The Path of Light 1+2 (open beta testing)

I think I am ready to present the sequel (or expansion) to The Path of Light. You can try the beta version by following the link:

It includes both part 1 and part 2 since the latter will be available as an in-app purchase.

What to expect?

-10 achievement, all of them currently earned in part 2

  • a new incarnation of your soul-mate
  • ending up the conflict you got involved with in part 1
  • bugs

I hope you have fun!


Guys, is there anyone planning to comment? If not, maybe it is time for me to put a few finishing touches and ship it.

Hmm weird that you’ve 385 views of the thread, 204 people who’ve clicked the link and absolutely no one has commented.

However you’ve not actually asked in your post for any sort of feedback.

I hope someone does decide to help you.

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I was under the impression that the key words “beta testing” are meaningful enough but I am new to the community, so I may be wrong.

So, guys, if you are willing and able to go through the gamebook and say what you (dis)like about it and tell me how to make it better, I would appreciate it (no matter if the comments are related to coding, language or plot).

It’s actually odd that no one’s looked at it. I’d have thought they would have too.

Beta-testing can mean a whole lot of things. It’s generally helpful to know specifically what kind of feedback a writer’s looking for. I have, in the past, provided feedback that’s not at all useful because I didn’t know what was wanted.

Some writers for instance don’t want you to look at the code, they just want you to play through. Some want your opinions. Some want you to write down every single choice that you made so they can see which choices are most popular. Some will want feedback on how realistic the characters are.

There’s also some sorts of feedback people don’t want. If a game has a fixed gender protagonist though, authors can get frustrated if every single person suggests that they change this. So it can be helpful to avoid that frustration by saying upfront that it won’t change.

In my own case I was extremely fortunate and had two excellent beta-testers. One of them gave me a lot of grammatical advice which completely stripped the fun out of writing for me and the way it picked apart every single line made me feel as if my writing, and my game was awful. That was my fault since I’d not adequately communicated what sort of feedback I was looking for. Once I let him know though I was finding that feedback detrimental, he switched tacks and that same extremely focused attention to detail turned onto my plot proved utterly invaluable in streamlining the game.

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I read it twice over lunch. I think I read somewhere that English is not your first language. I would suggest enlisting a proofreader/editor to address some of the grammatical issues and help the language flow more naturally.

Also, I think there are some coding errors. I’ll look it over again and try to find some examples where there was a disconnect between the choice and result.

I did like the game mechanics that forced you to carefully consider how to use your limited magic. It adds to the tension. I was killed both times by the demon guy even when I was a strong swordsman. My sure what I needed to do differently.


I did what I could and sent it for release.

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Don’t meant to necro this thread; but just noticed it, somehow this thread never came to my attention, I d like to test things out…Just never knew there was a 1+2 beta till today o.0

Thank you, @Pace675. The thread is old but it is still relevant. I mean, I would appreciate any comment you have or any bug found. That being said, I am not sure this version is the last.