Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)

You just graduated from police academy and you just began your ride-along experience in a very odd team.

This is a WIP (Work in Progress) project I’m working on. I’m not sure how many chapters i’m planning to make but I’m thinking a lot of them.

The game will be very romance based and MC focused.

What i’m planning to do:

  • Female, Male, and Non-Binary MC
  • Romance both female and male characters (No matter your gender)
  • Poly relationship
  • MC has different personalities depending on player’s choices
  • Solve Police Cases
  • Be a good police officer or a corrupted one working for the criminal side.
  • Different events/chapters depending on MC personality, romance interest and background
  • Friendship events too (You can romance a character but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with the rest)

That’s mostly it. If you guys have suggestions for improvements or things to add, please don’t be shy and tell me. I would greatly appreciate it. I want to make this a project with ideas from not just me but from you guys too.

I want to thank:

And a big thank you to Ritter for testing the game and reporting errors and general good tips. And also for being a great friend and fan of the game!

And all of you who supported me and helped me.
And you too, who are playing the game!

The link is:

I NOW HAVE A TUMBLR GUYS! For the game of course, so if you all have any questions or just want to send me stuff, I have Tumblr to do so: Trending topics on Tumblr


02/02/18 - Fixed most mistakes that you guys spotted.
10/02/18 - CHAPTER TWO ADDED; Fixed writing and grammar mistakes.
22/02/18 - Fixed many mistakes and errors; added the save and load options.
04/03/18 - CHAPTER THREE ADDED; Fixed mistakes and improved stats.
18/03/18 - RAVEN CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; fixed mistakes and improved stats.
05/04/18 - TREVOR CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; added pronouns; added a case stat page; Tumblr blog open
13/04/18 - SERENA CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; added new stat.
02/05/18 - RICKY CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; fixed some grammar mistakes.
20/05/18 - BELLA CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; fixed previous grammar mistakes and coding errors.
28/05/18 - POLY BELLA AND KID CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; added genderfluid options; fixed mistakes. (It’s very similar to Bella’s chapter but next chapter it will be more focused on Kid’s side of things.)
21/06/18 - KID’S CHAPTER FOUR ADDED; added names at the beginning; saving is now by choice; added stat; fixed errors.
10/08/18 - Come back after long hiatus; RAVEN’S CHAPTER FIVE ADDED; quotes added; fixed errors.
23/08/18 - TREVOR’S CHAPTER FIVE ADDED; fixed errors; started secret game

Follow this topic for more updates :smiley:

Hey guys, there seems to be something going on with dashingdon and while I’m trying to solve this the game doesn’t seem to be available so I’m really sorry.
I contacted the dashingdon creator…? to see if they reply. I really hope it’s just a dumb mistake from my part, but again, I’m really reaaaaallyyyy sorry!
I still hope you have wonderful day, and play other great games in this server. I will update this topic if the situation gets resolved.
I’m sorry again, I love you all ;w;

The situation has gotten better! There is now a temporary link that works while the original link is being fixed. I simply created a new account on dashingdon to do this, so I believe the problem is in dashingdon and not the coding.
Also the person who gave me this solution was a dear friend of mine, @GoldenSilver. Check out his game too: Pelottomia Susia: Mercenary for Hire (WIP) (Updated 12/27/2017)
It’s really good and he’s a great person! Thank you GS :)))))

Here’s the temporary link:
Hope you all enjoy and stay safe! I’m sorry again about the whole ordeal;;;


Hey guys, a lot happened and I haven’t touched this game in ages.

My reason for the big hiatus is kind of lame but I just lost interest for this game (at least for now). Thank you so much for the amount of people who played it so far and enjoyed it.

However I am working on another game called The Vanished Project - The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 08/11/18

Hope you all continue to have a wonderful day and play other amazing games in this forum!


What about your other thread?

I closed your other WiP thread you had opened. Good luck on your game here :slight_smile:

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Sorry, what do you mean?

Oh okay. Thank you! I appreciate your support :blush:

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10 chars.

Don’t say anything more, I’m already sold


Are you a bit confused? Police officers don’t go to law schools ( they can but it won’t qualify them for the job), they go to police academies

Hit me with the drama and romance yo

Some things in the demo

  • In many instances I isn’t capitalised. For example

“Aww sweetie, i’m so sorry.”

  • Missed two full stops (I picked why is mommy crying)

You didn’t like it when she cried “Mommy, why is the police here?” You asked, eyeing the officer that your mother had been clinging onto. He gave you a sad smile.

  • Some times after the following sentences don’t have the first letter capitalised. For example

You were still yourself… maybe because of how young you were

  • at first my motivation to become a policeman was the adventure. After the incident with daddy dearest changed and I wanted to protect people. It gave me this bug


What do you mean? Sorry, still new to this :slight_smile: What does chars. mean?

I feeeeeeeeeeeeel you…

Sorry i’ll go fix that :smile:
I’m bad at this…
Thank you

Thank you so much! I’ll get on with the fixing :wrench:

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IT seems really very intriguing. I’m greatly looking forward to playing more.

Thank you so much for trying it out and enjoying it. I’ll be sure to do my best!

You are aware that there’s movie named “Law abiding citizen”, right? Getting caught for copyright would suck. However, the -s ending might be enough difference?

I managed to fix this, if there are some still spotted let me know.

The missing full stops might be on purpose if there are before a character talks. It means that whatever is before the dialogue is during the dialogue.
Example: She shrugged “I don’t know.”
It means she’s shrugging while saying that.

I believe I fixed that now… but after the “…” I think it’s fine since Windows Word didn’t correct me.

I’ve also fixed that, and it tested it. Hopefully it works for you too :smiley:

Oh dang really?! Should I change it ooor…?

I liked your game very much, I’m already sold for Raven! (But Serena is so cute, I think I will have to go poly :wink: )

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Beware, there are two more characters to be revealed.

And thank you so much, totally agree with you and I’m glad you liked the characters!

I really like this so far. Keep up the good work!

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