Little Art and Appreciation event?

Thanks bruh, I was hoping to give that affect

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Very talented work @leo -if you ever do a more detailed version, I do hope you share it with us too.

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I definitely will. I’m sure I’ll get around to other CoG/HG fanart as well :slight_smile:


It’s not a V-Day submittion since mine has been done since last week, but! If we’re sharing MCs…

I remember saying somewhere that I preferred to play burly guys.

Thought I’d share this one that’s been done a couple weeks at least. :slight_smile:


Done way before, but it was rushed and pretty messed up, but finished and sort of cleaned now. so not qualified as a submission.
It’s Curious cuisine’s S/O’s and my MC in their hero suits.


Good idea for the event, i never do a fan art for a game, but recently i see a very good WIP game in the forum and decide to do some drawings for it.
This is two fan arts i made for a WIP Game called “The Oval Office” write by @Spyder (Justice Bolden), in this game your MC is the President of United States and you need to conduct the Country, i like very much the demo because your MC have so much options of customization, family, job before the presidency, and other things, my imersion in the demo when i played it it’s one of the most goods i have too :smile:
Link for the WIP forum post: The Oval Office : Archived/READ LAST POST
Link for the demo:




Dang, everybody’s art look so cool


I’ve just found this today. It’s a great idea! It’s hard to find fanart and fanfics for COG and HG on other sites.
All the lovely art and MCs. I love them all :heart:
So I guess I’ll share something too.
It’s a SPOILER for Samurai of Hyuga ending though! Consider yourselves warned :smiley:


Saw your art over on the SoH Fanart thread. It’s lovely AND a very good piece emotionally speaking, since it conveys the sheer trauma of that scene perfectly in my eyes! Great job!

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile: I was struggling with it a lot so I’m glad that I was finally able to give it some emotion. :smile:

Unfortunately, this picture still isn’t showing when I click the “Spoilery Art” button. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

Edit: Never mind. It’s working now… And it’s awesome! :grin:


In the end, I ended up being really busy, and then getting sick. :face_with_thermometer:
So no art from me. This time at least.

I kinda want to do a choice of robot fan art but since I’m super lazy and I don’t have enough time, so I just quickly drew a teenager version of my mc (cuz adults takes crazy amount of time to draw) with sloppy rendering :confused:

(and yes, this is how I imagine my robot on my evil run)


That’s… amazing.

On another note-- HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, people! Hope y’all have a good one with the persons you love, or if you don’t have anyone/aren’t interested in relationships, hope you have a good day anyway!


aw thx, I always have a thing for cute little thingy destroying the world :clown_face:
(wait, does that sound weird?)
and yeah, happy valentine’s day!


A Valentine fan art for The Wayhaven Chronicles:heart:
My F!MC x Unit Bravo

I honestly wanted to quote it from the original thread but I dont know how to😂


Is ah, is fanfiction acceptable?


It’s ok, I can draw fanart for your fanfic. That must be acceptable, right?


Please write! I don’t see enough fanfic around. ;w;

[barely restrained sobbing] more than acceptable!!

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