(feedback please) a potential WIP


I only have writing now , but in is still readable don’t know how to code. I started this piece a ways back and got writers block and left it untouched for about a month until today. I was hoping to make a game with it , I have a very vague idea of the story’s plot but it is coming along . This is a game about two species of creatures that can take the forum of humans as a result of there heightened evolution. I only wrote the prologue so far but I know where the story will lead from here. You play a college student working minimum wage to pay bills on a cheap apartment that has nosy neighbors , and a variety structural problems . The place you work is the best hotel in the city of red creek , the biggest people in power and wealth eat , drink, and party on the top floor’s exclusive bar. You start on your first day their and leave only to have your life take a downward spiral for what is waiting out side. Here is the link feed back always approved and taken into consideration


hey Roslyn you now you have my help with this story I try to help a little in code if I can


Very interesting. My only question would be: wouldn’t a bartender at a high class hotel bar make pretty decent money?


Not that much experience , and everything in town is expensive but the character had to get away fro their parents


Ah, sounds like New York.


Trying to make his one of the smaller towns that have very wealthy prosperous people in it , but yeah that is kinda how I picture it. The out side world is just an idea in that town , it’s like it isn’t even there. Like a theory is how people of the town look at it .


Not small town like I could walk to the other side of town in about 10 minutes but smaller with more complex structures.


I want everyone’s opinion on an idea for characters in games. Would you prefer a flip gender character , that has less personality but just for games sake romancable.or would you prefer a character that has a district personality but only one gender.


Personally, I prefer a character with a fixed gender and more fleshed out personality to a simple flip gender character(lol! What a name)


Just so you know I am not talking about the main character.but yes so do I , always seem to have a more solid role in a story. When you chose gender it feels manufactured


Yeah, I know!
Anyway, flip gender character can have personality, too. One good example would probably be Aycure/Aycura, from Way Walkers: University. However, I feel that she or he could be better if he or she was only a he or a she.

(sorry cant help it! just thought that it sounded funny)


your writing is amazing but that is not a cog…


That was entertaining and confusing all in one.
But yes I don’t have code and I don’t know how to code . And what do you mean by that is not a cog?


She was presenting a plot to a story @akatsuki9344 you do the same with your sword story she is just starting. also I vote for set genders in romantic characters always all sensibilities are in the game


What do people think when they think energy beings? Opinions please


I think of Q from Star Trek.


same that @fantom I love next generation lol


He has a funny hat…


I was referring to what they might look like.


I think in a light flows of energy glowing in the dark