Gender switched RO's or set gender?


So, I’m beginning the process of reviving one of my WIP’s. I currently have 4 romance options planned for the game, and I was originally writing them depending on the player’s orientation, but I thought it might help build the characters personalities and save me some coding problems if they had set genders. What do you guys think?

Two Questions: Romantic and Point of View

I prefer set genders, can’t really explain why in anyway that would make sense, but I do.


I’m always in favor of building their personalities. A vote for set genders.


With all due respect, this question is better asked on the actual thread for your WIP, as the WIP category is typically reserved for people announcing new WIPs or posting updates.


Sorry, I figured most people had assumed that topic dead already. I thought it belonged in WiP, but you’re right.


Depends, is romance a or even the main focus of your game? If so I prefer predetermined genders as it generally allows for more developed and well rounded characters. The simple fact is, and this will be true for most fantasy worlds as well, that our gender determines a lot of our experiences growing up, how we see the world and our relation with it.

If romance is a purely optional side-plot in your game then I prefer being able to choose the RO’s gender, especially so if they’re the only RO available.

Goes without saying that I hope that romance focused games will always have at least two RO’s of different genders available so there’s always someone who might interest me.


The term’s gender fluid, not gender fluent.

It’s not actually the term you’re looking for though. I don’t think there’s any published games with characters who are gender fluid. Gender fluid would be if the character themselves switches back and forth between genders.

There are a number of topics on the forum already about this. I’d suggest digging through them. Most people will say they prefer fixed. That doesn’t mean fixed is the best though.


I agree with @idonotlikeusernames. If you want to give the ROs developed personalities, it would be easier and better to have set genders.
BTW, which WIP are you reviving, Light in the Darkness or Pixie Hunt?


I was gonna leave it a surprise, but pixie hunt. I feel like the idea for that game was more fleshed out. I’ve decided to stray from my original vision a little, simplify the stats screen, and make it more character driven, because I feel like that’s where my strengths in writing lie.


Great news! :smiley:


Okay everyone, after some consideration, I’ve decided to go with set gender. I’m confident this will not only flesh out their characters but also allow several characters who were originally going to just be secondary have romances of their own.

Here’s the link to the official page:
[Pixie Hunt (WiP)]

I’m warning you now, gameplay wise it’s going to be completely different from what I promised. Look out for a demo in the next few weeks.