when sneak is successful.

3-The believers wrath: Pure strength, and melee. if your karma is good you are strongest against the heretics and the contrary element if you are light against shadow etc.

4-True Knowledge: Intelligence and perception, of corse. Their is also affected for karma.

5-weapon : your mastery with your choose weapon.

6-The voice: Charisma your capacity of persuade and turn people of your faith.

Sorry, there aren’t really good, but Im very bad with monks and paladins stuff.

But if you are religious, your faith and follow your code, have to be the great stat; that’s why i put a fundamental karma stat, without your god, you are nothing.


The mages aren’t meant to be religious @MaraJade, that falls to the churche’s soldiers.

@Ausar yes that’s basically it, people need to understand where they’re playing and what the history is before jumping into it all.


Hi Ausar. Thanks for flagging the discussion for me. I know you did that because of our PMs and to let me know this was the thread you’d started that you wanted the feedback on.

I’ll have to admit this isn’t my sort of game. I’m more into story and characters than I am into powers and stats and weapons. I’m not that into combat games either. That isn’t to say that this isn’t a good idea but I’m sure others will provide far more valuable feedback than I could.

The trouble with reliving your life is that you can’t die. You already know how the game finishes so it would be rather railroaded in how to get there. It’s an interesting mechanic though and perhaps you could pull it off.

You just need to get the game finished to be hosted.


Thanks @FairyGodfeather

I undestamd wjat your sayinf with the non dying bit true that could be potentially difficult to pull off in agame and keep people interseted ill think on it any may chage it
@MaraJade thanks for h sats their kinda different to what i was thinking generaly but imay use a variation of those if thats ok
@dannyjohnr thanks for the tip and ill get on to writing that history and send it to you for your opinin


As long as you think it out though you can make it work. It is a known mechanic, starting near the end with a character in a predicament, and then showing the path leading up to that point. It does seem to go against what you’re trying to show though, since there’ll be no chance of death up until that point.

That said, Havenstone’s game, Choice of Rebels, uses a similar mechanic of looking back in time from the future, which also suggests you can’t die at the start. So it can be done, it’s just a case of think about how you tackle it. Think about if the narrative device does more than it detracts from. Is the story better served by looking back or is it better served with the player thinking they might die or fail if they make a wrong choice.