The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 21/07/19

So, welcome to The Vanished Project. A game where the story takes you to all kinds of places. It’s about teenagers who get together and form a club, a club focused on finding missing people. But the teens, and this school, aren’t normal. They’re all Mystics, supernatural/fantasy creatures.

I’m sorry in advance if I get anything wrong in this game, it’s supposed to be set in the 80s but since I wasn’t alive at the time, the whole knowledge of that time is based on movies. The narrative of the story is also weird and is supposed to look like the player is watching Tv (if that makes sense ;w;)

Features that it has so far:
  • Play as a Female, Male, Non-Binary, Genderfluid or Transgender.
  • Also play as gay/lesbian, straight, pansexual or asexual
  • You’re a Vessel, the first and most powerful angel of your god.
  • Choose between 14 different gods (and your animal form).
  • Have a personality! Choices really do matter to build your character.
  • Be a student and study the classes of your choice. Or skip!
  • Romance between 6 different RO options! A Creator, a Witch, a Demon, a Fairy, a Dryad or a Spark.
  • Explore the world around you…
  • Side characters!
Features that will be added as the story progresses:
  • Polyamorous and Open relationship romance!
  • Solve missing cases and bring closure to their families and friends.
  • Visit different countries and have fun with your friends.
  • Side-quests and jobs!
  • Collectibles!

Caiden Hummingbile - The Creator and best friend. They like machines and coffee and have a hard time facing social situations. Despite expecting the worst, they trust the MC with their life.

Jade Ren Rutarey - The Witch from a rich family. Always a pessimist who prefers books rather than people. They’re very skilled at magic and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Harborym (Bo) - The Demon royalty who likes being bad. Can’t be without trouble, likes messing with people. Always smells like leather jackets and fire. Exercise is their way to cope.

Tori Lorramar - The rebel Fairy with a complicated family. Would much rather run away and follow music than their responsibilities with their family. Terrible at everything but good at not caring.

Jay Petunia - The shy Dryad, adopted sibling of Tori. Tall and awkward, only friends with plants. They’re soft despite their intimating appearance, and wish they could be more useful.

Jun - A Water Spark trying their best. This school might be the only safe haven for them, yet they make light of everything. Likes calming things like tea and weather.

Here’s the link:

Tumblr Blog:

Update log:

2/??? Chapters
Words: 89K

  • A lot of fixes!
  • Character bios, fixed character interactions, plot change ups.
  • VHS 2 added!!
  • Fixed a bunch of mistakes (mixed pronouns, typos, errors)
  • Added Trans, Ace and Aro options!
  • Introduction added
  • First VHS added

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All help is appreciated!


Wow this is a an amazing first demo. Enjoy it very much. So much that I am definitely going to re-play it now


Thank you!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and it makes me really happy that just the demo already has replay value!


This is great. I loved the characters, the setting was interesting. Sign me up for more!


Omfg thank you soooo muchh!!! You are signed up for more, please do stick around! :))))


Seriously though i’m not a writer so i’m not an expert but i do read quite a bit and you are checking all the boxes that I care about in a story whether it be a book or a choice of game.



You have no idea how happy that makes mee, thank you so much!!! I hope i keep checking dem boxes ^ ^

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This was a great read. The narrative is very unique, I don’t remember seeing something like this done here before. I love the idea of playing as a vessel, can’t wait to find out our abilities and how they manifest. Also, I love stories with a colourful cast, and yours has certainly got one.

Looking forward to where this goes (I absolutely loved your previous WIP Law-Abiding Citizens too)!

As a side note, I’m hoping that you’ll add a save function later on. The demo was longer than I expected, and while I loved it, it would be a little tedious to start over every time there is an update.


Thank you so much for the genuine feedback, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far.

And indeed, I wanted to make something unique!

I’m thinking definitely to add a save feature next update, thank you for the reminder!


I loveeee Jun/Caiden (Shy people just get me). I also really like playing from third person, is it easier to write it like this rather than first person?


Brilliant bravo original detailed and a great read I look forward seeing what you do


Fun! I’m watching. I loved the romance scene between us and Jun. Not usually my type, but that was really cute. More! One request: could you implement a save system? Since there’s a lot of choices, it’s hard to just start over & try and get back.


This is rather interesting, but I can’t help noticing that there’s a few pronoun errors.

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this is really really REALLY Good! I love it! I want MOAR!!!

Its…well…I love the setting…I love the characters…I love the ‘omg where is this going ?’ cose it tickle…and I wanna know…

are you taking request by any chance ? need ‘gray eyes’…well silver work too I guess lol nvm .

edit : also SO happy about the romances choices XD Seriously! I love almost all of them and will try them ! Woot!


Big mood

Though I wouldn’t count Jun as shy, but I’m assuming you meant Jay :grin:
I think third person and first person are both equally fun to write for me. But I never really wrote third person that much so I decided to mix it up a bit. It also goes well with the type of narrative I’m creating.

Aahhh thank you so much!! I hope I don’t disappoint.

I’m glad that scene was cute, I’ve been trying to improve my fluff writing skills. And a save system will definitely be there next update, I promise. (Next update will be a small one.)

Thank you and oh noes, please do tell me what the errors are so i can fix them pleaseee

Omg your happiness makes me super happy! I will definitely give yall MOAR and thank you so much for such a nice feedback!

And yes! I forgot to mention but I am taking requests for anything people might want to add! Especially in the customisation, though i believe the silver eyes thing was a more dramatic way of saying grey eyes (also cause rwby :eyes:)

Woot!!! Thank you so much for liking all the ROs, I really enjoy writing Romance so that will be a big focus of the game too.


It kinda feels weird to read (in a good way ) and because it takes place in 80’s its even better then sliced bread

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I’m glad you enjoyed! And sliced bread is pretty good so that’s saying a lot (and I totally agree)

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Oh I’m definitely interested in this ! Set in the 80s with fantasy creatures and all the options you’ve given us for character customization!? I love the demo so far.

By the way, this picture isnt loading for me


woof it should be fixed now, thank you for letting me know!

Thank you for enjoying ittt!!!

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Also in stats there’s missing picture for me