Vengeance-Your Revenge (WIP) ( Updated 11th July 2023 Word count-26k) ---Chapter 2 released

I’ve begun work on my new game Vengeance . In it, you play as :
I) A male/female (all gender orientations will be present: straight, bi, gay)
II) There will be a atleast 3 ROs ( gender changeable) and a few flings.
III) Conquer the world or the heart of the one you seek.
IV) But remember everything thing comes at a cost.
The game will be set in a modern day world like setting. Having suffered at the hands of your own father and others now you wish to return the favor to the world and become the Godfather of the world. Based on organized crime and mafia rule the world or die trying to do so.
Currently it’s about 25% done Prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2are available now and I plan on updating every 2 weeks.
Schedule :
Prologue uploaded -27/2/2023
Stats screen unlocked -27/02/2023
Chapter 1 uploaded 15/3/2023( feedbacks will be appreciated)
Chapter 2 - 11/7/2023( feedbacks would be appreciated)
Chapter 3 -15/7/2023( to start releasing there will be two plotlines for further details see post 155)
Chapter 4 TBD
Chapter 5 TBD
Chapter 6 TBD

The demo link-
Tumblr link -Untitled on Tumblr
Patreon Link
Note: This my first story based on some real events with some added action and romance. I am trying to update the demo on a regular basis. Would appreciate if you could please leave your opinions on comments. I will try to answer any and all of your questions. The prologue has already been released and chapter one will be out soon. If anyone feels offended in any way I am truly sorry.

RO list

Monty/Monica:Your childhood crush whom you met at school. He/She is also the one that got away. What happens when you suddenly meet them again after a span of ten years. But remind he/she can be materialistic.What does she love more you or your money. (5 feet 8 inch(Monty)/5 feet 4 inch(Monica) ,pale skinned , slim, brown hair and brown eyes)
Robbie/Rita:Police officer who likes to bend rules. But she can bend a lot other than rules. When she takes interest in something she is completely in. And it appears she has taken an interest in you whether for your crimes or for you that you have to explore. ( 5 feet 10 inch(Robbie)/ 5 feet 6 inch (Rita) ,olive skinned ,
athletic black hair and black eyes)
Alexander/Alexandra: Mysterious guy/ girl. (6 feet(Alexander) 5 feet 8 inches (Alexandra), pale skinned, athletic black hair and blue eyes) . This is the only Non Indian /Russian RO.
You can’t have polymorous relationships in this book. Sorry but I don’t want to include that. You can flirt with all of them but only until you get official with one the others will treat you as friends( without benefits).

RO portraits- female version

Monica:The sugar baby
Rita: The badass cop

Alexandra: The Mysterious Russian girl

RO Portraits- Male Version

Monty: Sugar Baby

Robbie:Kickass cop

Alexander: The Mysterious Russian Guy


If you like the theme or want to make any suggestions please do. I am writing my first story and would love your feedback.


When i click the demo it shows this

Are we in the mob then?

I will have to see the problem. Anyways only the prologue is in the demo right now. You will get chapter one and two by 25 March 2023.

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Yes the MC will join the mob over time due to his personal reasons and will kick some ass.

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I wanted to ask you two since you were the first to reply in which country do you want the story to be set in. Or will it be better if I gave you a choice.

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Well i don’t have much of a preference but now that i think about it most mobs are more like in Russia or America and Italy so how about making it from some other places like japan or china?

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I’m full blooded American so I would like America please


I asked this because of names of characters and their races to get the looks of the ROs. Also the MC will spend most of the time in his native country in book 1.

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America, Russia , All European countries and South Eastern Asia countries are OK. China is a bit difficult. Mobs like Yakuza are set there but I don’t know much about Chinese names and about it’s geography also democracy is needed for this book includes a bit of election based politics.

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Somewhere in South America? Australia? In fact anything other than USA would be good :sweat_smile:

Too many modern games are set in this country, imo.


Australia is OK. India , UK and some other countries are good as well. I want the country to have Prime Ministerial form government .


You never see anything in Canada and you have Canada in your name so you know a lot about it.

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Can I perform a large quantity of wrestling moves on my opponent?


I don’t think you need to specify the country. But if you want to, places like Chicago, New York, Russia, and Japan all have a bit of a reputation for having mobs. If you’re from the one of these countries, it might be easier for you to set it there. It’ll require a bit more research to set it in a country you’ve never been before


It would certainly be interesting to see an organized crime game set in India–it’s not a setting that’s often used (and there definitely is organized crime present there). But you are the author, and your ruling is the final one.

That, and the 404 error is still present on your demo.


I’m always interested in crime ifs but the demo is not working so I can’t really give my opinion so far because I can’t play it yet

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Also I just would not name anywhere or create a whole new place


Thanks guys for your feedbacks. I am extremely excited to say that I have decided to set up the game in India it is a large country and has formidable amounts of corruption. Also there will be scenes in US, Italy , Russia and China. But mostly the story will become international in book 2.