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Hey everyone! My name is Justice, and I have recently joined this fabulous forum of dedicated and driven writers, and have read the most compelling and wonderful stories, and therefore, I have decided to take the plunge.
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05/27/17- First release, game is officially live.
06/01/17- Updated the prologue, probably the final update to it. @DUNGEON_MASTER fixed a TON of bugs… Game has reached almost 800 clicks… Added customization options, demo at 7,000 words.
12/05/17 - Updated the game to chapter 2 after a long time away (suspension)… Word count (with code) is above 18K… Game is at over 4,500(!) clicks… Romance options, Twitter feed, and more…
07/31/18 - Updated the game half a chapter, a few quick scenes to build relationships. Part two coming soon… Over 7,000(!!!) clicks.

The Oval Office: Congratulations! You have just been elected President of The United States. Uh, what now?

Control the Country the way you see fit. Tyrant? Dictator? Or benevolent savior?Democratic, Republican, or become the first Independent President.

Male or Female: Become the first female President or discourage the feminists by continuing the long standing (and sexist) tradition.

How did you achieve the Presidency? Businessman? People Person? Long Congressional Term(s)? The way you got there influences your allies and political enemies or groups.

Become a pioneer by introducing radical laws or be more reserved.

Expose members of the Illuminati in Congress: or become a puppet.

Create agreements with Russia, China or the Middle East: or just nuke them all.

Stay truthful to your spouse, or become tabloid fodder?

Leave office with the country better or worse?

Become allies with all nations, or be at the highest risk of a nuclear attack since the Cold War?

Be remembered 10 years later in a good or bad way, in a detailed epilouge.

Get re-elected?!?

  • A small but quick update
  • A big update

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Better description coming soon.


May we be the first homosexual president? Not gay myself but just asking.


This sounds super interesting


Drat I was hoping for a good election campaign game, seems the promising ones always die on me around here. :disappointed:
As for being the leader of the free world, I think its fair to say you’re going to need a team if you want to go for verisimilitude and do it justice, the sheer amount of options and variables would be enough to boggle the mind.
What about the tone? Are you guys going to go for a serious political simulation or something more whimsical, like “Yes: (Prime) Minister”. If our mc’s “victory” has been engineered by powerful interest groups anyway, well that provides a good reason for skipping the elections portion and jumping straight to the oval office.
All in all this seems a very, very ambitious project indeed.

Well that would certainly be nice but until the most recent election of Trump I would say the prevailing wisdom in the US cautioned against an open homosexual having a chance at the job before say uh 2178 or so, but if the recent election has done anything it is to throw prevailing wisdom out of the window.
Still I think a gay man running for president would just about need better looks than Justin Trudeau and be the second coming of JFK in charisma, but again after the recent election I won’t say it’s flat-out impossible anymore.
I do think that even with those attributes an openly gay president is likely to have won a very narrow victory in spite of a full on, all out, conservative mobilisation against them, so they can likely forget about a “honeymoon” period and start with a very fractured electorate and (Democratic) party. Considering a non-southern state like Michigan recently tried to re-criminalise sodomy. :unamused:

You can always come out of the closet/divorce after the election, it’ll be a scandal of course, but the incumbency bonus just might help you win re-election, provided almost everything else goes your way.
As Hillary has shown portions of the US electorate might be even more averse to having a woman or a person of colour in the top job then even a gay, white male. :unamused:


And yes if I be as Machiavellian as Frank Underwood, I am all for it.

(Though as a UK boy I would love a Prime Minster game like this too.)


There was one promising UK politics game/concept around here, sadly it died. :disappointed:
Politics is so current and generic though that you could probably make/revive something just like it with few problems, should you so desire.
If you do I hope you can rope some of the other Brits into your team, as there are some masters of that famous British humour/comedy around here. Plus the best projects, like say Monthy Python always seem to be team/ensemble based. Unless you want to go for something very serious of course.


It would be a question of whether to make it modern or a period piece. I know if I was doing a UK Prime Minster game I’d set it during WW2 and have you try to stop the Nazis by any means if you were in charge instead of Winston. But if it was modern, then you could be Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats or possibly one of the other parties like UKIP or Greens.

As for this one, I think it shows some promise. Give us several tense situations to balance out, a cunning First Lady/Husband and Chief of Staff, and let us pick whether to be Frank Underwood, David Palmer, Josiah Bartlet, Thomas Whitmore or Tom Kirkman.


Well, Supergirl had a female POTUS played by Lynda “Wonder Woman” Carter. I voted for Trump because I didn’t want HC in the White House.


Oof. I hate to admit it, but I think I’m still too upset about the recent election to enjoy this game.

I know. I know. I’m rolling my eyes at myself. I promise.


Getting to play a sensitive, responsible president would create a painful contrast between fictional president Julie, and the walking sex-crime that got elected.

On the other hand now that a dangerous buffoon, and human punch-line actually got elected suddenly nothing seems fun about it, and a more light-hearted approach to the game seems disrespectfull to the people who aread going to suffer under president p***y-grabber.

After all that though. The idea is different. Two and half months ago I would have been really excited for it. CS games take a long time to write. Hopefully by the time it’s done I’ll be ready to play it.


My post seems so negative.

The way you write seems crisp, clear and intelligent. I really do wish your game the best.


Nb main character option? Nb romance option? When? Y/N? Pls?


Sound good and different

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Well considering the caliber of the candidates put forth by both major parties…
Hillary did absolutely nothing to court the more left-wing voters, like myself. She could have at least thrown us a fig-leaf by not choosing Tim “let’s de-regulate the finance industry some more” Kaine as her VP. :unamused:
And you couldn’t vote for the third parties either, because their tickets were also well…
Even though I didn’t agree with their economics for a moment, for just a moment the Libertarian ticket this round wowed me and I though that a third party in the US was finally getting serious. Sadly it was not to be.
Fortunately I’m not an American, if I was I probably would have left the top of my ticket blank. The real tragedy was that the Dems didn’t at least win the Senate convincingly, let alone the House, but I won’t suddenly pretend to care all that much about the top of their ticket, once they got rid of Bernie that basically would have been it for me, save perhaps some grand gesture by Hillary that she never cared to make.
Being “better” than Trump is a very low bar after all. :unamused:


I appreciate your input, however before the 2016 election, there was another game released called “Congresswolf” which is mainly about getting elected, not what you do when you get elected. I hope you understand.


True, although that had both supernatural elements to it and the mc was, sadly, not the candidate themselves. It was a good game though and every author writes what they want to.


Can we be a millionaire playboy president who fights crime at night? :stuck_out_tongue:


Please don’t tag me into politics related topics, thanks. :slight_smile: I’m a politics free zone now. It’s much better for my sanity.

Also take the discussions of who you voted for, current politics, and all of that to the relevant threads. Thanks.


Phfaw a lowly millionaire, to make it in the modern US of A one simply needs to be a billionaire, my good gentleperson. :wink:


I plan for this game to be an extensive albeit digestible 250k-300k words. I am not positive you can do that specifically, but there will be plenty of fun, or enjoyable things to do or influence.


What are the options for the MC? Democrat? Rep? Male? Female? Hetro or gay or bi?