A Darker Kind


I was working on my game Legend Of Endevoir when I decided that the game was just going too fast, you were put in to the middle of the action without much backstory, so I decided to redo the start of the game, but as things went, I ended up completely rewriting Legend Of Endevoir, so I decided to change the name, you can find the current version of the game at:
Any feedback is appricated, if you find any errors so far, please report them to me.


If you pick read you get an error. It said something that makes me think you didn’t put *finish


Actually it does that with any choice that isn’t agility, at least in my go it did


The changes, I feel, made the game 10x better! Bravo!


I fixed the error where if you choose anything but agility you get an error, I also added more story, also, enter the promotion code “FreeSword” for a…free sword.


There seems to be another error after you leave the inn, before you choose where you want to go "Line 137: Non-existent variable ‘beta’ "


I was fixing that error when you commented about that, it’s fixed now.


Can I Become A beta Tester?


Sure, i’ll message you the code.


Some…well, most of the (todo) options have not even been started yet, so if your a beta tester, upon choosing these options, you may visit the BETA INFORMATION screen.

EDIT: Added some things to the (todo) options that would normally take you to the beta information screen, just a taste of things to come when I finish the main path.


I would also like to become a beta tester if you please.




If you don’t mind I would like to become a Beta tester. I don’t have too much experience but this is a great time to gain some.


if its still an option i’ll be a beta tester


I would like to be a beta tester.


Hm, well I like how “en media res” it is, but the setting is painfully underdeveloped, as are the characters. Was I supposed to care about Raulin at all? The game gives me the impression that I was supposed to.

The story so far seems. . .weak. Really weak. There’s nothing at all to make me invested in it, again due to the underdeveloped feel to it.


I’d like to become a beta tester. However, where are my PM’s?


The text in the story needs some serious help with spacing in between character speech and other textual elements. I also agree with @13ventrm and I really don’t establish any connection with the characters.

That being said the story has been greatly improved from what you had before, but there is a lot more to be improved.


Sorry I was late on updates! The power at my house decided to go out, and then facebook decided not to log me in, so I couldn’t access my account.
Now, what i’ve added:
I’m rewriting the story with more detail and focus, you can see what i’ve got so far in the beta test tab in the main menu, i’m trying to come up with ideas for the story as well, if you have any ideas of what I should add/take out/add more detail to, post it on here, thanks!


umm any choice i make for race it goes to end