Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I think it’s Replica :slightly_smiling_face:

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Omg that’s it!!! Thank you so so much!

Gonna use this as the premise of RBU now. Thanks for checking the story out tho!

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Omggg I love ur game so much! (Sorry I forgot the title of your awesome WIP). Be safe author and take it easy! :smiley:

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Hey guys!
Does anyone remember a Hosted Game where you were the President of the United States? I can’t tell if I actually played through it, because I think it was one of those… ‘interesting’ games where you have dumb names like ‘Batman’ to choose from.

But I seem to have played it for a bit, so I’m guessing it held my interest. Problem is - Can’t remember the name of it!

Can anyone assist? Thanks!

Is it the Oval Office?


It is! Thanks so much! I actually discovered it shortly after posting, hehe.

Too bad it seems to be dead, eh.


There’s another game I remember reading recently (Like last week or so) but I forgot what the title is. I’m like 90% sure that it’s a WIP on this forum.

I believe it’s a fantasy story where the MC is to be born in a town to be the chosen one??? I know it’s vague but the things the remember the most is right in the beginning where MC is talking to this guy and tells them to climb a ladder. You have the option to keep trying to talk to him after he dismisses you, but he’ll get really angry the more you do. I chickened out last minute and climbed the ladder, and I think I met an angel halfway? He then tells me that he will give me a prize if I can guess correctly what time of they day I’ll be born. I guessed correctly but he said that there was no prize and if I try to prod him he’ll get annoyed too. After that I met another person who tells me to step into the light to ‘be born’. That’s really all I remember so far. I hope someone can help me bc i swear it’s here but it not in any of the recently updated forums…

Thanks in advance.

Was it Live a Life, Save a Soul?

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Yes that’s it! Thank you so much!

I remember playing a demo for a game about a magic city. There were multiple distinct races you could choose from like elf, human and iirc some type of big insect person, and each had dialogue/mechanical differences. I think you were a bodyguard escorting somebody for the first section, and then did some crimes for a gang like stealing from a library or something. Anyone recall the name? Thanks.

There was this game where you started going out with your boy/girl/best friend and then came someone to try and kill you and you could choose to run to a maze or to a mall but only the maze was ready and the friend died. Anyone know what became of it?

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That was the intro to Children of the Gods. The author, Rohie, killed the project back in February.


I’m not entirely sure, but maybe it could be… :thinking:

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uncannily similar to mine, but what they’re describing sounds as a whole pretty different tbh

Seems interesting, but unfortunately that’s not it. The setting was I think still pre-industrial.

Hey those anyone remember an old pc game (80’ish- 90’ish) where you played with ants?? No it was not simant, I remember that you even got snorkels to the ants so they could swim.

There was this game that I played where the mc has to solve a murder. The mc funds out it was cult killing and gets killed. Then we get a new mc who has to come to this town to solve the case. I think the game takes place in Scotland

Highlands, Deep Waters, it’s been released.


Hello everyone!
There is this W.I.P where the MC is a graveyard keeper who they inherited from their parents. They also hunts monster that roam in their city at night and i think the W.I.P has blood in it’s name.
I would be very grateful to those who are able to help me.
Sincerely C.