Auralites [WIP / Updated 9-24]

A story not about the ‘chosen one’, but the ones around them.



In this world, all living beings posses an aura, an energy capable of power beyond human capability. Although most live their lives unaware of the fact, those with the Sight can see, manipulate, and strengthen their auras.

You are one of those people, having trained under your grandfather, Josen, for your entire life. Everything changes when a new pupil enters your lives, a young boy that possesses a rare white aura with unlimited power. Most changes are not for the better. It’s your choice what to do from there.

current demo at ~21k words


I really like this! It’s unusual and fun.

The first chapter had a bit much info poured out, especially in the early pages. I would have loved to see Grandpa Jo talk to or argue with my character about materialisation, rather than the narration simply explaining it all.

With guessing his motivations, I would have liked an option to wonder if there’s something going on I don’t know about - all the ‘more enemies than family’ lines and such. A bit Ao no Exorcist, in the best possible way. I’d also have liked to react to originally learning about auras with a wide-eyed-wonder kind of reaction.

I picture my MC as being studious, and completely fascinated with all the lore of the setting.

And I loved that envisioning a ring ended up with the manifesting of an angelic form - perfect for my MC and my air-related power type.

I found a few typos - do you want them here, or do you want me to PM them so as not to clutter up the thread?

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I’ll take those tips into consideration, thanks! I hope that as the game progresses you’ll be able to rp as whatever kind of character you choose. But I’m definitely going to work on adding more options to the first few chapters.

You can PM me those typos if you like but I don’t mind either way.

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I look forward to it!

I found an error, too:

decision line 315: Tabs and spaces appear on the same line

fixed, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Omg I rember this game I can’t wait to try it.

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Quite quite good. Although I would’ve liked a wolf shaped aurolite…Also, we are not given many options that may lead us to an evil path. If that will even be an option. Will it?

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I’ll eventually add more auralites but that’s not top priority for now.

Yes, there is an ‘evil’ path that is unlocked in the next chapter. There are some hints but it’ll be an obvious option later on.

Right now this is just setup but eventually the story diverges into three seperate paths. :slight_smile:


I found myself really enjoying my playthroughs. I did notice a few small spelling errors though.

Is it possible for the MC to have a variation of the white aura as an alternative to the other choices? Like black(Silver) or something that is just as powerful or slightly weaker due to them being new to training like Kevin?

Will there be other possible elements added like lightning, ice, etcetera? Will youinclude a guide to the different auras and their meanings? It would be neat to have each aura correspond to a type of personality. Will there be any RO’s in the game? Will my MC have an eventual backstory to build on?

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Very interesting so far! I look forward to the next update, whenever that may be.

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There are several aura types that are more powerful than others. In the glossary there are a few examples. I’m not sure I will implement this just yet because it can create an unbalanced stat boost that other colors won’t get. But I will work on it.

You can learn secondary elementals. At the end of the demo you can get the first tablet that will teach you Ice magic when you meet the requirements.

Yep, there are 8 romantic options total.

A lot of the story depends on a set backstory for your character so unfortunately there won’t be very much customization on that end. Without spoiling anything, there will be a lot of choice in how your character responds to their past as they learn more about themselves.

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Fantastic, I’m looking forward to it.

It’s a good game I like it can’t wait for more chapers😃

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@seabean Can I just say how much I love this?

Wow. Just. Wow.

The only complaint I think I might have is that we don’t get to talk enough with Grandpa, but that’s just me.

You have me hooked, and now I can’t get away; try as I might.

Keep up the good work!:grin:

Edit: how the heck did I miss this the first time around?

Also, what age is the mc? Are we closer to Kevin, or older?

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Thanks so much, I’m glad you’re liking it so far!

Sure, I’ll work on adding a bit more interaction with Josen. I have a few scenes in the works to help establish your relationship with him a bit more.

The MC is in their late teens. It’s a bit ambiguous on purpose, but they are no longer in high school.

@seabean Ah, then I can be an impromptu big sister to Kevin!

Ah, I gotta ask. Since Kevin has the white aura, is that the end-all? Are there any more auras that match or exceed it in power?

Lol, I just remember trying to make a weapon out of air when I fought with Carmen.

Considering air in particular, what exactly will we be able to do with it? Fly? Push(or pull) things? And what will our familiar’s(dont remember their names) job be?

Yes, Kevin’s white aura is as strong as they can get, in theory. Of course, it’s severely untrained so it’s not like he would stand a chance against any other trained fighter. There are others out there that do very creative things with their auras so it’s just a matter of training over anything.

Lol, you actually make a weapon out of your aura’s energy, not your elemental magic. :smile: They’re two different things.

Yes, each elemental has its own effect. With earth, you can summon quakes, for example. Air magic does give you the ability to push things around. As you improve your power you’ll find you can do some pretty neat things with magic. :wink:

In terms of the auralite, they are a battle aid and just general companions. As more fight scenes happen, you’ll find they mostly act independently so you don’t have to order them around.


Why is the MC so weak? If Grandpa has more enemies than family, wouldn’t it have been a priority to make sure the MC can protect themself?

Is the whole thing going to revolve around Kevin? I don’t want to spend my time protecting a kid I don’t care about.

Trust me, it will make sense why the character is untrained. The MC has been trained pretty well though, I guess it doesn’t seem like such right now since they’ve only done a single spar match against someone trained alongside them.

Some people also thought it was strange that Kevin seems more like the protagonist when I first put out the story. I will say that this is also intentional. You absolutely do not need to get along with Kevin, and in fact there is only one path in the story where he travels with you.


Water-bending AND spirit animals ?!

SIGN ME UP ! :smile: