Ok what is it gonna be

Sooooo another discussion about wich game i should make…
This is what i already got. 5 story’s but what is it going to be.
-------------------Quick note-----------------------
If you want you may help with the game ! :slight_smile:


Legends: journey

Genre: Action ~ Adventure

One night you get a vision about yourself. You must destroy evil, you go on a journey to find the truth about the vision and the world.
You find friendship on the way but also death and enemy’s.
Wil you be a Warrior, a Wizard or a Ranger. Wil you be evil or good.
Wil you find your aswers. Who knows…


Genre: Action

Its the year 2017 and its ww3 but the only remaining nations are

United Europe : uk, germany, france, netherlands and spain

American States: usa, mexico and brazil.

Red lands: russia, china, korea and the middle east

First you where fighting for your side but you soon noticed that when you will win it wont make anything better so you go to Omega a smal organisation of soldiers who fight for freedom but you dont know that you might stop all of this or not…


Genre: Fantasy ~ Adventure

In a magical world far away from here where only birds live, but these “birds” are a bit different from ours. They can speak, wield weapons, make buildings, fly planes.
When you where a young bird you always wanten to be a treasure hunter, you just love the adventure.
Will you find many treasures, explore the world and make new friends… Its all up to you

Trough the void

Genre: SF ~ Horror

After having discovered that humanity isn’t the only lifeform in the galaxy they formed an alliance that is now called Solar.
The main races of Solar have formed a team to find out how the universe began. After 80 years they have finally found where it all began but do they really want to know…


Genre: Action ~ Adventure

Its the year 9020 the entire worlds economy has collapsed and started over from the begin. With the experiences from the past the word know they should be more carefull with energy so they created a energy sorce made of stardust. Unfortunatly stardust is gone for 200 years until a scientist
named Lola Rider discoveres something on antartica but she is not the only one…


Make a choice.

A.K.A: Void assassin

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In my opinion, you should make Stardust .

It is a type of game which has a special them to it. To find a new Energy Source in Antarctica. What will it be. The element of Curiosity. How the energy source will be used. It seems to have a strong plot to it. Maybe you will get the chance to use it all for yourself. But others having found it also. You should go with it.

But in the end, the writer and the one having the choice is you, so go with what you think is right.

My vote is Warfighters.

Through the Void for sure.

My vote is Legends.

I like WarFighters, it seems like something you can really play around with!

Hmmm, I wish I could see an intro for every one of these potential stories before I decide, I honestly think they all sound kinda cool

Warfighters might not be so good if your country isn’t on the list (mine is). However, it seems rather railroaded from the start… Why would I want to fight for freedom? Give me some evil, and I’d love it.

Legends looks very promising, but has an unfortunate resemblance to Life of a Wizard.

Stardust sounds like a good background, but what are you playing as?

@Wyrmspawn is it evil enough that you may nuke washington

Legends might sound like life of a wizard but you habe guns and airships and that kind of stuff

In stardust you are playing as Lola Rider


Why fight for freedom at all? And why end with Washington? Why not take over the world? Why don’t we reintroduce dictatorship, with ourselves as dictators? That is a fair beginning as to the evil I’d like to see in Warfighters.

Also, I’d like to be able to support a particular country. That would add far more replayability, especially if each faction has different benefits.

I think it would be better if you used false names for countries. After all, you can’t include all the countries in the world in the game… Just make list of fake countries.

nmh all seems too for good alignament like @Wyrmspawn says and being a preset character isn’t funny :-? legend maybe but the stories seems cool only need more evilness

Who says the description tels the truth…

Oh and about stardust i can make it that you work togheter with lola

And these games are just of being the goodguy
Mabyyyy in the future it wil be diffrent

And for warfighter i can make it just like
America, Europe, Afrika and Asia/middle east and with the benefits of faction i might use…

The bottom 3 sound interesting.

Warfighters or Stardust
That would be cool how you make a WW3 plotline.

I’m coming out of lurking the forums for a second to say Clouds sounds awesome. I don’t know why nobody else has voted for it yet (unless RagEgnite’s post counts). It reminds me of An Untitled Story, which was really awesome. It’s also the most unique sounding. I’d love to see what world you can create for the birds, and what adventures the world allows. Maybe a corrupt bird church? Exploring the outside world? And growing up as a hatchling could be its own adventure. Okay, now I’m going back to silently lurking. Good luck with whatever you decide to make.

The lurkers have spoken!! we will take our leave once more for another 1,000 years… Good bye to all

Clouds sounds like Reaperoa’s story… Just a little. And, why would birds fly planes?

And the freedom fighter idea sounds very overused and American, just saying. What if you fight for true Marxism or just for peace? What if you fight for vengeance? What if you fight out of bloodlust? These are all fresher when compared to the freedom fighter idea… I mean, I’ve seen so many movies and read so many books with the same basic freedom fighter as a protagonist I’m getting tired of it. I think there are quite a few others who would agree. Or is it just me?

Well, that’s why I support the mystery story (Through the Void). There have been no horror CoGs so far, and it would be nice to have one.

The birds are the same as humans but then birds

And freedom could be kill every faction so you win and will be world leader