Crazycodgie3's possible game ideas - vote over

Hello, let me first start off by saying that I am an avid fan of CoG, and wanted to try some of my own if possible. Specifically, I have 3 ideas that I want to check and see how popular each one would be if I made it.

  1. HHD, (Heaven, Hell, and Death) in which you play as Lord/Lady Death, the master of the Reapers. The short of it is, Heaven and Hell are at war, body counts start to escalate, and you have to step in, either for one of the two sides, or your own side. (Keep in mind that you aren’t just a Reaper, you are THE grim reaper, the God of Death, and as such you have duties to fulfill, whether you like it or not, but there are some loopholes to the whole dying thing if you want to save someone here or there).
  2. Eldest Blood, in which you play as a Blood Mage, the last one in existence, and will use your powers,(which are capable of, but not limited to) to rend, boil, shred, melt, and all around eviscerate those who hunt you to end your ‘dark art’ once and for all. You can become all powerful and rule a vast empire, or live in solitude, leeching off passerby, even body swap with someone and steal their youth! (while you are a Blood Mage, you CAN be good or evil, but the Evil route get’s some significant power boosts, at the cost of humanity and the like, essentially making you a god if you go pure evil, so overpowered MC is definitely viable).
  3. Ethereal War, in which you play as a spirit of war, and essentially listen to the prayers and wishes of soldiers, warriors, hunters and generally anyone who wants to spill blood, and decide whether to grant them their wish. Through this, you will make people legends, martyrs, myths, and will also make them fall into a pit of despair, if you so desire. The story will be divided up by time frames, progressively going further into the future as time passes, until you reach, (and pass) the modern era. You can have an evil or good, (or neutral), MC, and can decide just how evil or good you want to be.
    For all 3 I intend to have a decent amount of MC customization beyond the basic hair color, eye color, name, and what not, and will also ATTEMPT (notice the capitals) to make good, numerous romance options. However, I wouldn’t count on grade A romances of any sort coming from me, so don’t expect anything incredible.
    That’s the end of my ideas, so please, if you would like to see any of these be made, just leave a comment or something giving an indication of what you would like to see. (Don’t despair if your favorite isn’t picked, If the first one does well, then I will revisit the ideas that weren’t used).
    Thank you, and hopefully it isn’t painfully obvious that I haven’t written on a forum like this before.

Took the liberty of changing your thread title to differentiate it from all the other “game ideas” threads.

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I’d like the first idea, but wouldn’t it be better to have to work up towards being head reaper, instead of just getting all this power an little knowledge of what to do with it.

Actually, You could make it so it’s hereditary, and now we’re the head reaper, regardless of whether we know what to do with it.

Number 2 also seems good, but thats a lot of things you can do to your enemy. All of which will lead down different pats, and if you added an inventory… Urgh… It might take too long, although I don’t know the extent of your writing coding skills

I vote for the first idea.

Getting to decide who lives or dies without the decision automatically being judged as either good or evil sounds intriguing. (I’d probably try to stay out of the whole good/evil conflict as much as possible and take action based on my own interests.) Plus, reapers are awesome. (and that probably counts double for a super-duper overpowered one)


I vote for the second one as my first choice then the 1st one and finally the 3rd one which sounds interesting but not as interesting

My choices and what I love about them:

  1. Ethereal War - I love war games.
  2. HHD - I love death
  3. Eldest Blood - I love being evil
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Mostly because I haven’t seen any game out there where the MC gets to be a Valkyrie sorta character.

Seems like fun, I’ll have a go. Let’s see…
a) 1, HHD
b) 3, Ethereal War
c) 2 Eldest Blood

I vote for #3. Some people don’t like playing the villain so #2 might not appeal to as many people. #1 seems interesting as well, but you might have to compete with other Hell vs Heaven stuff (like SOS). It still sounds interesting, so go for it if you want. Ultimately though, you should choose whichever makes you excited to write.

While they are all fairly interesting ideas, I’ll vote for Eldest Blood as I’ve always liked stories where the MC is the last of something. Ethereal War is a close second, and HHD comes in third for me because the Heaven vs Hell thing seems over used for me.

HHD, Eldest Blood, and than Ethereal War. Ethereal war just doesn’t sound very interesting. If it does get picked, what stuff will you add besides answering prayers? The way its described now, I imagine variations of “Hanura the hunter wants victory against the Huja clan. Do you grant his prayer? Yes/No”


I vote the bloody one. Mainly because most everyone else is voting the other way. It sounds pretty great.

That is a good question, and one that I should have addressed in the description. I would like to have it be that when you ‘answer a prayer’, you have a few choices on how to do it. You could become a physical incarnation of war that fits inside the time period; for example you could materialize as a knight during medieval Europe, and fulfill it yourself. However, you could also take possession of that person and basically empower them. There would also be more than one spirit of war, all of which would be contending with one another, so you’d have no shortage of challenges to surpass in order to fulfill the prayer. Also, I intend to have some famous conquerors and warriors appear that you can help, such as Alexander the Great. Finally, I would add more than just spirits of war for you to encounter, and some being potential romance options, but hopefully that all answers your question. If you have any suggestions, feel free to make them, I’ll take whatever you might have to say into consideration.

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Urgh, fine I’ll choose No.3 then :blush: Just because it’ll be unique and fun, to mess up people’s lives!

Ah, Hard choice between 1 and 2. Hmm, I think I’ll vote for…Heaven, Hell, and Death.

  1. Ethereal War.
  2. HHD
  3. Eternal Blood.

If you want to give the MC boons for being evil in EB, you should also give them some negative boons too. For example, people actively trying to kill an evil MC.

i vote for eldest blood.

#1 is my top…but #2 is cool…#3 is awsome